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divine rivals (pdf download) is written by Rebecca Ross. Its story is about a journalist called Iris. She is working for a newspaper and she fall in love with a boy named as Roman Kitt. While they never meet face to face. The main idea of this book is that how love may helpful in the challenging events and the importance of team work.

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The story of divine rivals (pdf download) revolves around young journalist called Iris. Iris is associated with a prominent newspaper called Oath Gazette. She always desires to become a prominent writer in a newspaper organization. However, she faces many challenges in her life such as her mother is suffering from drug addiction and her brother is lost during the war a lot of times.

Roman’s Magic

In the story, a boy named Roman Kitt, who is a competitor of Iris in the newspaper agency. He is good looking and intelligent boy. He also has some magical powers that he did not reveal before. Furthermore, one night Iris starts to write a letter to her brother and keeps it beneath the wardrobe. After some times, the letters are disappear and she is really shocked that what happed to her.

The Letters of Iris

Additionally, she decides to write more letters to see if disappear too. Kitt has been discovering and reading iris’s whole letters. He likes her innocence and honesty that she expresses in her letters. Additionally, he begins to writing back without revealing his name. The story of divine rivals is moving forward and they both build a strong a relations through their letters.

The War of Gods

Furthermore, they use to discuss their wishes, plans and likes and dis-likes. They start to have romantic feelings for each other while they never meet face to face. One day Iris gets a letter from Kitt. He states that the gods have begin to fight with each other. It is very challenging factor and only she can stop the war. Otherwise they must destroy the whole Elyria.

A Happy Ending

So, Iris thinks that she cannot ignore the letter and then she decide to meet Kitt. Then, she ask to Kitt for a help and go on a challenging adventure. Moreover, at war place they face various challenges including the god’s herdsmen chasing. As they fight with those powerful forces with a sprit and they defeat them. Their love and team work stops the gods from destroying the Elyria.

Writing Style

Rebecca Ross is the New York Times and Sunday Times bestselling author and her writing style in the book divine rivals is straightforward and too much easy to understand. Moreover, the author elaborates all the complex but well-developed characters in an accurate manner.

Furthermore, she explains various catchy themes such as love, honesty and teamwork in a simple but broader ways. The writer prefers to use simple language to balance the pace of the plot. The writer avoids the use of complex vocabularies and extra jargons with the aim to covey her message in an easy manner.

Major Receptions

“Divine Rivals” had received mostly positive reviews from its readers. The audiences praised its exciting plot, active characters and engaging writing style. It has been translated into 10 different languages and it also has been sold 1k copies worldwide since its publication.


divine rivals is authored by Rebecca Ross that gives us a huge numbers of meaningful lessons including the power of love, positive impact of honesty and loyalty and importance of teamwork to overcome the evils.

Additionally, this book has been popular among the readers because of its engaging writing and storytelling style. It’s all aspects are putted in an appropriate manner that can persuade the audiences towards this book.

So, if you are looking for a book like it, then just grab this pdf free download website and learn more about this book. You can also feel free to download other pdf books from this website. This book is suitable for all ages and all generations. I highly recommend this book to all of them who love to read romance and fiction novels.


Is Divine Rivals a romance?

Yes, it is a romance novel book.

Is Divine Rivals a YA book?

Yes, Divine Rivals is a YA Historical Fantasy book.

Is Divine Rivals a duology?

Yes, this book is romantic duology.

How spicy is Divine Rivals?

It is half a spicy sweet pepper amount.

Is Divine Rivals happy ending?

Yes, this novel has a happy ending.

What is the age rating for Divine Rivals?

However, this novel is suitable for 13 – 18 years audiences.  

Does Divine Rivals have spicy scenes?

Yes, there are some spicy scenes in this novel.

Is Divine Rivals worth the hype?

The hype around this book is explained.

Is Divine Rivals slow burn?

Yes, it has various slow burn romances.

Is Divine Rivals as good as fourth wing?

It has 4.28 star rating.