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As we know that love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place. One of the romantic ebook called Emma (pdf download) is written Jane Austen. Its story circles around a young, educated and good looking woman.

However, the author placed all aspects of this ebook in an accurate and concise aimed to convey his core idea and message in an easy way. It teaches us different in-depth lessons such as love, self-disovery and impotance of social status that can attract a huge number of audiences worldwide.

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The story starts with a young, intelligent and educated woman named as Emma. Basically, she is not interested in getting married with anyone. But continuously she is worring about her both close friends Harriet and Mr. Elton.

Background of Story

Harriet is a wealthy, educated and good-looking women while Mr. Elton is an educated and decent village boy. Emma seems to convince Harriet to marry with Elton. Many times she write a love latter’s to Elton on the behalf of Harriet. But she completely refuse her proposal. On the other side Elton falls in love with Emma but she does not know about Elton’s love towards her.

The Love Triangle

Elton shows off his relation with Harriet just to make Emma feel jealous but in reality, he loved Emma. Despite all these efforts, Emma is not able to achieve her desire to unite Harriet and Elton. Moreover, there is another character Mr. George Knightley, who is a neighbor and close friend of Emma. He is a well educated, decent and honest man. George and Emma both are in a close relationship. George often seems to encourage, help and guide her. finally they both shows their desires to get married.

Cartcy Protagonists

Along with Emma all characters are seems well developed and well-organized in this book. All the characters are given right role as per their behaviors and expressions. Their ability to perform these smart and confident roles is commendable.

Sagacious Social Explanation

Austen’s novel set in Regency England. She uses to explain the social status, human reactions and economic situations of English people in an appropriate and professional manner. She provides the overall insights, such as living standard and moral status of the people of 19th century in England.

Concise and Clear Writing Style

Austen is well-known for her clear, simple and concise writing style. In this novel she explains the more complicated and complex methods and analysis into a very simple way that is appreciated by the readers of all ages and generations.

Permanent Themes

Jane Austen introduces in-depth themes that are quite relatable with today’s modern human society and their way of life. The core themes include love, loss, relationship, self-discovery and importance of social status.


One of the most common criticism regarding the book is that its plot is very slow as compare to other novel of Jane Austen. According to the readers the whole story only circles around Emma and her relationships with the other characters.

Furthermore, some other readers stated that the lead character of this novel is not yet a popular character like Austen’s other heroines such as Elizabeth. The arrogance and madness features of Emmas character fails to inspire a wide range of readers. Finally some of other critic’s  praised that the climax of this novel is not quite satisfactory and impressive.


The classic and outstanding novel Emma circles around complex relationships and connections, human nature and also impact of societal norms. These are as much relevant to today’s life as these existed in 19th century in English countries.

The fundamental themes of this story such as love, loss, self-discovery and friendship can inspire all kinds of readers. Meanwhile, the beauty of this novel is its well-developed characters, thoughtful research, well- placed plot and a clear, simple, engaging and approachable writing style.

This book is suitable for teenagers, young adults and mature readers. I highly recommended this book to all of them who want to read romantic novels.


Q: Is there any romance in Emma?

Yes, the whole story is centered on romance.

Q: Is Emma a feminist novel?

Yes, there is a feminist view point in this story.

Q: What kind of audiences can read the story?

This book is more suited for young adults and mature readers.

Q: What is the age of Emma in the story Emma?

Emma is a 21 years young girl in this story.

Q: Name the character who proposed Emma?

Mr. Elton proposed Emma in this story.

Q: What are the themes of Emma?

Love, attachment and marriage are the themes of Emma.