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Book Tilte: “It Starts With Us” PDF Free Download

“It starts with us” is an interesting novel and the story is circle around a married woman who has a huge disputes with her husband. finally she takes a divorce and fall in love with a restaurateur. This book was originally published in 2022. By genera it belongs to the category of romance novel. It is having total 250 pages.

Books Author: “Collen Hoover”

“Collen Hoover” is an American author and best seller New York Times and USA Today. She was born in Dec, 11, 1979 in Spring Texas. She completed commerce and social works degree from university Texas A&M University.

She is well known for her romance novels especially “It starts with us”. She receive the two historical awards, include Good Read choice Award and RITA award. She began worte novels from 2011 and her first written novel was “Slammed”.

Introduction to “It Starts With Us”

“It Starts With Us” is authored by “Collen Hoover”. The story is moving around a young married woman named as Lily. Due to domestic violence and route behavior of her husband Ryke, she takes divorce and decided to leave independently with her baby Emmy.

The core ideas of this novel is revolved around the impact of true love, domestic violence and better hope for future. This book gives a meaningful lessons including mutual conflicts should be resolved in a win win situations and there should be freedom in decision making process. The features of this novel are placed in a satisfactory manner and the author “Collen Hoover” conveyed his all messages in an easy manner with the rest of the story.

Summary of “It Starts With Us”

“It End With Us”, follows Lily Bloom, a young, independent woman. After breakup with her ex-husband called “Ryke Kincaid”, she is struggling to spend her life with her baby girl named as Emmy. Now a days Lily spends much more good time with her daughter. One day, she suddenly meet Atlas Corrigan, a successful restaurateur. He shows his genuine love to Lily. Initially Lily was hesitated and too much confused about her relationship with Atlas.

She thinks that does Atlas accept her throughout the life or he behaves violence and route, as her ex-husband did. But after spending a good time with him, she falls in love. However, Rely is not happy with the relationship of both Lily and Atlas. He becomes jealous and hurt. And always try to demage their relationship. Finally, despite of all challenges, Lily choose Atlas. She realizes that Atlas is a perfect life partner for her. But on the other side she is careful about Rykes evil in her life.

Writing Style

“Colleen Hoover” is a skilled writer and her ways of writing in the book “It starts with us” is straightforward and easy to approach. She uses simple and precise sentences to balance the pace of this story. She avoids extra idioms and difficult vocabularies throughout the story for conveying her core massages and ideas in an easy manner.

“Colleen Hoover” explains complicated but well-developed characters that looks like real and believed with the rest of the story. They also talk each other just like the real humans. She defines numarous in-depth themes such as impact of true love, better hope for future and domestic violence in an accurate manner that inspire all ages and generations.

She placed plot, storylines and opening and closing points of this story in a satisfactory manner which accelerate the interest and understanding level of audiences. After all she also includes many funny stories and events that can be entertaning for the audiences. “Colleen Hoover” ecourages the readers to think critically and allow them to come up with their own thoughts about the future of this book.

Major Receptions

“It starts with us” had received mostly positive comments from its readers and critics alike.This book was praised for its storytelling and writing style. While many of audiences are venerated for Its relatable characters, in-depth themes of true love, domestic violence and indecency in decisions.

It has been sold almost 4 million copies since its publication and it also has been translated into 37 different languages worldwide. Furthermore, many of other media publications including New York Times and Washington Post awarded their positive feedbacks for this book.

Conclusion of “It Starts With Us”

“It starts with us” is an interesting novel written by Colleen Hoover that defines domestic violence, ways of hope better and domestic violence, that engage the readers in a positive sign. This book talks in-depth about the power of true love and result of domestic violence. This is a popular book among the readers because “Ryke Kincaid” placed all features in an accurate ways that attracts a huge numbers of readers towards this specific book.

This book is suitable for all young adults and mature audiences. I highly recommended this book to all of them who love to read romance novels. If yor are looking for a romance book then this book gives the whole knowledge and informations what you need. I recommended this book to all of them who love to read romantic novels.


Q: What It Starts with Us is about?

This story is revolved around Atlas and Lilys relationship as they decide to get divorce. Lily continue her life with his baby after abuse.

Q: Is It Ends With Us and It Starts with Us related?

Yes, these both novels are almost similar.

Q: Does It Starts with Us have spicy scenes?

There are few steamy spicy scenes.

Q: Do Atlas and Lily end up together in It Starts with Us?

Yes, they both are move together.

Q: Do Atlas and Lily sleep together?

Yes, they both are sleep together.

Q: How old is Lily and Atlas?

Lily is15 and Atlas is 17 years old.

Q: Who is the main girl in the ends with us?

Lily is the lead character in this novel.

Q: Do Atlas and Lily kiss?

Yes they did kiss.

Q: What did Atlas say to Lily at the end of It Ends with Us?

His life is good enough for her now.

Q: When did Lily lose her virginity to Atlas?

On her 16th birthday.

Q: Did Lily lose her virginity to Atlas?

Yes she lose her virginity to Atlas.

Q: Does Lily get pregnant with Atlas?

No, she did not get pregnant with Atlas.

Q: How did Atlas and Lily break up?

Atlas is eventually able to contact an uncle and leaves for Boston to live with him.

Q: What chapter does Lily see Atlas?

In chapter 10 of this book.

Q: Did Atlas really have a girlfriend?

Atlas is lied about a girlfriend.

Q: Does Atlas ever hit Lily?

No, he did not.

Q: What does ryle kincaid look like?

Dark hair and darker eyes.

Q: Who is Lily Bloom’s daughter in the ends with us?

Emmy Kincaid.