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Books Title: “Bleak House” PDF Free Download

“Bleak House” is a fiction novel about the secret life of Lady Dedlock and a court case named as “Jarndyce”. This book was originally published in March 1852 by Bradbury & Evans. By genre it belong to the category of Fiction Novel book. it has total 1307 pages to its credit.

Books Authors: “Charles Dickens”

“Charles Dickens” was an English writer. He was born in Feb, 07, 1812 in Landport, Portsmouth, United Kingdom. His most famous book are “Oliver Twist”, “The Christmas Carol”, “David Copperfield” and “Great Expectations” 1860. He was died on June, 09, 1870 in Gods Hill Place.

Introduction to “Bleak House”

“Bleak house” is written by “Charles Dickens”. It is a romantic thriller which captivates its readers throughout the story. Some of the main characters in the novel are Esther Summerson, John Jarndyce, Lady Dedlock, Ada Clare, Richard Carstone. The book’s main plot is about the secret life of Lady Dedlock and a court case which involves some of the main characters.

Lady Dedlock’s previous life mistakes come back to haunt her in the present. Meanwhile Esther and other characters are involving in a court case which hurt them financially. The novel has a tragic ending for some characters like Lady Dedlock while others including Esther go on with their lives after moving away from all the drama.

Summary of “Bleak House”

“Bleak House“ revolves around a woman named as Esther who is raised by her guardian, Mr. Jarndyce. Esther does not know about both of her mother and father. But she subsequently learns that her mother is a prominent, wealthy and a good-looking woman named as Lady Dedlock. And her father is Sir Leicester Dedlock who is also an intellactual man.

The story of this book starts from the court of chancery. Where a case name “Jarndyce” has been panding. This case has been going on since many years but people have long forgotten what it is actually about. It has already damage several lives and resources of many people who belongs to this case. Lady Dedlock is the wife of Sir Leicester Dedlock and she is a wealthy, caring a lovely lady. But some of unpredictable situations made her sad.

Her past bothers her and she is afraid that her dark secrets can get exposed. One day lady Dedlock receives a letter from a man named as Nemo. He states in the letter that he is one of her ex-lovers. He threatens her in order to share her whole secrets to her husband. She get panics and agrees to meet him in a secret place.

Nemo is an unusually attractive man but he is suffering from an illness. Soon after meeting with lady Delock, he dies which causes her to panic and worry about the consequences. As the story proceeds, another character named Richard Carstone, who is involves in the case of Jarndyce and, believes that the result of the case will go in his favor.

He uses all his wealth and resources to fight the case. Ultimately when the court releases the decision, he loses all his fortune. Moving on, Esther tries her best to help out Richard but she fails to prevent him from going broke. She finally decides to leave being part of the case as she sees it as a burden. One day, lady Dedlock’s secret comes out and she decides to leaves her house.

Later on she was found dead on the beachside. After many years, the case of Jarndyce and Jarndyce comes to an end. Richard and Ada are given nothing. They are forced to restart their lives and move on. On the other hand, Esther marries with Woodcourt. Who is a loving and a kind-hearted doctor. Then they lives a happy life together.

Writing Style

“Charles Dicken” ways of writing in his book “Bleak House” is engaging and easy to understand. He defines all aspects of this novel in a concise and approachable manner that can attract a huge numbers of readers. He elaborates all themes and core ideas in a simple but detailed manner for the account of build the interest and understanding level of his readers.

He elborates complex but well-organized characters that are looking real and trustfull with the rest of this story. “Charles Dicken” prefers easy and simple vocabularies along with he avoids extra jargons throughout the story. He uses life related stories and examples with the aim to make its story more interesting for his readers. He placed plot, climax, storylines and opening and closing points in an accurate manner.

Major Recognitions

“Bleak House “had received generally positive comments and reviews from its audiences since its publication. This book has been praised for its well-developed plot, engaging storylines, balanced pace and in-depth and life related themes. Many of the readers has also been praised its social history, definition of laws, gender equality and narrative style. Its work has been adopted in English literature and social studies. It has been translated into 70 various languages worldwide and it also has been sold 35k copies since its publication.


The book “Bleak House” had recieved many of nagative comments from its readers. One of the common criticism on this novel book is that its story is too much lenghty thats why one cannot finish it with in a reliable period of time. Some readers accused thatits plot structure is complex, it’s difficult for them to follow it due to its multi layers. Many of audiences shows their own concerns and they state that the characters are seem unreal and unbelieve throughout the story.

Conclusion of “Bleak House”

“Bleak House” is written by “Charles Dicken” is a catchy and an interesting novel book that is about social injustice, love, better hope and freedom. In this novel, throughout the story the author tries to show the social injustices and social responsibilities of our society. It defined many of broad lessons but the most impressive lesson of this book is that the law should be equal for all residents of society. Taking an immediate justice is right of all human kinds.

The author had placed plot, themes, climax, tones, pace, core ideas, examples and opening and closing points in an accurate and approach manner for the account to build up the interest and understanding level of his respected audiences. This book is suitable for all ages and and all generations. I highly recommended this novel book to all of them who love to read fiction novels.


Q: What is the story of Bleak House about?

Its story is revolving around the Jarndyce family.

Q: What is the main idea of Bleak House?

Its main ideas are critique on legal system, defining poverty and inequality, secrets and lies and the importance of love and compassion.

Q: Why was Bleak House so popular?

Bleak House is a powerful model that bound us to think about the urban and ancient life.

Q: Does Bleak House have romance?

Yes, Bleak House has romance among various characters.

Q: Is Bleak House a children’s book?

It’s suitable for adults and mature readers.

Q: Is Bleak House a realist novel?

Yes it a realist novel.

Q: Who is the girl in Bleak House?

Esther Summerson is a girl in this story.

Q: Is Bleak House a comedy?

Yes we can say it’s a comedy novel.