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Books Title: “I, Robot” PDF Free Download

The book “I, Robot” is basically the collection of nine small stories about the usage of AI. This book was originally published in 2018 by HarperCollins. It has total 256 pages. By genre it belongs to the category of fiction book.

Books Author: “Isaac Asimov”

“Isaac Asimov” was born in jan-2, 1920 at Petrovichi, Russia. He was an American writer and Biochemist. He had completed his graduation from Columbia University. He won many awards including Hugo Award, Hugo Award and Hugo Award. He died on 06 April-1992 in New York City.

Introduction of “I, Robot”

“I Robot” is written by “Isaac Asimov” is circle around the Robotic innovations and modern technologies. This book is based on the collection of various small stories. it defines the three basic rules regarding AI given by Isaac Asimov. “I Robot” provides the background and foundation for available and visible Robotic ethics and AI. The whole aspects of this book is placed in an accurate manner that can attract a huge numbers of readers with the rest of entire world.

Summary of “I, Robot”

The book “I Robot” is revolved around the usage of Artificial Intelligence. It is not just a science fiction story but it is really an important part of discussion about (AI). It defines the various ideas about how artificial intelligence including technology and robots can affect the people and their ways of live. Susan Calvin then explains about the right and wrong angles of more advanced robots. In this book, she personally observe many of robots and elaborate their potentials in an accurate manner.

In this book, we observe the emotional attachment of a kid with a robot. This makes sure that the robots can make people happy and not lonely. But in the next stories “Runaround” and “Little Lost Robot” we see that many times robots can do things that are not beneficial for people. Because they follow many of rules continuously. In the stories like “Lair” and “The Evitable Conflict”, some of the robots are acting and thinking more like humans.

Furthermore, in the stories “The Perfect Machine” and “The Last Question”, the author explores that how robots can change our society. The robots are seems to take away jobs from peoples in order to perform hard things and solved big problems. This book also talks about the aftershocks of AI and Robots. It make us to think about whether it’s okay to depend on more robots.

It talks regarding a powerful computer called VIKI. In this case, the author warn us to be very careful with such sort of super smart computers. If we are supposed to rely on those machines then they can be very harmful for us. She elaborates our future, when there is a lot of robots around us. The author ask to us that what kind of future we deserve with these powerful robots. How we can make sure they get along with the people. It’s like a ballooner question for us to figure out.

Writing Style

“Isaac Asimov” ways of writing in his book “I Robot” is easy to understand and approach. He explains the whole advantages, disadvantages along with the rules and regulations regarding to Robots and AI in a detailed manner that can attract a huge number of readers worlwide. He uses simple and concise sentences to balance the pace of the plot.

“Isaac Asimov” avoids irrelevent idioms and complicated vocabularies throughout the story with the aim to convey his message in an easy way. He includes many real stories and examples that can entertain the readers. Although, “Isaac Asimov” placed plot, storylines and opening and closing points in a professional way.

Major Recognitions

The book “I Robot” received generally positive comments from its readers. It has been venerated for its in-depth explanation of AI ethics and laws, impact of robots on human beings and its broad research about robot and other powerful machines. Its work is adopted by many films and TV shows. Many of world renowned publications including New York Times called it a remark book. it has been translated into 40 different languages worldwide and it also has been sold millions of copies since its publication.

Conclusion of “I, Robot”

“I Robot” by “Isaac Asimov” is an inspiring book that gives us each and every knowledge about AI technology. This book gives broad lessons about the usage of modern technologies alog with its aftershocks. The three defined rules of this book about robot and AI has long lasting implications on the lives of human beings. it is suitable for adult and mature readers. I recommended this book to all of them who love to read fiction books.


Q: What story is I, Robot based on?

The story of “I Robot” is based on the usage of AI. It also includes the three basic laws, impacts of Robots on the lives of people and their future implications.

Q: Is I, Robot a good movie?

Yes, “I Robot” is a good movie due to its unique ideas and in-depth themes.

Q: Was I, Robot a success?

It is racking up more than $353 million at the worldwide box office.

Q: Is I, Robot OK for kids?

This book is suitable for mature and adult readers.

Q: Can robots teach kids?

Yes Robots can teach kids and students can get help from them.