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Books Title: “A Brush with Love” PDF Free Download

“A Brush with Love” is an interesting novel and its story is moving around two characters, Ruth and Mick. They both love each other’s despite of many challenges in their lives. This book was originally published in 2004 by “The Wild Rose Press”. By genra it belongs to the category of romance novel. It has total 90 pages. The main character of this story are “Ruth” and “Mick”.

Books Author: “Jo Barrett”

“Jo Barrett” is a romance writer. She was born in Okinawa Japan. Her most popular book are “Rogue’s Challenge”, “Nothing to Commend Her” and “Whisper of Love and Chaste Kiss”. She received several awards including “Romantic Times Bookclub Reviewers Choice Award and Book Buyers’ Best Award.

Introduction to “A Brush with Love”

“A Brush with Love” is written by “Jo Barrett”. Its story is revolved around Ruth and Mick who love each other and committed to live together. The main idea of this book is that love can be achieved in any circumstances. It introduces an in-depth and though-provoking themes such as love, forgiveness and second chance that can stimulate all kinds of readers towards this book. The whole features of this book are defined and placed in a professional ways with the aim to covey its core message in an easy way. It can inspire all kinds of readers, specially the mature and young adults.

Summary of “A Brush with Love”

This story is circle around a two characters named as Ruth and Micks who got in love. Now a days they are spending a peaceful romantic life together. By profession Ruth is a painter. But unfortunately, one day she has a car accident and then injured badly. She is paralyzed and laydown all time on a bad. She always realized that she creates a troubles for others.

She cannot be able to move her body. Although, she lost her desire to become a prominent painter. One day from the window, she see a handyman named as Mick Thomas. Mick is busy in making a paints on wall. Ruth likes his paints and they suddenly became a good friends. At the initial days, Ruth feels hesitation to talk with Mick. But latter on she begins free communication with him.

Mick is a kind and polite man. That’s why Ruth is too much bear up by him. They fall in love and start their romantic relationship. Along with they use to share mny of secrets about their lives. Ruth tells about her accident and Mick tells his wife’s illness that she has been in a coma since many years. The story of “A Brush with Love” proceed further and Micks wife one day recovered from coma. And she gets hurt.

She is not happy with the boundings of ruth and and Mick. So, she tries to breakdown their relationship. Ruth is worried about Mick that he will leave her because of her physical health. While Mick is afraid that he can’t give more love to Ruth what she deserved. After sometimes they both are decide to live together and they also starts a painting project together.

For the sake of showing her love, Ruth made a big paint of Mick and placed it on the wall. Ruth and Mick are committed to live together despite of all challenges. They got married and now they have a baby. They spend their most of time together in a comfortable way.

Writing Style

“Jo Barrett” is a creative writer and her method of writing in his book called “A Brush with Love” is straightforward and easy to understand. She elaborates various complex but well-informed and well-organized characters that looks like too much real and believed with the rest of the story. She introduces and defines life related themes such as love, forgiveness and second chance in an accurate and broad way that can attract millions of audiences worldwide.

“Jo Barrett” prefers to use concise and small words and sentences to balance the pace of the story. Further more she placed plot, storylines, climaxes and opening and closing points in a professional manner. “Jo Barrett” uses simple and easy language and she avoid to use extra jargons and difficult vocabularies throughout the story with the aim to forward his messages in an easy way.

Major Recognitions

“A Brush with Love” had received generally positive feedbacks from readers and critics alike. This book was praised for its in-depth plot, engaging writing style and well-aware characters. It also has been venerated for its core themes including love and sacrifices.

This book had awarded for its commercial success and it has been sold over millions of copies since its publication. It also has been translated into various other languages since its publication. Many of media outlets showered their positive feedbacks on this book.

Conclusion of “A Brush with Love”

“A Brush with Love” is authored by “Jo Barrett” is an interesting novel that gives us a various lessons including how to find a peaceful life and how to fulfill desires despite of many challenges. Its core messages and narating style can attract a huge numbers of readers with the rest of the world.

If you are aromantic book seekers then grab it and learn more things what you need. This book is suitable for young adults and mature individuals. I highly recommended this book to them who love to read romance novel books.


Q: Is A Brush With Love spicy?

There is little bit of spicy in this book.

Q: Is a brush with love part of a series?

Yes, it is a love book series.

Q: What does the idiom brush with mean?

Come in conflict with.

Q: How old is Harper in a brush with love?

Harper is 26 years old in this story.

Q: What trope is a brush with love?

The trope in this book is insta love.