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Book: The Count of Monte Cristo – PDF Free Download

“The Count of Monte Cristo” is a classic and adventure book that draws a complete picture of the early nineteen France. The books story begins from Edmond Dantes, a seaman, with the playing of double crossing game of his close friends, prisoned for fourteen years. In prison he use to learn science, language and philosophy from an old man, well informed and skilled, after release from jail he seek justice and decide to take a revenge from his bad enemies. But finally he realized that revenge is not a proper answer, he forgive all his enemies and move forward with his life. Some of the impotent themes that the author include in his story are as, love lose, passion, justice, forgiveness, class difference and human nature.

Author: Alexandre Dumas

Alexandre Dumas also known for Alexandre Dumas is born in July 24, 1802 in Vellers, Calterets, Aisne, France is a famous writer of nineteen century. Due to some of financial crisis he did not able to continue his education from any college or university but he learned a lot of things from his father at home. With a limited education Alexandre Dumas prove himself as a successful writer and human in the entire world. he is well known for two of his novels that are “The Three Masketeers” and “The Count of Monte Cristo” these had a huge impact on the literature and culture


One of the heart touching book “The Count of Monte Cristo” is written by Alexandre Dumas circle around the story of a young seaman Edmound Dantes. Dantes was falsely arrested one night at the time of his wadding without committed and sort of crime and put him into jail for fourteen years. Few of his close friends played a double role with him that he cannot expect from them to do so. After release from prison he is known by his name Monte Cristo, decided to take a revenge and attacks of those who are responsible for this act, and he begins to use his wealth and sources to target his enemies. The books lead characters are as, Fernand Mondego, Villefort, Mercedes, Abbe Faria and Haydee and it has themes include love, revenge, forgiveness, passion, human nature, dishonesty, justice and immorality. The novel “The Count of Monte Cristo” is a set of early nineteen century France history that entertain readers for years. It has 1424 pages, by Genre it belongs to Romance and published in 1824 by Simon & Schuster.


“The Count of Monte Cristo” begins with the unpleasant and unpredicted story of a young man Edmond Dantes, who is a seaman by profession. He is arrested without proved any sort of illegal activity one night of his wedding, he enter a new world which is packed of a violence and trouble. He is prisoned for fourteen years in an isolated prison of island. After spending few time he meet an old man, who is intelligent and having huge knowledge, Dantes begins to learn a new language, science and philosophy under the great supervision of that old man. After complete his convicted years he release from the jail with a new personality, he decide to take a revenge from all his enemies those are responsible for that unexpected act. He start to utilize all his sources and wealth to eliminate all of his enemies, actually he find justice and he also he wants to seek a revenge of his father who death after his imprisonment. Finally he realized that taking revenge is not a proper answer and he forgive all his opposition and begin to move forward with his life. He started to spend his life happy with his love Haydee, a young beautiful women that Dantes rescue her from slavery.


The book “The Count of Monte Cristo” is with its turns and twists that engage the readers involved in-depth. The book is unique and interesting to readers because of its unique content, well developed plot, engaging writing, organized and relevant themes, complex and developed characters, proper research of the author, simple and clear methods and analysis and satisfied opening and ending point of the book. The themes of this novel are as, love, loss, revenge, forgiveness, passion, troubles, dishonest, class division, social norms and justice. the novel attracts the readers for many years and also continues to be more interesting today.



Dantes best friends, Fernand and Danglars played a double crossing game, there dishonesty prove Dentes as a revenge man in front of the world.

Taking Retribution from Enemies

All of the sudden unpredicted scenes makes Dantes as a revenge man, he decided to seek revenge from those who are responsible for that false act. But at the end Dantes realized that attacks, targets and revenge is not a proper solution and answer.

Reciving Fairness

Dantes choose a wrong way in this novel but after a period of time he realized his mistake and put his life into a another ways of forgiveness for the sake of achieve the justice.

Reflection of Human

Dentess draws actual picture of human including desires, emotions and flaws. In this novel each of character acts a unique nature that leads to enhance to the maturity level of the readers.

The Societal Conditions of Nineteen Century

The novel “The Count of Monte Cristo” paints a picture of nineteen century France. It explaine the political, culture, injustice, social structure and class division of France early nineteen.

Adopt Decent Decision

At the end of the novel Dentes decided to forgive all his enemies, he realized that revenge is not a formal and ethical way to achieve justice.


“The Count of Monte Cristo” is not without criticism, some of the reders argues that the story is too much lengthy that’s why anyone cannot be able to reached its very last page and some of the readers state that some characters shows the sense of racial and cultural stereotypes. The novel faced a criticism by the readers that its ending point is not satisfactory, the author cannot peacefully places the ending point of the novel and someone are showing their respective disagreements about its pace that it is slow at times in which the satisfaction level of the readers would compromised.


Characters of “The Count of Monte Cristo”

In the book “The Count of Monte Cristo” the author Alexandre Dumas placed a well-informed, complex and developed characters that inspire the readers and build their level of understandings toward the storylines of the respective book.

Organized Storylines

The author develop a series of storylines in this novel, their turns and twists with amazing climax build the level of interest of the all kinds of readers.

Deep Explanation of Themes

Dumas analysis of themes such as injustice, revenge, passion, violent, class difference and forgiveness give a huge moral and ethical lesions to the readers, that the readers immediately pick them along with try to apply them into their respective lives.

Presentation of the History of Nineteen Century of France

The author has presented the history of nineteen France including that times culture, society behaviors, injustices, norms, values, class difference and political landscapes of that time.


“The Count of Monte Cristo” driven by Alexandre Dumas is a helpful a classic novel with a huge information’s regarding culture, class difference and political landscape. This novel is near to the heart of romance books lovers just because of its well-developed characters and plot, proper and in-depth research of author, moral and ethical lesions along with its unique themes of love, loss, forgiveness, passion and class difference. In this novel once find the strong interlinks between the characters and storylines that is consider a positive aspect of any novel. Finally it is very fantastic and interesting book but it’s up to the readers what would be their thoughts.