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Books Title: “The Comfort Book” PDF Free Download

“The Comfort Book” is an educational book that revolved around better hope, positive thought, practical advises and messages. It has total 211 pages and originally published in July 06, 2021 by Penguin Books. By Genre it belongs to the category of personal-development Book.

Books Author: “Matt Haig”

Matt Haig is an English author. He was born in July 3, 1975 in Sheffield Unite States. He done graduation in English and History from the University of Hull and after graduation he serve as a copy writer. He recieved many of awards, some of them are, Goodreads Choice Award for Fiction, the Carnegie Medal and Blue Peter Book Award. He is also known for one of the 100 most influential people in Time Magazine 2021 among the entire world. He published his first book with the name of “The Last Family in England”and published his last book “The Comfort Book “.

Introduction to “The Comfort Book”

“The Comfort Book” is written by Matt Haig that circle around the mental and physical health along with practical advises and better hope. The book talks on how to live a peaceful and meaningful life alon with how to overcome the tensions and frustrations. The author then shares his personal research and stories along with he defines the sayings of many prominent philosophers and psychiatrists. This book gives a hope for starting a peaceful life and it shows the possible ways for comfort in life. The main idea and themes of this book placed in a simple and precise ways with the aim to covey its message in an appropriate manner. The plots, tone and pace of this book is set in a satisfactory way.

Summary of “The Comfort Book”

“The Comfort Book” written by Matt Haig is circle around the fruitful and precious motivations and suggestions about how to spend a hard and harsh days with better hope and positive thoughts. It also teach how to enhance better hope and manage the stress and anxiety. Haig professionally pairs his own experiences, philosophy and meditations with the aims to reach actual problems. One of the core theme of this book is hope, the author state that when a little rays of hope is visible during a difficult situation then it make us more strengthen and powerful. Matt Haig in his book “The Comfort Book” unite a verity of opinions of some renowned philosophers like Marcus Aurelius and Nellie Bly and there prominent contributions and suggestions. Their Precious sayings are very helpful to the readers of all ages and generations. The most important feature of “The Comfort Book” is its ability to provide a new view on lives challenges, Haig states that one can live a better life when he think positive with a better hope. He also states that failures and setbacks are the part of life, they continues along with the circle of our lives. After all Haig discuss his own personal stories, where the readers can learn more lesions and get free themselves from the tensions and anxieties and can live in a peaceful manner. Haig argues that when your desires are collapse together, your dreams go away from your access, your fear is on its peak, than only better hope and approperiate plans can get you back. He states that hope is like a muscle, the more you use it, the more it works for you. Being a humans we have to learn a lessons from our deeds, failures, evils, stupid mistakes despite of guessing in them. Haig writes that sadness is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign that how you take it into your life as a human. If anyone fall in anxiety, panic and depression the you have to share them with others, start talk to them who are very close to you. Always try to minimize your inner pressure through talks, build relationships with new friends. Haig says, we all are connected as well as we all are together. Haig states Failure is not opposite to success but it is a stepping stone. Desiring for a small things is a good habit because small wishes can give a huge pleasure, He says that Gratitude’s the key of Success. In “The Comfort Book” Haig suggest some of important tips that are very essential for manage stress and balance the emotions including, get enough sleep, take healthy mail, regular workout, connect with nature, encourage strong linkages with family members, friend and other beloved persons and find a professional concelling and help from professionals.


Hope is Like a Muscle

“The Comfort Book” Haig state that better hope plays a vital in our lives. Hope is the only way which enhance possibilities and provide a new directions in a challenging situation.

Capacity of Rebound after a Setback

Haig argues that the capacity of rebound and rebuild is a strength of human kind. Setbacks and failures along with ups and downs are the fundamental parts of our lives. We have to move forward with a positive thoughts in our live.

Unite with people

Haig states that we all are connected with each one. Strong relations and connections are essential part of our wellbeing. He writes we can overcome our stress and anxiety through share our feelings and thoughts with close freinds and relatives.

Failure is not Opposite to Success

“The Comfort Book” Haig argues that we as a human being should learn from out stupid mistakes and deeds. We should move forward with a new positive thought and better hope in our lives.

From Every Failure There is a Success

We have to accept our failures and mistakes but we have to learn from those mistakes.

Tips and Ways.

For the sake of manage stress and anxiety Haig exolaines various tips and techniques. We can apply them into our lives and can overcome our stresses and depressions.

Giving Importance to own Personality

Haig states that personal development and self-improvement is a backbone of our live. Self- assissment is considered a necessary part of our lives. We have to move forward with a simple desires and admissions in our lives.

Writing Style

Haig uses an educational and creative writing style that boost up the interest and understanding level of all kinds of readers. He explains all complex and complicated methods, philosophies, analysis and tips in a simple, concise and approachable ways that the readers can immediately pick the core idea of this book without any distortion. Haig placed plots, characters and theme in an appropriate and satisfactory manner that inspire a huge number ofreders throughout the world. He avoids such sort of extra jargons and complex vocabularies in his book “The Comfort Book”. He elabore well-developed and active characters that looks like real and believed with the rest of the story. He also placed the themes and opening and closing points of this book in an accurate and satisfactory manner with the aims to forward his message in a easy way.


“The Comfort Book” Educational and Awareness Book

“The Comfort Book” is rely on education, information awareness book because Haig explain a numbers of tips, his own experiences and stories along with moral and ethical lesions about how to get rid from tensions, panic situations, anxiety and depression.

Use Engaging and Creative Writing style

Haig in his book “The Comfort Book” uses engaging and creative writing style. He does not used extra jargons and complicated vocabularies in his book. The complicated methods and analytical reasons are explained in a simple and concise manner.

Team Work, Share Personal Thoughts and Better Relationships

Haig states that during tension, anxiety, depression and panic situation, try to be a part of nature and share your thoughts and problems with your close and loved one.

A huge Impact of self-Motivation and Self- Awareness

Haig says that setbacks, ups and downs, hurdles, barriers and failures are the part and parcels of life. So motive yourself and get consultation from professional about how to return back in a simple and peaceful life.

Major Receptions

“The Comfort Book” received a positive reviews from its readers. Most of the common comments of this book is that it talks accurately on mental and physical conditions of human beings along with helpful message and practical advises that inspire the readers worldwide. It has been one of the New York Times bestselling book and adopted by many publications and television shows. It has also been sold almost 2 million copies around the world since its publication and it has been translated over 30 various languages.

Conclusion of “The Comfort Book”

“The Comfort Book” is written by Matt Haig is an inspiriting and informative book that talks on self-development and self- awareness. It gives a hope for those who are suffering from anxiety and tension in their lives. The well-developed plots and characters, proper and complete research of author and life related examples and stories attract the readers from all ages and generations. This book is very suitable for young adults and mature readers and I recommended this book to all of them who love to read personal development books.