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Books Title: “None of this is true” PDF Free Download

“None of this is true” is an outstanding book and its story is about two women. Alix wants to reveal Josie through her true media reporting and she successfully reveals her criminal record in frount of the general public. This book was originally published in 2023. It is having total 308 pages. By genra it belongs to the category of trilling novel.

Books Author: “Lisa Jewell”

“Lisa Jewell” is a British author. She was born in July 19, 1968, Fitzrovia, London, United Kingdom. Her most famous books are “Then She Was Gone”, “The Family Upstairs”, “Watching You ” and “The Night She Disappeared”.

Introduction to “None of this is true”

The book “None of this is true” is written by “Lisa Jewell” and the story is circle around two women Alix and Josie. Josie is a dangerous and scared woman while Alix is a famous Podcaster. The “Lisa Jewell” explains the story of these two women in an accurate and detailed way.

Tis book teaches us about how to expose criminals through true media reporting and how to discover the fake people. The message of this book is conveyed in an accurate manner that can attracts a huge number of readers with the rest of the world.

Summary of “None of this is true”

The story is revolved around two women named as “Alix” and “Josie”. Alix is a professional podcast while Josie has a dark history. One day they both meet by a chance. When Josie asks Alix to be the focus of her podcast. Alix showed her willingness. They both are too much excieted and concerned about the idea. Josie tells Alix about the her tough and dark past.

The recording of podcast is began and Joes starts to reveal her past. She starts from her childhood life to her married life. During the recording she also admit that she has some secrets. The interview is on aired. On the other side, Alix is worried about Josie and she realized that Josie is a strange and tricky woman. She uses to visit Alix home all time and she also becomes very close to her kids.

The people loved the interview of Josie. Furthermore, Alix is too much worried about her next episode. The story of “None of this is true” moves forward and after few day Alix find something surprising about Josie. She completely understand that Josie is not an innocent as she is showing. She is a danger and strange woman. Alix wants to run away from her but she always keep her eyes on him and his family.

She starts to threatened Alix and his family. Alix is scared and confused what to do now. One day Alix invite Josie to her home and she reveal all her lies infront of him. Josie gets anger and she attacks on Alix. Alix won the fight and then Josie admited that she had killed her best friend many years ago. This news shocked Alix and she call the police. The police sent Josie to jail.

Writing Style

“Lisa Jewell” is a popular fiction writer and her method of writing in the book “None of this is true” is straightforward and easy to approach. She explains all the features of this novel in an appropriate ways with the aims to accelerate the interest and understanding level of the readers. She defines complex but active characters that looks real and believed throughout the story. “Lisa Jewell” defines various life related themes including impact of social media and crime reporting in a simple but detailed manner.

She avoid,s to use irrelevant idioms and difficult vocabularies and covey the core messages of this story in a precise way. She prefers to use short sentences and words because of balancing the pace and tone of this story. “Lisa Jewell” also placed plot, climaxes and opening and closing points in a satisfactory manner. She encourages the readers to engage in critical thinking and they can also draw their own views about the future of this novel. Furthermore, she includes many of real and exciting stories that can be entertaining for the audiences.

Major Receptions

“None of this is true” got mostly mixed reviews form its readers since its publication. This book has been awarded for its suspenseful plot, well developed and active characters and storytelling style. Many of renowned media outlets such as New York Times and The Guardian had showered their positive feedback for its commercial success.

Many of readers are concerned about its ending point that can be overwhelmed for many readers. It has been sold 1 million copies since its publication and it also has been translated in to 20 various languages worldwide.

Conclusion of “None of this is true”

“None of this is true” is authored by “Lisa Jewell” is a catchy story. It teaches us about crime reporting, how to know fake faces and how to expose criminals. The main idea of this book is that how fake people try to demage others and why its necessary to reveal criminals and crimes in a society. The whole features and aspects of this book are placed in an accurate and precise way.

If you are searching for a psychology book like it, then just clutch it and learn all things what you need. This book is suitable for all ages and generations. I highly recommended this book to all of them who love to read philosophical thriller books.


Q: Is none of this is true a real story?

This novel is based on the real life experience of Alix.

Q: Where does none of this is true take place?

This novel was took place at the same restaurant where she celebrated her 45th birthday.

Q: Is based on true story real?

No, it’s a fictional novel.