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Books Title: “I Was Born For This” PDF Free Download

“I Was Born For This” is an ambiguous book that revival around the story of a young girl Angel Aka Rahimi, who’s is big fan of a musical band named as ARK. She faces many of hurdles in London and then Breturn back to her home. This book was oraginally published in “2018” by “HarperCollins”. By genre it belongs to the cetegory of “fiction book”. It has total “400” pages.

Books Author: “Alice Oseman”

“Alice Oseman” is a British writer. She was born in Oct 16, 1994 in Kent England. She did her graduation in English from University of Durham in 2016. She won many awards including YA Book Prize Award – 2019 and Good read Choice Award – 2019. Her famous books are “Loveless”, “Radio Silence” and “This Winter”.

Introduction to “I Was Born For This”

The book “I Was Born for this” is written by “Alice Oseman”. Its story is circle around a teen girl named as Angel Rahimi, a big fan of a musical band Ark. He has a social media friend Juliet from London and she never meet him before. The author “Alice Oseman” explain all features of this story in an accurate manner and its core ideas and messages are conveyed in an easy way.

This book talks on blind trust, music fans and kindness that can attract a huge numbers of readers worldwide. It defines various things that are connected to our lives. So, we can assume its advices and teachings in to our daily lives. Its core messages are forwared in an precise way that any one can easly understand them.

Summary of “I Was Born For This”

“I Was Born for This” is revolved around the story of a teen Iranian girl, named as Rahimi Aka Angel. Rahmi is a big fan of a music band named as pop rock trio The Ark. Her life is centered around this band. Ark after a time become worlds famous band. It is consist of three teenage boys named as Jimmy, Rowan and Lister. Juliet Schwartz, Rahims social media friend but Rahimi never meet him physically.

One day Rahimi decided to go London to meet her friend Juliet. Her parents resist her but she is committed to go to London. So finally she reached London. Her friend Juliet and Mac receive her. Juliet is is living with her grandmother. On these days the Ark Music Band organized annual Award function in the state. Its band member jimmy is not feel well. He gets a lot of panic attacks. He went to go meet his grandfather, jimmy and Rowan are the best friends since there were just seven and Lister is just joined them as a drummer.

The award show began. A huge number of fans come to enjoy the functiion. The ARK band finally win the award show. During the event a picture is leak that belongs to the Jimmy and Rowan. It shows that they both are sleep in a bed in an inappropriate condition. Rahimi, Juliet and Mac shocked after hearing this news. They went back to their home. Than they arrange a new interview to prove that Jimmy and Rowan are innocent.

The novel is proceed and Bliss, Rowans girlfriend, meet with Angel during the concert. And they became a close friendsr. Rowan then call Angel for rescue. So, Angel, Juliet and Mac are shocked. They immidiately reach on concert area. They see one of a fan physically attack on Rowan. Jimmy safes himself behind the stage. Angel also go back to the stage to safe herself. She meets Jimmy and they start talking each other. They feel love for each other. On the other side Juliet observes them closely. she got anger because of Angel and Jimmy.

So, the Ark team members are decided to arrange more contracts and interviews to prove themselves innocent. Angel realized that she have to go to her home back. She reached at train station. suddendly Mag meets him on the train station.He tells all the story of Juliet to her. Julietsis family kick out him from home and now a time, he is in a big troubles.

Angel decide to meet him fist. Juliet is very happy because he has a very caring friend. Finally Angel tells to Juliet and Bliss that her real name is Fereshteh. Jimmy lean a lesion that he needs to take care of his health and Angel learnt a lesson that her favorite band members are not perfect as she realized and fandom is a complex and complicated world.

Writing Style

“Alice Oseman” ways of writing in her book “I Was Born for This” is easy to understand and read. She puts the whole features in an accurate manner that can persuade a huge numbers of readers. She does not use complicated vocabularies and extra jargons with the aim to convey her message in an easy way.

She introduces complex but well-awared characters that looks like too much real with the rest of the story. “Alice Oseman” elaborates various in-depth themes that can inspire millions of audiences worldwide. She prefer to use creative and simple but very detailed sentences to balance the pace and tone of this story.

Positive Receptions

“I Was Born for this” had received generally positive feedbacks from its readers. This book has been praised for its well-informed characters and engaging writing style. Many of prominent publications showered their positive feedbacks about this novel. It won John Windham Rhys Award and also shortlisted for CILIP Carnegie Medal. It has been translated in to 17 different languages worldwide and it also has been sold millions of copies since its publication.

Negative Receptions

The book “I Was Born for This” is not without reader’s criticism. It recieved several negative comments since its publication. Some of the readers accused that this novel is like a drama because many of the characters are seem out of bound. Some of reader’s found that the plot of this novel is too much lengthy, that can be overwhelmed for many readers. While some of critics arguedt that it is a more predictable, one can easily guess its next scene.

Conclusion to “I Was Born For This”

“I Was Born for This” written by Alice Oseman is an interesting novel. This novel gives us a lot of lessions including sel-development and self-improment in a broad way. The audiences can adopt its teachings in the various stages of their real lives.

It features are placed in a professional manner that can be easy to undestand and approach. If you are romance novel seeker then dont wast your time, just grape it and learn its important lessons. This book is suitable for adults and mature readers. I recommended this book to all of them who wants to read fiction novels.


Q: Is there romance in I Was Born for This?

This book has no romance among the characters.

Q: Is I Was Born For This LGBTQ?

Lister is a bisexual and Jimmy is a gay.

Q: What age is the book I Was Born For This for?

Mostly the adults and mature readers can read this book.

Q: Is I Was Born For This a graphic novel?

No, it’s a coming of age novel.

Q: Who is the main character of I Was Born For This?

Angel Rahimi is the main character of this novel.

Q: What genre is born for this Song?

Indie is born for this song.