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Introduction of The Count Of Monte Cristo-Findingpdf

The Count of Monte Cristo (pdf download) is prominent ancient book. This book is by Alexandre Dumas. Although, its story took placed in France in 1800. Basically, the story is about an exciting adventure packed with various tricks and surprises. Its main idea is about human nature and its consequences. Moreover, this story has a lot of exciting and emotional climaxes. It also has various complex but well-informed characters.

Furthermore, The Count of Monte Cristo (pdf download) is an interesting book. That teaches us about what’s wrong and what’s right. Have you read any romance book before? Or do you love to read a romance book? If yes, then download this book from And you can also feel free to download other related pdf books from this website.


The Count of Monte Cristo (pdf download) begins with the story of Edmond Dantès. By profession he is a solider. However, he is about to getting married. But suddenly, he is blamed for something wrong. On the other side, he is innocent. Unfortunately, he is thrown into the jail on his weeding day.

Additionally, he believed on some of his close friends. But they betrayed him badly. Edmond stays locked up in a very dark place called Château for 14 years. He always thinks about the people who lied about him. He plans to take a revenge from them. And he also desires to escape from jail.

However, He broke the jail. Suddenly he finds a huge heap of treasure on an island. Which is known as Monte Cristo. With all these valued treasures, he decides to come up with a new called Count of Monte Cristo. He secretly makes several plans to take a revenge from them who really tease him. His opponents are Fernand Mondego, Gérard de Villefort and Baron Danglars.

Afterall, Edmond starts various events to defeat his all enemies. And he meets several interesting people on his journey. There is a young and attractive boy called Abbé Faria. Abbé always use to teaches him about different things. There is also a loyal lady, Haydée. Who has a big connection with his past. And Mercedes who feels shy to think about her past.

Moreover, Edmond regains at the people who hurt him. He tries to discriminate among right and wrong things. He thinks about forgiveness and humanity. The author uses to ask many questions to himself. Such as what happen when he forgives all of them who treated him unfairly. And what happen when he takes a gig revenge. Although, he learn several lessons about humanity and kindness.

Writing Style of The Count Of Monte Cristo-Findingpdf

The author Alexandre Dumas adopts a straightforward and engaging writing style in his book The Count of Monte Cristo (pdf download). Which is too much easy to access and understand. Although, he explains several adventures, unpredicted climaxes and amazing eludes. The writer also introduces various complex but well-developed characters that looks like real throughout the story.

Moreover, the writer uses sophisticated vocabularies and avoids overly technical idioms. He also uses simple and concise language, aimed to convey his core ideas in an easy way. Alexandre Dumas encourages the readers to think critically and allow them to come up with their own thoughts about the future of this book. Additionally, he uses simple words to balance the pace and tone of plotlines.

Significant Recognitions

The book The Count of Monte Cristo (pdf download) received mostly positive reviews from its critiques and readers since its publication. It was praised for its engaging plotlines, descriptive writing style and attractive structure. It was also venerated for its in-depth themes such as revenge, justice and power.

This book has constantly remained bestseller. It has been translated into 100 different languages worldwide. while it also sold over millions of copies since its publication. Many of popular media publications such as The New York Times showered their positive feedbacks for this book. It also received 4 out of 5 starts from Amazon and Goodreads.

Conclusion of The Count Of Monte Cristo-Findingpdf

“The Count of Monte Cristo” driven by Alexandre Dumas is a helpful a classic novel. However, it gives us a lot of information’s about culture, class difference and political landscape. This novel is still popular among readres because of its in-depth themes and well-educated characters.

If you are looking for a book like it, no worry, just grab and learn what you want. You can also download other pdf books from this website without suffering from any trouble. However, this novel book is suitalbe for all young adults and mature readers. I recommended this book to all of them who love to read romance related books.