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Books Title: “Jane Eyre” PDF Free Download

“Jane Eyre” is a heart touching novel that revolved around a story of a girl. This girl got in love with a man who has a dark past. This book has total 691 pages. It was originally published in 1847 by “Smith Elder & Co”. By genera it belongs to the category of Rommence Novel.

Books Author: “Charlotte Bronte”

Charlotte Bronte was born in April 21, 1816 in Thronton, United States. She started writing in the early 1840s. Her first published book was “Jane Eyre” and her last published book was “The Professor” . She dead in March 31, 1855 at the age of 38.

Introduction to “Jane Eyre”

“Jane Eyre” is written by “Charlotte Bronte”. The story is circle around a young girl “Jane Eyre”. The main theme of this book is self-descovery and self-empowermwnt.

This book teaches us about love, truthness, importance of education and independence. The whole aspects of this novel are putted into a professional ways with the account of convey the core message in an easy manner.


The story is circle around a young girls named as “Jane Eyre”. Jane is living with her brutal aunt Mrs. Reed. who does not love and kind to Jane. On the other side, a servant named “Bessie” is very kind and love Jane too much. She sings different songs along with tells a stories to Jane.

One day Jane and her route Cousin “John Reed” passed a strong arguments. Mrs. Reed locked Jane into the Red Chamber. Where her uncle Mr. Reed was dead. Jane uses to cry a lot. Jane thinks that her uncle Reeds sprit is around her and observe her unpleasant condition. When Jane weaks up she experiences that Mrs. Bessie and Mr. Lloyd both are with him and shows their love and kindness.

They use to convince Mrs. Reed and states that Jane should sent to the school. Then suddendly Mrs. Reed agree. After all Jane takes an admission in the Lowood School. The Headmaster of the school called Mr. “Rochester” is very harsh, arrogant and aggressive man. He spends a luxuries life with his family by using schools money.

One day Jane meets a girl called “Helen” at school. She has a very huge concerns about the on going system of school. Helen suddenly dead due to dehydration as a result of fever. After this pandemic, Mr. Rochester hurst replace by a group of very kindest buys. Jane stayes 8 years in the school. Six years as student and two years as a teacher.

After two years of teaching, Jane desires to a new adventure in her life. She suddely she joins “Thronfieild”, where she teach a French kid named “Adele” and a skilled housekeeper named Mrs. Fairfax takes care of whole Thronfieild. And over all property. Jane’s new boss named Rochester, is a route and passionate man and she secretly falls in love with him.

One day Jane saves her boos from a fire. Her boss blames on his servant Pool that is responsible for all of this. Few days latter Rochester brings a beautiful but a violent woman to home named Blanche Ingram. Blanche is wife of Jane’s boss and mentally sick woman.

Jane gets hurt and suddenly she expresses her love to Rochester and Rochester accept her proposal and shows his willingness to merry. There weddings preparation are begins in Thronfieild and Janes observe that Blanche is sit alone on the corner and not feel comfortable.

Jane eventually meets St. John River and her two sisters. St John suddenly falls in love with him but Jane refuse his proposal of love. She returns back to Thronfield. She observes that the whole house is destroyed by fire. Bertha has dead becouse of fire and Rochester has been blinded.

Writing Style

“Charlotte Bronte” was best known for her novel “Jane Eyre”. Her methods of writing in this novel is easy to approach and understand. She explains the storylines and characters in a simple but detailed way. She defines difficult but well-active characters. All characters are looking real and trustful with the rest of the whole story.

“Charlotte Bronte” introduces and elaborate the in-depth themes including love, self-empowerment and self-discovery in an accurate manner which persuade a huge numbers of readers towards this book. She includes several funny stories and events with the aim to accelerate the interest level of all kinds of readers.

She uses simple and small sentences and words to balance the pace of the plot. “Charlotte Bronte” avoids extra jargons and difficult vocabularies throughout the story. She adopts several techniques to create a sense of attachment and close relationship.

Major Recognitions of “Jane Eyre”

“Jane Eyre” had received mostly positive comments and reviews since its publication. The readers has been pay their tributes for its well-developed characters and plots. It also has been famous for the life related and in-depth themes of love, empowerment and independency. This novel was included on the Time magazine’s list of 100 best novels.

It was also ranked number 6 on the BBC list of great British novels. This book has been adopt by many films and TV Shows on various times. This novel has been sold over millions of copies and translated into 50 different languages worldwide.

Conclusion of “Jane Eyre”

“Jane Eyre” was driven by “Charlotte Bronte”. The author explains all methods, literacy techniques and analytics in a simple, concise and approachable ways. The themes and writing style of this book is seems to persuade a huge numbers of readers with the rest of the world.

“Jane Eyre” gives us a pithy lessons and ideas that are similar to our lives. These lessons and ideas can attract mostly all kinds of readers with the rest of the world. This book is felicitous for all ages and all generations. I highly recommended this book to all of them who love to read romance novels.


Q: What is the story Jane Eyre about?
Jane Eyre is a romantic novel that revolved around a young girl who is facing many challenges from her childhood to adult age.

Q: Is To Jane Eyre a feminist book?

Yes the audiences can considered it a feminist novel because the whole story is circle around a girl.

Q: what are the themes of Jane Eyre?
Jane Eyre includes various universal themes including love, loss, self-discovery, self-empowerment and independence in life.

Q: is Jane Eyre a true story?
No, Jane Eyre is a fictional story.

Q: what are the moral lesions of Jane Eyre?

This story gives us many fruitful moral lesions including patience, loyalty, independence and responsibility.

Q: what kind of woman Jane Eyre is in this story?
Jane Eyre is a good looking, independent, strong and honest woman in this story.

Q: Who is Bertha Mason?
Bertha Mason is the mentally ill wife of Mr. Rochester.