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Books Title: “Lessons in Chemistry” PDF Free Download

“Lessons in Chemistry” is an interesting book that took place in 1960s Southern California. The story of this book is moving around a talented chemist named as Elizabeth. In this story she proves herself as an independent, hardworking, and committed woman. This book was originally published in 2022 by “Doubleday”. It has total 173 pages. By genre it belongs to the category of “Fiction Novel” book.

Books Author: “Bonnie Garmus”

“Bonnie Garmus” is an editor and scientific publisher. She was born in April, 16, 1957 in California, United States. She did her Graduation from University Of California in English Literature in 1979.

Introduction to “Lessons in Chemistry”

“Lessons in Chemistry” is written by “Bonnie Garmus” is an interesting fiction novel that is revolved around an independent, hardworking and committed woman named as Elizabeth. She is suffering from the male dominant society but latter on due to her committments, she proves herself as a successful and brave independent woman.

The author “Bonnie Garmus” explains all the features of this story in an accurate and probity manner. She introduces life related themes which can persuade the readers from the entire world. She adopt a creative and engaging writing style in this story and the tone, pace and characters are placed in a satisfactory manner.

Summary of “Lessons in Chemistry”

The book “Lessons in Chemistry” is circle around a young and energetic scientist named as Elizabeth. She is a very hard working and intelligent woman. She wants to serve in a laboratory and also wants revolutionary findings. But the 1960s male dominant discipline creates various hurddles in the whole desires of her life.

One day she was terminated from job at Hastings Research Institute by the management because of her pregnancy. But she is very committed to do something special for her new born baby named as Mad. Suddenly she joined a choking show with the name “supper at six”. She always gives a lesson on chemistry in her show.

She tells the women regarding their primary needs and fundamental rights. Suddenly, the show is more popular among the audiences. She uses this platform to challenge the various harsh and hard norms of society about women. Elizabeth pursues the women in order to take a stand for their basic fundamental rights for achieving their desired goals and desires.

So, many of her colleagues and media channels suddenly starts pointing fingers on her independency,on her cooking show, her ways of motivating and her support for women rights. Despite all of the challenges and hurdles she never think to surrender and give up. But she continue her show with zeal and zest.

Writing Style

“Bonnie Garmus” manner of writing in her book “Lessons in Chemistry” is an engaging and easy to approach. She introduces and elaborates all the features of this story in a simple but detailed manner for the sake of accelerate the interest and understanding level of audiences. She defines various complex but well-develped characters that are looking more reliable and real with the rest of the story.

“Bonnie Garmus” defines the themes of love, hardworking, commitment and motivation in an accurate manner that can accelerate the interest and understanding level of readers. She avoids all complicated vocabularies and extra jargons with the rest of the story. She placed plot, storylines, core ideas and opening and closing points in a professional manner. It is suitable for mature and ault readers. I recommended this book to all of them who love to read fiction novels.

Major Receptions

“Lessons in Chemistry” had received generally positive comments and reviews from its readers since its publication. This book was praised for its intelligence, resilience and determination. It received many awards including the Pulitzer Prize finalist and Goodreads Choice Awards for Best Fiction. It has been sold 4 million copies since its publication and it also has been translated into 40 various languages.


“Lessons in Chemistry” has recieved several nagative comments since its publication. One of the common criticism is that its characters are not seem reliable. Some of critics states that its plot is too much predictable, any of reader can easily guess its next scene. While some of audiences show their concerns about its topics which are too much serious such as sexism and gender discrimination.

Conclusion of “Lessons in Chemistry”

“Lessons in Chemistry” is written by “Bonnie Garmus” is an interesting and engaging novel that teach us about how to fight for the fundamental rights, how to inhance commitments and how to do struggle in life with a positive thoughts. The author introduces various in-depth themes including love, passion, hard work and gender discrimination of 1960s and she defines and draws a complete picture of all of these themes in a simple and easy manner. This novel is suitable for mature and adult readers. I therefore recommended this novel book to all of them who wants to read such a fiction novel books.


Q: What is lesson in chemistry about?

This story is about a young woman who is hosting a cooking show and she also works for the basic fundamental rights of women.

Q: Is Lessons in Chemistry based on true story?

No, Lessons in Chemistry is a fiction novel.

Q: Is Lessons in Chemistry a love story?

Yes, it is a love story at its core.

Q: Does Lessons in Chemistry have a happy ending?

This story is ended with a hopeful notes.

Q: What are the main themes of Lessons in Chemistry?

The main themes and ideas of this story are self-worth, independency, family, commitments and gender equality.

Q: Is Lessons in Chemistry a feminist book?

Yes it feels like a feminist story.

Q: Did Lessons in Chemistry win any awards?

Yes it won International book of the year award.

Q: Do Elizabeth and Calvin get married?

No, Calvin never proposed to Elizabeth.