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Books Title: “Sense and Sensibility” PDF Free Download

“Sense and Sensibility” PDF Free Download, is an interesting novel. Its story is revolved around the two girls named as Elinor and Marianne. This book having total 459 pages. It was originally published in 1811 by “Thomas Egerton Military Library, Whitehall London”. By genera it belongs to the category of Romantic Novel.

Books Author: “Jane Austen”

Jane Austen was born on Dec 16, 1775 in Stevenson, United Kingdom. She studied widely English Literature, History and Philosophy along with she also has a good grief in French, Italian and Music. Her first pulished book was “Sense and Sensibility” and her last published book was “Persuasion”. She was died in July 18, 1817.

Introduction of “Sense and Sensibility”

“Sense and Sensibility” is written by “Jane Austen” and the story is about Dashwood Sisters. The both sister are grow up and they both face the love and expectations of society. The core lesson of this book about the balance of emotions and reasons in the life.

“Jane Austen’s” aims to writing this story is to explore the challanges for a independent women and the expectations of society. Along with this he also explains the love merrage, family support and self-growth. The whole features of this book is placed in an accurate manner which attract a huge numbers of readers worldwide.

Lead Characters

  • Elinor: The elder sister who is well known for her positive thinking and intelligence.
  • Marianne: The younger sister have a romantic behavior and innocence.
  • John: Elinor and Marianne’s step brother.
  • Edward Ferraris: Elinor’s Husband
  • Colonel Brandon: Marianne’s husband

Summary of “Sense and Sensibility”

The story circles around the Dashwood Sisters named as Elinor and Marianne. They both are mature along with facing the romance, tragedy and expectations from society. They faced many hurdles and financial challenges soon after the death of their father. They use to live with their step brother John in Norland Park.

John’s selfish and wealthy wife Fanny stop him to take care of whole family. Latter on the family including Elinor, Marianne, their mother and small sister moves to Barton Cottage in Devonshire. Elinor is the elder sister who is well known for her intelligence and positive sense. While Marianne is known for her romantic behavior and innocense.

One day Marianne meets 20 years old, good looking and well-settled boy named as Colonel Brandon. Who fall in love with her and she rejects his love proposal due to some reasons. Suddenly she falls in love with John Willoughloy, and who appears to be a loving person but actually he is unethical wealth collector. He leaved Marianne because of her poor financial conditions but she soon marries with Colonel Brandon.

On the other hand Elinor falls in love with Funny’s brother Edward Ferraris. But she does not show the in-depth feelings. Because she heard from someone that he has a secret marriage with a woman named as Lucy Steel. Latter on Elinor come to knows that Lucy Steel has married Edwards’ brother Robert.

When Edward comes to Barton Cottage, Elinor get marry with him. Throughout the story the both sisters are realized that how to find a true love is not easy and also learn about the maturity and Sensibility.

Writing style

The author “Jane Austen” adopted an engaging and creative writing style in her book “Sense and Sensibility” which is very easy to understand and access. She explains all complex and complicated methods, human emotions and relationships in a broad way that can atract a huge numbers of readers worlwide.

“Jane Austen” avoids extra jargons and complex vocabularies with the aims to convey her message in an easy ways. She also explains all the literature techniques, methods and complicated themes in an accurate, simple and concise manner. She encourages the audiences to think critically and allow them to come up with their own views about the future of this book.

“Jane Austen” prefers to use precise and simple language for the sake of balance the pace of this story. Jane Austen also use many funny moments in this story to accelerate the interest level of her audiences. The beauty of her writing style is that she coveys her core message in a easy and approachable ways.

Major Recognitions

“Sense and Sensibility” had received a huge numbers of positive reviews from its audiences. The readers preside its engaging characters, precise themes and well-developed plot. Most of the readers states that this book is popular among all kinds of readers because the author draws a complete picture of human nature and challenges of women in our society.

It has been sold millions of copies since its publication and translated into 100 different languages. This book has been adopted by many films and TV Shows since its publication. It has been won many awards including Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay. Many of other media media outlets such as New York Times awarded their positive feedbacks for this book.

Conclusion of “Sense and Sensibility”

“Sense and Sensibility” is authored by “Jane Austen”. This book gives us a huge number of meaningful lessons including the power of love and passion, challenges that the independent women are facing in our society and the importance of family support.

All aspects of this story is put in an accurate and satisfactory manner such as plot, characters and themes. If you are looking for a romantic novel just like it, then dont waste your precious time, just clutch this book and read a lot what you want. This novel is suitable for young adults and mature individuals. I highly recommended this book to all of them who love to read romance novels.


Q: What is Sense and Sensibility all about?

It tells the story of two sisters.

What is the main idea of the Sense and Sensibility?

Danger of excessive sensibility.

Q: Is Sense and Sensibility romantic?

Yes, this novel is more than romance.

Q: Is Sense and Sensibility a love triangle?

Yes, the both sisters end up in love triangle.

Q: Is Sense and Sensibility a feminist book?

Yes, we can say that it is a feminist book.

Q: Is Sense and Sensibility a good read?

Yes, it is a good read book.

Q: What is the moral lesson of the Sense and Sensibility?

Both the practicality and passion are necessary for a happy life.

Q: What literary movement is Sense and Sensibility?

Classicism and Romanticism.

Q: What are three themes found in the novel Sense and Sensibility?

  • Love and Marriage.
  • Character, Sense, and Sensibility.
  • Women in Society.
  • Society and Strategy.
  • Wealth, Class, and Greed.

Q: What are the elements of romanticism in Sense and Sensibility?

 Abstract, Nature, Supernatural, Sentimentalism, Melancholy, Primitivism, and Exoticism are the elements of romanticism.

Q: Why did Jane Austen write Sense and Sensibility?

Actually Jane Austen was inspired by the social and cultural norms of late 18th and early 19th century England.

Q: Is there a kiss in Sense and Sensibility?


Q: Who falls in love in Sense and Sensibility?

Elinor Dashwood.

Q: Who is the love interest in Sense and Sensibility?

Elinor and Marianne Dashwood.

Q: Is Sense and Sensibility a period drama?

Sense and Sensibility is a 1995 American period drama film.

Q: How old are the girls in Sense and Sensibility?

Elinor (age 19) and Marianne (age 16½).

Q: Is Sense and Sensibility happy?

Yes, this novel has a happy ending.

Q: Which Sense and Sensibility is closest to the book?

Sense and Sensibility.