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Books Title: “The Great Gatsby” PDF Free Download

The Great Gatsby, authored by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is a legendary tale in the world of American literature. It is set in the 1920, when the western world was immersed into glamour and glitz. It is a tale of a mysterious yet famous multi-millionaire Gatsby who lives in Long Island, New York and it aims to depict the true essence of the “American dream.” Gatsby’s story is full of adventure as he goes through love, loneliness, ambitious achievements and inner hollowness even when being among hundreds of others in his great palace where celebrations lasted for weeks. The Great Gatsby lures in the readers because of its mysterious main character as well as the way in which Scott Fitzgerald has captured complex human emotions that derive a man in the backdrop of lively 20s.

Books Author: “F. Scott Fitzgerald”

“Scott Fitzgerald” was a celebrated American novelist from the Jazz age. He was born on Sep 24, 1896 in the city of St. Paul, Minnesota. “The Great Gatsby” and “Tender Is the Night” are two of the most prominent pieces of his work which are literary masterpieces in the American Literature. He died on Dec 21, 1940 in Los Angeles, California, at a young age of 44.


The Great Gatsby set in the backdrop of the Jazz age and all its colors, glamour and legendary characters, The Great Gatsby is one of the best-sellers of its day and age as well as beyond. It is still a well-known and widely read book even after almost a century of its publication. The book starts with a narration by Nick Carraway, who is a writer and neighbor of Gatsby.

The Great Gatsby himself falls in love with a girl named Daisy, who later marries her wealthy and arrogant Tom Buchanan. Gatsby’s journey starts and ends with his never-ending love for Daisy as he strolls through life of festive and glamour in order to fill in the void that she had left in his life.


“The Great Gatsby” get started by a narrator named Nick Carraway, a writer who has recently moved to West Egg, Long Island which is a luxurious residential for wealthy millionaires. He starts living in a small and modest house near the palace of Gatsby, who is a mysterious figure for Nick. Although he was filthy rich and famous as there would be hundreds of attendants at his parties, yet nobody really knew who he actually was and where did he come from.

Nick gets introduced to Gatsby and he actively gets involved in the life of Gatsby and other main characters of the story. He gradually comes to know more about Gatsby’s past. His love for Daisy, who is Nick’s cousin and she is now married to a rich and egoistic man named Tom Buchanan, who lives right across the lake in front of Gatsby’s mansion. Tom also has a mistress, Myrtle Wilson, who lives with her husband George Wilson, a mechanic in a nearby garage. Tom and Daisy’s marriage has no love a mutual respect as Tom is cheating his wife with his mistress and he lacks basic decency towards Daisy.

Gatsby arranges luxurious parties at his mansion near Daisy’s house, hoping that one day she might attend one of his parties. Due to turn of events, Tom ends up in a fight with his mistress which results in him killing her by accident. He flees the scene and shrugs it off. With Nick’s help, Gatsby finally meets Daisy and their love is ignited again. Daisy, who is already married to Tom, finds it difficult to choose between him and Gatsby, which leads to tense and dramatic scenes.

The story reaches its climax when Tom tricks his mistress’s husband George Wilson into believing that Gatsby is the killer of his wife. George ends up killing Gatsby and then takes his own life with a gun shot. Nick is traumatized by these events, he decides to leave the life of luxury and return to living his simple life.

Writing Style

“F. Scott Fitzgerald” is known for elegantly capturing the true essence and complexity of life in the 20s where people have newly immersed themselves into the Jazz world. His main style seems to be a shot at depicting the reality of the American dream and how people were really living the dream under all the limelight of glamour and glitz. His story-telling is often based on nostalgia and the phenomenon of the lost innocence in the world of selfishness, moral decay and desire for glory and glamour.

Through his writing Scott uncovers the complexities of morality and its impact on the lives of people in the 1920s. She elaborates various indepth themes that can persuade millions of audienes worldwide. Although she placed all features of this book in an accurate manner that can inspire a huge numbers of readers.

Positive Receptions

“The Great Gatsby” had received mostly positive receptions since its publication. This book was venerated for its engaging writing style and well-awarded characters. While it was also praised for its in-depth literature work. It has been translated into 80 different languages and it also has been sold over 200, 0000 copies worldwide.

Negative Receptions

“The Great Gatsby” is a timeless classic superhit yet even it is not free of criticism by the readers and critiques. One of the most echoed ones is that the novel is focused mainly on superficial and materialistic aspects of the lives of rich elite during the jazz age, with little inclusion of deeper aspects of life such as meaningful emotions and connections. The portrayal of female characters such as Daisy and the mistress of Tom as no more than showpieces in the lives of wealthy men under the cover of American dream is also heavily criticized by many.


In summary, The Great Gatsby is a literary masterpiece and it will always have a special place in the American literature due to the inclusion of the American dream. Even after more than a century, this timeless classic continues to live in the hearts of its readers and it continues to capture more audience. The tale of love, revenge and moral ambiguities in between is a legend in itself and it captivates readers ranging from teenagers to the old ages. I recommended this book to all of them who love to read romantic books.


Q: What is the main message of The Great Gatsby?

The core message of this book is the American Dream is illusory.

Q: What is the main concept of The Great Gatsby?

The concept of this book is that past cannot be repeated and we have to move forward in our lives with a positive thoughts.

Q: What type of literature is The Great Gatsby?

The literature of this book is literary realism.

Q: What does The Great Gatsby teach us about love?

This book teaches us about love and states that love cam be destructive.

Q: Is The Great Gatsby Based on a true story?

No it is a fiction story.

Q: Is The Great Gatsby romantic?

No it is not a romantic story.

Q: Is Gatsby a victim or villain?

Gatsby is a hero.

Q: Who is Gatsby jealous of?

Other man to merry his beloved Daisy .