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Books Title: “The Help” PDF Free Download

One of the outstanding book “The Help” draws a complete picture of 1962s American Civil Movement where racism was on its peak. This book was originally published in 2009. It contains total 464 pages. By genre it belongs to the catagory of fiction book.

Books Author: Kathryn Stockett

“Kathryn Stockett” is an American Novelist. She was born in 1969 in Jackson, Mississippi, Unites States. She did her graduation from Jackson, Preparatory School in Jackson and received a degree in creative writing from University of Alabama. She won various awards such as Goodreads Choice Award, Townsend Prize for fiction, South Book Prize and ABBY Award.

Introduction to “The Help”

“The Help” authored by “Kathryn Stockett” that takes place in 1962 Mississippi. The story is circle around the lives of three women, Mimy, a black maid, Aibileen another black maid and Miss Skeeter, a white educated woman who wants to be a writer.“

The Help”talks on racism and the brutal behavior of white people whith blacks. This book gives us a various lessons including kindness and equality amomng human beings. The whole features of this book are placed in an accurate manner and the core message of this book is easy to understand because of the impressive narating style of “Kathryn Stockett”.

Summary of “The Help”

This book narrates the racism and biasness that was took placed in 1962 in Mississippi during American Civil Movement. The story is circle around a three of women named as Mimy, Aibileen and Miss Skeeter. Mimy and Aibileen are house maids and working for white families. Skeeter is a fresh graduate and she wants to be a writer.

Aibileen is cool mind and intelligent woman who has a one kid and she is working for Miss Elizabat Leefolt. she look after her seventeen children’s. After the murder of his own kid, she realize the peak of racism and unfairness surround her. On the other side, Mamy find a new job in the house of Miss Celia Foote, who is new in town.

Mimy is very good in cooking but she is having a boring personality along with sharp tongue. Both the Mimy and Aibileen are spending their lives in a very unsecure and bias environment. Where their basic human rights are violated by the white families usually. However Miss skeeter finally decided to introduce her own book.

She wants to something interesting in book for the sake of attracting more people. One day she meets Mimy and Aibileen, and talk about her upcoming book. Initially they both are too much hesitated to share the racism discriminations and bias behaviors of white people.

Latter on they decide to talk and elaborate all unfairness, rudeness and violation of the fundamental rights of blacks by white people. This work of Skeeter was appreciated by the general masses because she seems to fight against the brutal racism and discriminations among white and black.

Writing Style

“Kathryn Stockett” is a very talented writer and her ways of writing in the book “The Help” is easy to approach. She uses a simple and concise sentences for the sake of balancing the pace of this story. She prefers simple words and language with the aim to convey her message in an easy way. She avoids extra idioms and difficult vocabularies throughout the story. “Kathryn Stockett” explains complicated but well-developed characters that looks like real and believed.

“Kathryn Stockett” defines the in-depth themes including discriminate humen by class and color, balance society and kindness in an accurate manner that inspire young adults and mature readers. She placed plot, storylines and opening and closing points of this book in a satisfactory manner which accelerate the interest and understanding level of audiences. After all “Kathryn Stockett” also includes many of funny stories and examples that can provide an entertainment to the audiences.

Major Receptions

“The Help” received mostly positive comments from its readers and critics alike.It was awarded for its practical examples and broadly exploration of discrimination among humans with color and race. This book won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction. It has been sold almost 10 million copies since its publication and also it has been translated into 50 different languages worldwide. Its work has been adopted by many films.

Conclusion of “The Help”

“The Help” is written by Kathryn Stockett. This book defines all issues regarding racism specially violation of fundamental rights of blacks. In this novel the author draws a complete pictures of 1960s Civil Rights Movements in a detailed manner.

If you are looking for a fiction book like it, then just grab it and learn more what you need. This book is suitable for mature and young adults. I recommened this book to all of them who love to read fiction novels.


Q: Is The Help based off a true story?

No, this novel is not based off a true story. It is a fiction novel book.

Q: Why was Celia not liked in The Help?

Because of her lower class status Celia is not liked in this novel.

Q: What time period was The Help?

This novel was set in 1960s.

Q: Why is the help an important book?

This is an important book because its covers the hole factors of racism.

Q: Who is the smartest character in The Help?

Aibileen’s is the smartest character in this novel.

Q: Who is the female lead in The Help?

Viola Davis is the female lead in The Help.

Q: Who is the protagonist of The Help?

Eugenia “Skeeter” Phelan is the protagonist of The Help.

Q: Who does Celia fall in love with?

Oliver does fall in love with Ceila.

Q: Is Celia a good character in The Help?

Celia is the endearing character in this story.