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Books Title: “Romeo and Juliet” PDF Free Download

“Romeo and Juliet” is a play that is circle around the love story of Capulet girl Juliet and Montague boy Romeo. Suddenly they fall in love and decide to get a secret marriage. This book was originally published in1597. By genera it belongs to the category of romance novel. “Romeo and Juliet” PDF Free Download is having total 134 pages.

Books Author: “William Shakespeare”

“William Shakespeare” was a famous English poet and writter. He was born on April 26, 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon, United Kingdom. He wrote several of comedies and Historic plays and some of his famous plays are Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet and The Tempest etc. He dead in April 23, 1616.

Introduction to “Romeo and Juliet”

Romeo and Juliet” is a romantic novel of two love birds and the feud between their families. This is one of the most famous plays of William Shakespeare. Romeo and Juliet gives us an in-depth lessons of love, trust, loyalty and strong boindings in relationship.

The main idea of this story is about the power of love. All kinds of features of this novel is putted in an accurate manner with the aims to convey the baclground of this story in an easy way.

Main Characters

Romeo: He belongs to Montague family and he is a teenager who falls in love with Juliet.
Juliet: She is part of the Capulet family and her love with Romeo starts this tragic story.
Friar: She is the nurse of Juliet and she helps her along the way till the very last.
Paras: He is chosen by Juliet’s father to marry her.

Summary of “Romeo and Juliet”

The book “Romeo and Juliet” is written by “William Shakespeare”. Its story is circle around the ancient violence between two families called Capulet and Montague. The story of “Romeo and Juliet” begins with the fight between the two of helpers of the opponent families Capulet and Montague.

The residents of Verona are shocked by this constant violence. Verona’s ruler, Prince Escalus attempts to avoid the future conflict among the two families. Romeo a “Montagues son”, falls in love with a woman named “Rosaline” and Benvolio advised him to forget “Rosaline” and find another girl but Romeo remains in love with “Rosaline”.

Furthermore Paris requests Copulate Juliet hand in marriage. He replies to Paris that Juliet is not yet fourteen. So he have to wait for two years. One day Copulate send his servants to invite people along with Paris on the annual dance and dinner party. The main reason of this invitations is that Paris would win Juliet heart.

On the other side Benvolio and Romeo still talks about Rosaline. They observe that the name of Rosaline on the guest list then, they decide to participate the dinner party. Lady Copulate, Juliet and their nurse talking about possibilities of marrying Paris at home. But on the other side Juliet had not decided and she looks at Paris on dinner that how he win her heart.

Romeo, Benvolio and his friends come to party and Romeo suddenly see a young attractive copulate girl Juliet from a distance. During dinner Juliet’s cousin Tybalt passes a strong compliments to Romeo and he is about to attack but Mr. Copulate stopped him. After a while, Romeo and Juliet start a conversation and they get close to start a romantic relationship. Even though they knew nothing about each other and not even their names.

The story of “Romeo and Juliet” is proceed further and through the turn of events, they find out the truth about each other. And the opposing tribes they belong through the nurse of Juliet. After finding this harsh reality, both Romeo and Juliet were shocked to their core as they realize they belong to families which are in feud with each other.

But because their love for each other was way stronger than any feud. The nurse arrange a secret marriage between Romeo and Juliet. At the time of wedding, Tybalt does not bear Romeo’s presence in the family dinner and challenges him to a fight. Montague and Benvolio tries to defuse the situation and stop the clash and Montague attacks Tybalt.

During the fight Tybalt hits a hard blow to Montague and as a result he dead. Romeo couldn’t bear the loss of Montague and he kills Tybalt to avenge his death. To punish Romeo, prince of Verona decides to banish him from the town.

The nurse Friar goes to Juliet’s room and informs her about the whole situation. Juliet gets shocked to hear. But she realizes she cares about Romeo the most. Friar decides to help Romeo and Juliet meet togather the last time before he goes away. Copulate was very upset for the murder of Tybalt. He decides that Juliet and Paras must get married within 3 days. Not knowing that she is already married to Romeo. Juliet asks her nurse’s advice about how she can avoid marrying with Paras.

Friar asks her to marry Paras and think of Romeo as dead. Juliet says it is not possible for her. She asks for another advice. Friar suggests her to act as if she is dead by taking some sleeping pills to avoid the marriage. They also decide to inform the Romeo about the plan. So, he can reach the funeral and he and Juliet can go away to live a happy life.

But due to some circumstances, the plan of Friar and Juliet doesn’t reach Romeo and he only hears the news of Juliet’s death. He buys a poison and reache in to the funeral of Juliet. After that he takes the poison and lays down besides Juliet. When Juliet wakes up, Romeo dead besides her. And she couldn’t bear it. She decides to kiss Romeo so that she would also die from the poison. But it doesn’t work.

Then she takes a dagger and plunges it into her chest. As she falls besides Romeo and they both die together. When the news of Romeo and Juliet’s death reaches their families, they are left devastated. They decide to forget their animosities and live in peace and harmony.

Writing Style

“William Shakespeare” has regarded as a greatest writer in English language. His ways of writing in “Romeo and Juliet” is easy to understand. He defines the storylines and characters in a simple but a broad way. He defines complex but well-organized characters. The characters are looking real and trustful with the rest of the whole story.

“William Shakespeare” introduces various in-depth themes such as love, scarifications and passion in an accurate manner that can persuade a huge numbers of readers worldwide. He includes many of funny events and stories that can be enyertaning for all kinds of audiences. “William Shakespeare” encourages the audiences to come up with their own thoughts about the future of this book.

He uses simple and small sentences and words to balance the pace of plot. “William Shakespeare” avoids irrelevant idioms and difficult vocabularies throughout the story aimed to convey his core ideas in an easy way. He adopts meaningful literacy techniques to create a sense of attachment and close relationship.

Major Recognitions

“Romeo and Juliet” received a numerous positive comments from its audience and critics alike since its publication. This novel has been praised among the readers because of its well-developed plot and characters. It is adopted by many films and other art of works. Its engaging and creative writing and storytelling style has been persuaded a large number of readers with the rest of the world.

This novel has been adopted by different educational institutions. “Romeo and Juliet won several awards including Golden Global Award. It has been sold almost 2 billion copies and translated into 100 various languages throughout the entire world. Many of outside media outlets had showered their positive feedbacks for this book.

Conclusion of “Romeo and Juliet”

“Romeo and Juliet” is a classic story of love and tragedies. It is one of the finest works of William Shakespeare which focusses on both the positive and negative impacts that love brings to the lives of people. Although, this novel book is suitable for young adults and mature readers. Furthermore, if you are seeking for a book just like it, then grab it and read what you want.

People can go to any length at times for their love which can also lead to violence and disturbance in the lives of those around them. The character development, plots and the amazingly creative writing of Shakespeare makes this all-time classic a must read for those who enjoy romantic novels and plays.


Q: What is Romeo and Juliet real story?

Many of people states that it is a real story.

Q: What is the basic story of Romeo and Juliet?

This story is about an age-old vendetta between two powerful families erupts into bloodshed.

Q: Is Romeo and Juliet a love story?

Yes, it’s a love story at all.

Q: Why did Romeo kiss Juliet?

It is only through her kiss that he might be absolved.

Q: Who was Romeo’s first love?

Rosaline was the first love of Romeo.

Q: Why did Juliet fake her death?

To avoid her arranged marriage to Paris and free herself to leave with Romeo.

Q: What age is Juliet?

13 years.

Q: Do Romeo and Juliet get married?

Romeo and Juliet get married in secret with the help of Juliet’s nurse and Friar Laurence.

Q: What is the moral of Romeo and Juliet?

The moral of Romeo and Juliet is hatred and anger are destructive.

Q: How old is Romeo?

16 to 18 years old boy.

Q: Do Romeo and Juliet sleep together?

Romeo and Juliet are sleep together in Juliet’s bed just before dawn.

Q: Did Juliet kiss Romeo when he died?

Yes, she did.

Q: Who did Romeo kiss?


Q: Who did Romeo kiss?

On his first meeting with Juliet.

Q: Who is Romeo’s crush?


Q: Who was Romeo’s wife?


Q: Why did Romeo died?

He kills himself by drinking poison.

Q: Why was Juliet killed?

 In order to avoid the marriage.