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Books Title: “To Paradise” PDF Free Download

One of the outstanding book “To Paradise” is divided into three sections including 1893, 1993 and 2093 and its story is circle around a young Gay man called David. This book was originally published in 2022. It is having total 634 pages. By genera it belongs to the category of fiction book.

Books Author: “Hanya Yanagihara”

“Hanya Yanagihara” is an American author. She was born in Sep 20, 1974 in Los Angeles, California, United States. She did graduation in English and American Literature from Smith College. She received numerous awards including Kirkus Prize for Fiction and National Book Award. “Hanya Yanagihara” first published book was “The People in the Tree” and last published book was “To Paradise”.

Introduction to “To Paradise “

“To Paradise” is authored by “Hanya Yanagihara” and this book is divided into three different parts as 1893, 1993 and 2093. David is a Gay boy from a wealthy family and grandson of Nathaniel Bingham, the Founder of Free States.

The main idea of this book is to explain homosexual, love and various silent killer diseases. “To Paradise” gives us a lessons including the impotence of love, acceptance by society and the human sexual desires. The whole features of this novel is putted in a satisfactory way and “Hanya Yanagihara” conveys his core messages in an easy manner.

Summary “To Paradise “

The story is circle around a 27 years young man named “David Bingham”. This book has three section, respectively set in 1893, 1993 and 2093. David Bingham is a 27 year old in 1893, he is grandson of Nathaniel Bingham, a Founder of Free States.

In the Free States the white women has given special status of geting Education and rights to Vote along with freedom in performing Homosexual Relationships and Gay Marriages but the Blacks refuses this nationality. David is a young man from a wealthy family and is a Gay boy. He keeps secret his sexuality to everyone. He falls in love with a middle aged man Charles Griffiths, a tradesman but their relationships are completely unlawful.

After sometimes David merry with a woman named “Eleanor “but he always feel uncomfortable in his life. Suddenly Eleanor dies on her childbirth and David takes all responsibilities of his son as a caring father. David is a Volunteers in a school where he meets a piano teacher named as Edward. He fall in love and try to convince him.

So they both starts their romantic relationships but cut off with Edwards return to home. David then begins his relations with Charles but when Edward return thoughts, he quickly cut off his relations with Charles. Edward return and recommended David to go California, where homosexual relations are strictly banned. They will run their Silk Form in California.

He asks his Grandfather to go to California with Edward. His grandfather refuse his saying and states that had investigated about Edward and he is a fraud and swindler. David decides to leave his family and then his grandfather disown him. While the second part of this book was set in 1993 during the AIDS crisis. David a 25 years young man from Hawaii, went to New York for the sake of start his Legal career. Where he fall in love with a middle aged tradesman Charles.

Charles has a shutdown career and many of his knowing peoples and friends had dead as a result of HIV and AIDS. On the other side Charles is unfamiliar with David’s organs but they both are finding a lot of happiness and joys in their relationships. After some time Charles die because of AIDS. David is too much panic and hurt on the dead of Charles.

The third section of this book is circle around 2093. In 2093 America very much fell into fascism due to a numbers of infectious diseases. Charlie a childhood victim of an epidemics, having drugs for survival purpose. Due to more drugs she is suffering from physical and mental damages.

Her father is a scientist but during her childhood he was disappear but her grandmother did not tell the truth about her father. Then Charlie begins to investigate her father disappearance, she reach a result that his father was involved in a secret mission to project a cure for the plagues. After then Charlie fall in love with a man named peter, there relationships are still danger by threatened world around them.

Writing Style

“Hanya Yanagiharas” is a prominent writer and her ways of writing in the book “To Paradise “is easy to understand and approach. She defines all complicated but well-developed and well-organized characters in an accurate manner and they looks like real and believed with the rest of the story.

She explains such a catchy themes including love, acceptance and sexual relations in a simple but a detailed ways. “Hanya Yanagiharas” prefers to use simple language for the sake of balance the pace of the story.

She avoids to use complex vocabularies and language as well as extra jargons with the aims to covey her message in an easy manner. “Hanya Yanagiharas” puts storylines and opening and ending points in a satisfactory way that attract all kinds of readers towards this specific book.  

Major Receptions

“To Paradise” had received mostly positive reviews and comments from its readers since its publication. The audiences praised its exciting plot, active characters and engaging writing style.

The readers are also inspired by its life related themes of love, acceptance, sexual identity and historical accuracy. It has been translated into various languages and it also has been sold millions of copies worldwide since its publication.

Conclusion “To Paradise “

“To Paradise” is driven by “Hanya Yanagihara” is divided into three different parts as 1893, 1993 and 2093 and every section is explained in a professional ways. The author explains and explores all of the complex and critical methods, characters and storylines in an approachable manner.

This book gives us a huge numbers of lessons and ideas and “Hanya Yanagihara” explained them in a detailed manner. It is suitable for all young adults and mature audiences. I highly recommended this book to all of them who love to read fiction novels.


Q: What is the story To Paradise is about?

To Paradise is based on three of connected stories happening at various times in America including 1893, 1993 and 2093.

Q: Is To Paradise hard to read?

Yes, this story is intentionally challenging to read because it is having a lengthy volume and it is divided into a three various sections.

Q: what are the themes of To Paradise?
To Paradise includes the universal themes of love, loss, family, homosexual relationships and several salient killer diseases.

Q: what is the age of David Bingham?

David Bingham 27 years old boy in this story.

Q: what is the occupation of Edward in this story?

Edward is a good-looking, decent and perfect music teacher in this story.

Q: Are the characters in To Paradise are same or different?
No, the characters of this story are not same. The author introduced various characters from section to section with the rest of the whole story.