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Book Title: “Peter and Wendy” PDF Free Download

“Peter and Wendy” is outstanding book and its story is circle around one of an unknown boy, a lady and her children’s. This book was originally published in 1911. By genera it belongs to the category of imaginary novels. It contains total 101 pages.

Books Author: “James Matthew Barrie”

“James Matthew Barrie” was a skittish novelist and playwright. He was born in May 09, 1860 in Kirriemuir United Kingdom. He did his graduation from Kirriemuir Academy. He did his master degree in Classic and English Literature from the University of Edinburgh.

He won James Barrie Award by University of New York and Carnegie Medal for his novel “Peter and Wendy”. His first novel was “Better Dead” and last novel was “When Wendy Grow Up”. He was died in June 19, 1937 at the age of 77.

Introduction of “Peter and Wendy”

“Peter and Wendy” is written by James Matthew Barrie. The story is circle around Mrs. Darling and her children’s along with the unidentified boy named as peter. This book talks on the imagination, kindness, growing up and the impotance of friends and family. The whole aspects of this book are ploted in an accurate mien and its core message persuade a huge numbers of readers with the rest of the word.

Summary of “Peter and Wendy”

The story starts with a lady named as Mrs. Darling, her kids and peter. One night Mrs. Darling and her kids are in their bed room. The children’s continuously thinking and talking about someone named Peter Pan. This discussion of kids make Mrs. Darling shocked. She ask them about that person and one of her kid called Wendy says that Peter comes to their bedroom every night when they are sleeping. So, Mrs. Darling awakes one night and wait for Peter Pans visit.

Peter sees that Mrs. Darling is inside the kid’s room and waiting for him. So, he jumps out the window and the kid’s doggy called Nana suddenly capture his shadow. After some days, the whole parent are geting ready for a party. They all are worry about their children’s. They start to search Peter and made a plan to kill him. But they could not succeeds to find him. One of the kid Wendy starts crying because she suddenly see Peter back to her.

Peter quickly try to convince the whole kids to go with him away. He also invites the Wendy to come with him. Initially, she is hesitated to go with him but latter on she shows his willingness. Wendy, Peter and other two kids get fly and depart to Neverland. After flying for many days and nights, finally they reach Island. The environment of Island is dark and dangerous. The thief’s are their with guns and order them to fly separately in various directions.

Tinker who is jealous by Peter and Wendy. She force the missing boy to kill Wendy. But all things get well after peter arrives. Wendy agrees to live with the boy as his mother. She shows her kindness with the boy. She makes foods in time, clean and mend their cloths daily. She also set a mailing and sleeping timetable for him. Peter takes them into many wonderful adventures usually. One day Wendy use to tell his favorite bedtime story, which is about three of children’s who have lasted for many years.

When they back to their sweet homes, their parents still wait for them. Peter dislike the story and pass an arguments that his own mother does not wait for his arrival. These words hurt Wendy and she goes to John and Michel’s house. One day, kids are playing out home, some pirates caught them and shift them to their ship. Hook the leader of pirates come to Peters home and poisoned his medicines. Peter is sleeping in his bed room, when he weak up, Tinker tells the whole story.

Peter is going to take his medicine and Tinker stop him but peter does not trust on her. Then she takes the medicine herself and she decreases. But the sound of kids clapping rescue her. Peter went outside with the aim to save the kids. Hook returns to his ship and he see the same crocodile who tries to kill him few days ago. He gets afraid. The kids are satisfied that Peter will come to save them. Suddenly Peter jump into the ship and kill all the pirates except Hook.

Finally peter throws the Hook into the mouth of crocodile who is waiting in water. Soon Wendy and other children’s are return to home where Mr. and Mrs. Darling are still wait for them. The adopt all the kids except Peter. On the other hand, Peter promise to return back to Neverland. He comes twice in a year and take Wendy to Neverland. After many times Wendy and other kids got mature.

Wendy got merry and has one kid named Jane. While other kids also choose their carrier. One day Peter comes to take Wendy. He sees that Wendy is too fat and unable to fly. He decides to take her kid Jane, and they both return to Neverland. When Jane will grow up and gets merry, he will takes Janes kids to Neverland, so on identify.

Writing Style

“James Matthew Barrie” ways of writing in the book “Peter and Wendy” is easy to understand and approach. He explains several in-depth themes such as love, kindness, imagination, impotence of friends and family as well as maturity in life in a detailed manner that can attract a huge number of audiences worldwide.

He defines various complex but well-organized characters and they are taking each other in a real way like humans throughout the story. He prefers to use short sentences to balance the pace of the story. “James Matthew Barrie” avoids complicated vocabularies and extra jargons throughout the story with the aim to convey his core ideas in an easy way.

“James Matthew Barrie” encourages the audiences to think critically and allow them to draw their own views about the future of this book. He placed plot, storylines and opening and closing points of this story in an accurate and satisfactory way that can persuade a huge numbers of readers. “James Matthew Barrie” also includes real-life examples and stories that can be very helpful for the audiences.  

Major Receptions

“Peter and Wendy”” had received mostly positive comments since its publication from readers and critics alike. This book was praised for its complex characters and well portrayal of magical stories. This book was also awarded for its engaging storytelling and writing style.

The BBC named it the 100 greatest British novels and The Guardian includes it into the list of 100 best children books. It has been translated into 120 different languages since its publication and it also has been sold almost 200 million copies worldwide.

Conclusion of “Peter and Wendy”

“Peter and Wendy” driven by “James Matthew Barrie” is an interesting and heart touching book. “Peter and Wendy” gives various lessons such as love, self-discovery, self-development, self-maturity and the power of family and friendship in a broad way that can attract millions of audiences with the rest of the entire world.

The author explains all the complex, technical methods and analysis in a an easy ways that might be easy to read and understand. The whole aspects of this book is placed in a better mien that persuade a huge numbers of readers towards this book. If you are looking for a novel like it, then just grab it and learn alot what you want. This book is suitable for all ages and generations. I Highly recommended this book to all of them who love to read imaginary novels.


Q: Do Peter and Wendy end up together?

No, they do not end up together.

Q: Is Wendy in love with Peter?

It is hinted that Wendy may have romantic feelings for Peter, but unrequited because of his inability to love.

Q: Why did Peter Pan kiss Wendy?

They both are exchange kisses which signifies the depth of the children’s relationship.

Q: Did Peter love Wendy or Jane?

Peter Pan loves both Wendy and Jane.

Q: Did Tinkerbell love Peter Pan?

No, he did not love Peter any more in this novel.

Q: What happens between Peter Pan and Wendy?

Wendy leaves Peter Pan, but it’s not because of any falling out between them.

Q: Was Mr Darling a lost boy?

Yes, he was a lost boy.

Q: What is the age difference between Peter Pan and Wendy?

There is 12 years difference between their ages.

Q: Is Peter Pan and Wendy good for kids?

Yes, it is suitable for the kids.

Q: Is Tinkerbell jealous of Wendy?

Yes, Tinkerbell jealous of Wendy.

Q: Who is Peter Pan’s crush?

Wendy is peters crush.