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Books Title: “East Of Eden” PDF Free Download

“East Of Eden” is a though provoking novel that circle around the story of two families named as Trasks and the Hamilton . This book has 736 total pages. It was originally published in Sep, 19, 1992 by Penguin Books. By Genre it belongs to the category of Classic and Fiction novel. It contains total 736 pages.

Books Author: “John Steinbeck”

“John Steinbeck” is an American writer. He was born in Feb, 27, 1902 in Salinas, California Unite States. He did his graduation from High School Salinas. He won numerous awards including Pulitzer Prize Award, Noble Prize Award of, American Bookseller Award and also National Books Award. His first published book was “Cup Of Gold”and his last published book was“The Winter Of Our Discontent”. He was dead in Deb 20, 1968 at the age of 76.

Introduction to “East Of Eden”

“East of Eden” is written by John Steinbeck. He draws a complete picture of early 19th and beginning of 20th century America. The story of “East of Eden” is circle around the story of two families, the Tracks and the Hamilton. This novel shows the socioeconomic status of several tribes along with their living standard in an accurate manner.

It also explain the support and behaviors of tribes towards their family members and people around them. John Steinbeck includes many of life related examples and inspirational stories in this novel with the aim to accelerate the interest and understanding level of readers. He elaborate all the features of this novel in an accurate manner withthe purpose of convey his message in an easy and appropriate manner.

Summary of “East Of Eden”

One of the multi- generational novel “East of Eden” circles around the two different families named as “Trasks” and the “Hamilton’s”. In this novel the author explains a misunderstanding about America in the late of 19th and in the beginning of early 20th century. He argues America is same as it was. With its most abundant land where newly arrived people can spend a comfortable lives with their families.

Those who come with more money can be able to acquire suitable portions of land and remain wealthy but if any one comes with a poor status, he may get difficult and barren land which can keep them poor. Hamilton, a middle man arrives in Californians Salinas with his wife Liza and their nine children’s. Although Hamilton is a very kind man to everyone but his wife Liza is a sharp and clever woman. They both have different mindsets and approaches to life.

Hamilton is a hardworking, intelligent and ambitious man but despite of these qualities he is not a good businessman and that’s why he has failed to give a comfortable life to his family. On the other side, his wife Liza is also a dedicated and hard working woman. She takes good care of her husband and her children. Many years after Hamilton, Adam Trask comes to Salina. He is already a wealthy man but still his life gets disrupted due to a series of unfavorable events.

Adam lost his mother when he was just newborn baby and his father Cyrus is a drinker. He lost his one of his legs during Civil War. Cyrus realize he needs to remarry in order to give a mother to Adam and life partner for himself too. A woman named Alice comes with her son Charles into the life of Cyrus. Cyrus used to work in his farms with his son Adam and his step son Charles and he tells the stories of Civil War to them. On the other hand, Cyrus is very kind to Adam that hurt Cyrus.

He feels unloved and overlooked by his step farther. As Adam is a quite loveable and dreamy person, he falls in love with Cathy Aims who is a beautiful and good looking woman. Adam and Cathy have two children, Caleb and Aron. Cathy begins to disturb Adam for her unusual demands, unethical abuses and with her evil mindsets but Adam still show his loyalty with her. Their son Caleb is a very kind and positive boy, just like his father, but Aron is unethical and has an evil mindset, just like his mother Cathy. One day Cathy shoots her husband Adam and goes on to live a different life.

She decide to eliminate all relations with Adam. On the other hand, Adam is suffer from mental issues and physical pain. He leaves the state and begins to find a peaceful life for himself. Finally John Steinbeck in his book “East of Eden” compares Caleb and Aron to Cain and Abel, where Cain killed his brother Abel.

Writing style

“John Steinbeck” ways of writing in his book “East of Eden” is straightforward and easy to approach . He explains many of complicated methods and analysis in an easy way without using complicated vocabularies and extra jargons. John Steinbeck assigned a right role to a right character throughout the story.

In this novel he prefers to use concise and creative words and sentences to balance the pace and tone of plot. “John Steinbeck” defines various in-depth and life related themes such as love, family support and passion simply that can attract various readers worldwide. He includes many of funny examples and stories that can provide entertainment to the audiences.

Major Recognitions

“East of Eden” had received generally positive feedbacks from its audiences since its publication. This book was awarded for its perceived melodrama, melodramatic elements, and didacticism. This novel has been adopted by various films and television shows for further expending its richness. It has been sold over six million copies and it also has been translated into several languages worldwide.

Conclusion of “East Of Eden”

“East of Eden” written by “John Steinbeck” is an interesting book that defines the 19th and early 20th century America. In this novel John Steinbeck gives a numerous lessons including the power of love, passion, kindness, hard work, self-determination, creative thinking and move forward in a life with a better hope that we can adopt it in our daily lives.

If you are seeking for a classic novel then dnt wast your time, just grab it and learn more lessons as you need. This book is suitable for adult and mature audiences. I highly recommended this book to all of those who love to read fiction and classic novels.


Q: Is East of Eden difficult to read?

Yes this novel is too much challenging to read.

Q: When was East of Eden banned?

This novel was banned in 1982.

Q: Is East of Eden based on a true story?

No, it is a fiction novel.

Q: Is East of Eden a feminist book?

Yes, it is both feminist and misogynistic novel by nature.

Q: Is East of Eden a religious book?

No, it is not a religious book.

Q: Why is it called East of Eden?

It is called East of Eden because of after disobeying God, Cain is exiled to the land of Nod, which lies “on the east of Eden.

Q: What time period is East of Eden set in?

This novel was set in the time period of 1862 through the outbreak of WWI (1914-1918).

Q: Is East of Eden a sad book?

Yes we can say that it is a sad novel.

Q: Is East of Eden a tragedy?

Yes, it can be a tragedy novel.

Q: Why do people love East of Eden so much?

The people love this novel because of its hidden religious elements.

Q: Why did critics not like East of Eden?

Many of audiences did not like it because of its unrealistic characters.

Q: What is the last line of East of Eden?

Adam does not die at the end of the novel is the last line of this novel.

Q: Is East of Eden a slow read?

It is a slow but not a boring novel.

Q: Who is the woman in East of Eden?

Catherine “Cathy” Ames, later known as Kate Trask or Kate Albey is the woman in this novel.

Q: How old should you be to read East of Eden?

This novel is suitable for adults and mature readers.

Q: Was East of Eden made into a movie?

Yes, American film drama, released in 1955.