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Books Title: “The Call Of The Wild” PDF Free Download

“The Call of the Wild”, written by Jack London, is a novel that takes place in the 19th century Yukon, Canada which is a wild territory in the outskirts at the time. This book was originally published in 1903 by “The Saturday Evening Post” . By genera it belongs to the category of fiction novel. It has a total of 232 pages.

Books Author: “Jack London”

The author of “The Call Of The Wild” Jack London was one of the most renowned American novelists. He was born in Jan 12, 1876 in the city of San Francisco in the state of California. He has contributed immensely to the world of American literature.

He has written around 50 books and over a hundred short stories and other literature works and sold millions of copies. Although his work was extraordinary, his life was cut short at prime as he died in 1916 at the age of 40.

Lead Characters

  • John Thornton
  • Buck
  • Judge Miller
  • Spitz
  • Francois.

Introduction to “The Call Of The Wild”

The book “The Call Of The Wild” was set in the time of Klondike Gold Rush in Canada. It is all about the amazing yet harsh transformational journey of Buck, a pet which is forced into the wild and unforgiving world of Yukon where he has to survive and rise.

The whole features of this novel is putted into an accurate manner with the aim to convey the core message in a precise way. This novel teaches us about the importance of family, loyalty, impotance of adoptation and beauty of nature.

Summary of “The Call Of The Wild”

“The Call Of The Wild” starts in the wild and dangerous territory of Yukon, Canada. It is in the time of Klondike Gold Rush, where over a hundred thousand migrants moved to the Yukon from their native lands. The story revolves around a domestic pet named Buck, who gets stolen from the comfort in the house of a judge named Miller in California by the gardener and then sold to live and survive in the wilderness of the Yurkon territory, where life is harsh and unforgiving.

After being shipped to the north, Buck is first sold to a man referred in the book as “man in the red sweater”, who beats him to submission in order to make him act as he likes. Through this brutal experience, Buck’s transformation begins from an innocent puppy into a wild, instinctive and primal beast. The next owners of Buck are Perrault and François, who work as mail carriers.

They appreciate Buck’s ability to help them with their needs as he becomes a part of their sled dog group, where he makes a bond with other dogs. Through the hurting yet learning experiences, Buck slowly turns away from the comfort of the men’s world to connect more with the natural world as he makes new connections with his fellow sled dogs and the nature around him.

Buck life changes dramatically for good when he is purchased by his new owner, John Thornton who cares and loves Buck like he has never been before. Buck experience a special bonding with his new owner and a sense of belonging which makes him feel secure and loved. Unfortunately it didn’t last long as John Thornton dies a tragic death when he and his companions, along with Buck, embarked on a journey to find a golden treasure.

Buck is once again left without anyone in his life but he decides to go into the wild again. He joins a pack of wolves and finally embraces the life of wilderness with his new compatriots as he becomes a well-known legend in the wild world.

Writing Style

Jack London is known for his ability to create a vivid and clear picture of the adventures and wilderness that he explores in his books. He likes to use simple words yet the impact of his work is tremendous, especially among the young readers who are mostly into an adventurous experience.

The way Jack captures the emotions and instinctive abilities during the times of survival is parallel to no one and it can be seen clearly in the Call of the Wild as well. Although he likes to make his books short and to the point, the experience is always full of thrill and joy for the readers. He avoids all sort of difficult vocabularies and irrelevent jargons with the aim to convey his core ideas in an easy manner.

He encrouges the audiences to thinks critically and allow them to come up with their own way of thoughts about the future of this book. Jack London also elaborates various real examples and real stories that can enhance the interest level of readers worldwide. He uses simple words and language to balance the pace and tone of the plotlines.

Major Receptions

“Although Call of the Wild” had received mostly positive comments and reviews from its readers and critics alike. The readers are preside its well-developed characters, attractive plot and creative and engaging writing style.

This novel become an instant bestseller since its publication. Many of renowned organizations including The New York Times, The Boston Globe and The Chicago Tribune considered it as one of the bestseller novel.

Its work has been adopted by many films and Television Shows. It has been sold 40 million copies and translated into almost 50 different languages worldwide.

Conclusion of “The Call Of The Wild”

To sum it all, The Call of the Wild is a special novel by Jack London that has a deep rooted impact in the live of many of its readers. The book is an all-time classic and its ability to capture the wilderness of the world of Yukon and the adventurous journey of Buck in a harsh world makes it an instant favorite among its readers.

The main theme of the book is to show how with resilience, motivation and strong will we can surmount any challenge that comes to us from the world and nature and only by moving out of our comfort zones, can we fully achieve our true version and potential. Jack London’s specialty in writing about adventures and survival novels can be felt clearly in the way this book is compiled.


Q: What is Call of the Wild mainly about?

This book is about a dog who is kidnapped and taken up north to work as a sled dog, as he journeys through the Yukon Territory.

Q: Is Call of the Wild a good movie?

Yes, it is a good movie.

Q: Is The Call of the Wild sad ending?

Yes, it has a touching and sad ending.

Q: Why is Call of the Wild so famous?

It’s so famous because of its attractive plotlines, engaging writing style and well-educated characters.

Q: What are 3 themes of Call of the Wild?

  • Mastery.
  • Law and Order.
  • Primitiveness.

Q: Why is Call of the Wild banned?

Because of the authors socialist views.

Q: Is Call of the Wild a sad story?

Yes, it is a sad story.

Q: Why is Call of the Wild Rated R?

Frequent frontier violence/peril.

Q: Does Call of the Wild have a story?

It is a short adventure novel.

Q: How many chapters are in Call of the Wild?

There are seven characters in this novel.

Q: What is Jack London’s full name?

John Griffith “Jack” London.

Q: What is the moral of Call of the Wild?

Survival of the fittest.

Q: What is a personification in The Call of the Wild?

All of the canines in The Call of the Wild are personified.

Q: Who banned call of the wild?

Italy and Yugoslavia.