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Books Title: “Wonder” PDF Free Download

“Wonder” is a catchy novel and its story is circle around a boy who is suffering from facial problem. He is very committed and determined for his career. This book was originally published in 2012. By genera it belongs to the category of fiction novel. It is having total 220 pages.

Books Author: “R J Palacio”

“R J Palacio” is an American writer and graphic designer. She was born in July 13, 1963, Queens, New York, United States. She won Goodreads Choice Awards Best Picture Books. Her most popular books are “White Bird”, “Auggie & Me: Three Wonder Stories” and “We’re All Wonders”.

Introduction to “Wonder”

“Wonder” is authored by “R J Palacio” and the story is circle around a boy named as August Pullman who is suffering from his facial problem. He is very determined and confident about his career and finally he complete his education despite of all obstacle. This book talks on kindness, be yourself, people reactions on physical appearances and true friend ship.

This book gives us a numerous lessons that we have to show our kindness to them who are suffering from physical problems. The whole features of this novel is placed in an appropriate manner and its background is conveyed in an accurate manner.

Summary of “Wonder”

The story is revolved around a boy named as August Pullman who is suffering from a facial problem. He used to live with his mother and now he is going to a regular school for first time in 5th grade. He is worried about the unkind of his fellow mates but he determined to make a new friends. On his first day in school, the principal named as Mrs. Tushman shows him the whole school and introduces with his new fellow mates.

He is too much confused that everyone is looking him and wondering his appearance. August is given to a mentor named as Jack Will, whose job is to take care of August. August is worried that Jack is an intelligent and popular boy who won’t to be his friend. But Jack shows his kindness and he introduces him with other kids in the school. With the passage of time, August makes new friends in Beecher Prep. He becomes close to summer, an intelligent and smart girl and Jack, a very funny boy.

But, unfortunately many of other boy’s uses to make funs on him that really hurt him. On the other side, many of teachers continuously shows their kindness with August. One of these teachers Mrs. Browne, who is very kind to him and usually give him a special assignments. After that August comes to the next grade that is very important to the previous year. He is still facing difficulties in school because Julian and his team makes a huge fun on his facial problem.

Despite of all these difficulties he won Henry Ward Award for his strength and kindness. During these days he also goes on his very first date with summer. He then, enters in the seventh grade which is the best year for him because Julian and his fellow are no longer bullied him. He used to participate in various extra co-curricular activities including debates and playing in ground.

August is graduated from Beecher Prep and he is bit sad to leave his friends. He is also excited for his upcoming life. August learns that compassions and kindness is more important than physical appearances. He is loved and accepted for who he is.

Writing Style

“R J Palacio” is a creative writer and she adopts an engaging and easy writing style in her book “Wonder”. She explains several in-depth themes including kindness, commitments and confidence in a detailed ways that inspire a huge number of audience worldwide. She defines a complex but well-developed characters that looks real and believed with the rest of the whole story. They talk each other like a real humans.

“R J Palacio” placed plot, storylines and opening and closing points in an accurate and satisfactory manner with the aims to covey her message in a simple and precise manner. She prefers to use simple and accurate language and words to balance the pace. She also avoids to use irrelevant idioms and difficult vocabularies throughout the story. She encourages the audiences to think critically and allow them to draw their own views about the future of this book.

Major Receptions

“Wonder” received mostly positive comments and reviews from its readers and critics alike.It was praised for its life-related themes such as Kindness and Acceptance. This book was also awarded for its engaging writing style, well-educated characters and emotional climaxes. It had won various awards including Newberry Medal and the Coretta Scott King Award.

Many media outlets such as New York Times and Guardian showered their positive feedbacks for this book. It has been translated into 50 different languages worldwide and it also has been sold almost 5 million copies since its publication.

Conclusion of “Wonder”

“Wonder” is drawn by “R J Palacio” is an interesting novel which talks on friendship, kindness, confidence and reaction of people on physical disappearances. The whole messages and core ideas of this story is conveyed in an appropriate ways that can attract all kinds of readers towards this book.

Furthermore the whole aspects are placed in a professional manner and the readers can easily read and appeoach it. If you are looking for a fiction book just like it, dont waste your time, just grab it and learn what you need. This book is suitable for young adults and mature individuals. I highly recommended this book to all of them who love to read fiction novels.


Q: Is Wonder Based on a true story?

No, it’s a fiction story.

Q: What is the main plot of Wonder?

The story is about a ten-year-old boy named August Pullman who has facial differences.

Q: Who is the real boy in Wonder?

Nathaniel Newman is the real boy in this novel.

Q: What is the moral of Wonder?

Tolerance, acceptance, understanding and respect are the moral of this book.

Q: How does the story end in Wonder?

Lib burns down Anna’s home, tells the council the girl has died, and then meets up with Will and Anna.

Q: What does August look like in Wonder?

He is facing facial problems in this story.

Q: Is The Wonder a happy ending?

Yes, it has a happy ending.

Q: What is Auggie’s greatest wish?

He desires to make a lot of new friends.

Q: What is Auggie’s greatest wish?

Yes, Auggies is a 10 years old boy in this book.

Q: Is there any romance in The Wonder?

It is a histirical romantic book.