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Books Title: “Big Swiss” PDF Free Download

The book “Big Swiss” is rely on Sex Therapist Transcription and its story begins with a 45 years old women named “Greta”, she build sex relations with several women. This book has 300 pages, by genre it belongs to the category of book and published 2023 in by “Simon & Schuster”.

Books Author: “Jen Beagin”

Jen Beagin born in 1971 in Torrance, California. She did Graduation in Arts from University of California, Berkeley and did Masters in Fine Arts from the University of California, Irvine. She recieved Whiting Award for fiction in 2017. Her famous books are “Big Swiss”, “Vacuum in Dark” and “Pretend I’m Dead”.


“Big Swiss” authored by “Jen Beagin” is an interesting story about the life of a woman named as Greta whose life is suffering from many ups and downs. She has many sexual relations with various women and finally think to use cocaine to the end of her life. The author Jen Beagin explain plot, themes and storylines in an accurate manner that’s why the readers immediately understand the background of the story. The characters are well-developed and seems like real while the authors writing style is simple and concise throughout the story.

Summary/ Plot

“Big Swiss” is circle around a 45 years old woman named as Greta whose life is pack of many ups and downs. She is associated with a pharmacy. He is in relationship with a woman named as Stacy. One day she is robbed on a gun point and soon after her boss commit suicide. Her friend Stacy is concern about her and she arrives on therapy. Then she find that Greta is too much hurt and panic.

Greta spread up with Stacy and relocate to Hudson New York with her friend Sabine. The house where they are ataying is full of many insets and without any sort of other facilities. But suddenly she got a job in a local sex relation therapist with Om. One day she meets a woman named as Big Swiss in a dog park. They talks to each other’s and become a good friends. Big Swiss states that she was raped by a man named Keith, when she was a young girl.

Keith was sent to jail for eight years after his unethical action. Suddenly they began sexual relations while the actual name of Big Swiss is Flavia and she is a doctor by profession and a married woman. The story is further proceed and Keith release from jail while Big Swiss and her husband Luke are concerned that Keith is following them in town. On the other side Luke does not know about the sexual relationship of his wife and Greta but one day Big Swiss disclose their sexual relation to Om and Om dismissed Greta from job but soon after he pursue her to continue job.

Greta’s and Swizz’s dogs have been lost anywhere and Greta believed that her dog Pion is killed by Luke while Luke gets angry with Greta. Soon after Greta hits on Luke but Swiss stop both of them and she break all her relations with Greta forever. The story of “Big Swiss” further moved forward and Om advisees to Greta to take care of her inner children.

Greta ultimately address her in counselling that her mother was a patient of bipolar disorder and commit suicide when she was just 13. Greta and her roommate Sabine lives together and Sabine is suffering from cocaine. Sabine usually offer Cocaine to Greta but think about using it to the end of her life.

Writing Style

“Jen Beagin” adopted a creative and engaging writing style in her book “Big Swiss”. she avoides to use difficult vocabularies and extra jargons throughout the story. She used simple and detailed sentences and dialogues to balance the pace and tone of this story. She explains all aspects of story including plot, storylines and opening and closing points in a concise and approachable ways for the sake of boost up the understanding level of audiences.

The whole story runs at a good pace with a complex but well-developed characters. “Jen Beagin” explained the main idea and background of this story in a professional manner that can attracted readers of all generations and ages. Although she also includes many of funny and real stories that all kinds of reasers can enjoy this story.


The book “Big Swiss” is not free from its criticisms. Some of the readers argue that the plot and speed of this story is very much slow. Some of the readers state that the ending point of this novel is not satisfactory. While some of the readers have their arguments that the author does not able explain the negative cheatings between Greta and her friends in this story.

Major Receptions

“Big Swiss” had received mostly positive comments since its publication. It has been praised for its in-depth themes, complex but well-developed and well-organized characters, sexuality, mental health, gender identity and effects of drugs. While many of other readers states that the book was too bleak. This book was also appreciated by the world’s most prominent publications including New York Times and Guardians. It has been sold millions of copies and it also has been translated in to various different languages worldwide


“Big Swiss” written by “Jen Beagin” a fiction novel about Sex Therapist Transcription. It is a very interesting and catchy novel. The story is about a 45 years old women Greta whose whole life is full of many ups and downs. She build many sexual relations with a lot of her patients but finally she thinks to take drugs to end her life. The author introduced in-depth themes of trauma, sex, love and desires that can inspire readers of all generations and ages.

The characters of this story are seems real and much believable while “Jen Beagin” explains all aspects of story in a simple and concise manner. The well- developed characters and plot, emotional turns and twists, engaging writing and storytelling style along with satisfactory opening and closing points make this book more catchy and interesting. This book is suitable for adult and mature readers. I recommend this story to all of them who loved to read fiction related novels.


Q: Do Greta and Big Swiss end up together?

Yes Big Swiss end up all relations with Greta finally.

Q: What is the meaning of Big Swiss?

Big Swiss means Stoic and Tall.

Q: What is the Big Swiss about?

Big Swiss is about sexual relationships, mental health and a love story.

Q: Where is Big Swiss set?

Big Swiss is set in Hudson, New York.

Q: Who is the character in the Big Swiss?

Greta is the protagonist of Big Swiss.