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Books Title: “A Little Life” PDF Free Download

“A Little Life” is heart touching engaging novel and its story is rely on four friends. The main character of this story is Jude. This novel was originally published in “2015” by “Doubleday”. By genre it belongs to the category of “Fiction novel”. It is having total “626” pages.

Books Author: “Hanya Yanagihara”

“Hanya Yanagihara” is an American author. She was born in Sep, 20, 1974 in Los Angeles, California. She done her graduation from Smit College in the field of English. Her most famous books are “The People in the Tree” 2013, “A Little Life” in 2015 and “To Paradise” 2022.

Introduction to “A Little Life”

“A Little Life” written by “Hanya Yanagihara” and the story is revolves around the four friends who lives together. In this novel Jude is a complex character because of his dark past as he was a victim of physically and sexually abuse. It elaborates numerous in-depth and emotional themes such as love, harsh incidents, mental illness and friendship and defined them in an accurate and broad manner.

The main idea of this story can inspire all kinds of readers and can also attract a huge numbers of readers throughout the entire world. The core idea of this novel is that despite of suffering from many of panic and dark situations in life, we can still find joy and meaning.

Summary of “A Little Life”

The book “A Little Life” is circles around the four friends named as Malcolm, JB, Jude and Willem and they live together in New-York City. Malcolm is not feeling well because has been struggling his feature, JB is quite confident about his career as an artist while Jude and Willem have a good opportunities to prove themselves in future.

In the second part of this story, Jude presents as a main character of the novel. Until now, Jude was consider to be very intensive to anything not even race, ethnicity and religion experiences. Then, the narrator writes more about Jude’s identity for which he is guilty. In his early childhood, he was forsake by his parents and was left to live in a monastery.

Where he experienced abuse of verbally, sexually and physically. Due to an extant in his early years, he could not work. A social worker named as Ana took him and she was about to talk his traumatic experiences. She immediately passed away without being able to do so. Jude cuts himself and visit Dr. Andy and his team at the low school.

Hude and Jude meets when they are studying law. They both were impressed by each other and Hude realize that Jude was losing all his qualities. The story of “A Little Life” further proceed and Hardod and his wife Julia have a son named as Jocob. But, Jocob was suddenly die when he was just 6. Then, they decide to adopt Jude and Jude reached to 30 years old.

They celebrate the day with Jude but JB did not attend the party. Because he was upset after experience Jude’s childhood photo when he was suffering from a pain. Jude then, decide to change his life and starts a new job in US. On the other side JB is surfing from drugs and Jude thought about JB when he was used to made a funs on his disability.

The whole friends meet again at Malcolm’s weeding but things were tense because JB still had not been forgiven for his actions. Willem leaves Jude for a long film shooting and then, Jude meets Caled. They immediately becomes a good friends. After sometime Caleb starts to degrade Jude because of his disability. He physically abuse him and injured Jude badly.

Willem retunes back and ask for his injuries but Jude lies him about his Injuries. Andy forced him to meet Dr. Loehmaun but Jude refused his advice. The story of “A Little Life” moves forward and after a year ago, Willem and Jude live together and Willem wants to build sexual relations with Jude but Jude is unable to enjoy sex just because of his childhood sexual abductions. One day Willem dies in a car accident and this event devastated Jude. Jude cope with Willems dead and his friends try to help him but he was not in that position of recover. But after few days Jude takes his life.

Writing Style

“Hanya Yanagihara” ways of writing in his book “A Little Life” is approachable and easy to understand. She explains all features of this novel in an accurate and appropriate manner that can attract millions of audiences worldwide. She elaborate complex but well-developed and well-organized characters that looks like real and believed with the rest of the story. “Hanya Yanagihara” uses simple words and sentences to balance the pace and tone of plot. And she also avoid to use complicated vocabularies and extra jargons with the aim to forward his core ideas in an eassy way.

“Hanya Yanagihara” encourages the audiences to think critically and she allows the audiences to draw their own feedbacks about the future of this book. Furthermore, she includes many of funny stories and real life examples that can entertain the readers worlwide. She placed plot, climaxes, tone, pace and opening and closing points of this story in a professional and satisfactory way which persuade the readers of all ages and generations.

Major Receptions

The book “A Little Life” had received generally positive comments and reviews from its readers and critics alike. It was praised for its well-developed characters, engaging writing style and in-depth themes. Many of renowned media outlets such as New York, The Washington Post and The Guardian Times showred their positive feedbacks for this book.

While, on the other hand many of readers stated that it is too long and too depressing novel that can be overwhelmed for many audiences. Although, It has been sold almost 3 million copies worldwide and it also has been translated into 30 various languages since its publication.

Conclusion of “A Little Life”

“A Little Life” drawn by “Hanya Yanagihara” is an interesting novel that offeres us a numarous lessons such as Trauma and its long lasting impacts on life, effects of addiction and possibilities to sustain a balance life despite of various challenges. This novel book had explained several key themes of this story in a simple and easy way with the aims to convey the core message in an appropriate way.

The creativity and broad research of author makes this book too much interesting and catchy for readers. If you are seeking for a fiction novel like it, then dont west your precious time, just grab it and learn a lot what you need. This novel is suitable for all ages and generations especially for young adults. I therefore preferred this novel to all of those who are a big fans of fiction novels.


Q: What was A Little Life about?

This novel is about the lives of four friends.

Q: What is the main theme of A Little Life?

Dichotomy of humanity is the main theme of this book.

Q: How hard is it to read A Little Life?

It’s too much hard to read the content and its heftiness.

Q: Can a 13 year old read A Little Life?

This book is suitable for young adults.

Q: Is A Little Life a horror book?

Yes, it’s also a horror book.

Q: Is A Little Life Based on a true story?

Yes, this novel book is based on real story.

Q: What genre is A Little Life?

It belongs to the category of fiction novels.

Q: Who falls in love in A Little Life?

Jude eventually falls in love with his male best friend.

Q: Is A Little Life violent?

Yes, we can say that it’s a violent novel.

Q: Will A Little Life be a movie?

James Norton (Happy Valley) stars in the theatrical event of 2023.

Q” Is A Little Life realistic?

Yes, it is a life realistic novel.