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Books Title: “Our Mutual Friend” PDF Free Download

“Our Mutual Friend” is an interesting novel and its story is about an old man who wished that after his dead his whole property must be given to his son. On the other hand his son was missing since many time. This book was originally published in 1860. By genera it belongs to the category of fiction novel. It is having total 971 pages. The main characters of this novel are “Harmer”, “John”, “Mr. and Mrs. Boffin”, “Bella Wifer” and “Rockesmith”.

Books Author: “Charles Dicken”

“Charles Dicken” is an English writer. He was born in Feb 7, 1812, Land port, Portsmouth, United Kingdom. His most famous books are “A Christmas Carol”, “Oliver Twist” and “Great Expectations”. “Charles Dicken” was died in June 9, 1870.

Introduction of “Our Mutual Friend”

“Our Mutual Friend” is written by “Charles Dicken” and the story is about man named as Harmon. He stated that his whole property should be given to his son John. On the other side John has been missing since many time. This story gives us variouis lessons such as, money and properties can not gives peace and prosperity to humans while a mutual understanding and self-respect in important for a peaceful life. The all aspects of this story is defined by that author “Charles Dicken” in an accurate manner and in this story he conveys his core message in an easy way.

Summary of “Our Mutual Friend”

The story begins with the dead of an old man named as Harmon and his missing son John. Harmon uses to live in London with his two servants named as Mr. and Mrs. Boffin. Harmon says that after his dead his all property should be given to his son John. On the other side john has been missing since many times. He got married with a woman named as Bella Wifer whom he never meet before.

One of the lawyer named as Light Wood makes sure that John gets the money. A boy named as Goffer Hexam who usually fined dead bodies and takes his valuable amount before giving it to authorities. One day he fined a dead body in the Themes River and he states that it is John. During this time a mysteries man named as Julius Hansford is visible there but soon he diapers.

Because of John unpresence, his heredity money can be go to the Boffin family. The story of “Our Mutual Friend” proceed further and John is not really dead. He lives in London with a fake name of Rockesmith. He works as a secretary for Boffin family. He wants to know about their intentions about the property of his father.

On the other hand his wife Bella was comes from a middle class. She is very intelligent and good looking woman. She wants to become independence and wealthy. Initially she does not wants to merry with John despite of his comfortable living standard but latter on she is willing to merry. Rockesmith is a decent and hardworking man and the Biffin family starts to trust him. They becomes closer to each other’s.

Rockesmith likes Biffins intelligence and independence but he is worry about his maternal status. After some times Bella understand that he is john and he kept hidde his identity. Initially she is hesitated that she loves him but after few days they got married and decide to live together forever. They are understand that money and social status is not important for spending life but the more important thing is mutual understanding and self-respect. Biffins realized that they have to go back their similar lives of forming.

Writing Style

“Charles Dicken” is an in-depth writer and his ways of writing in his book “Our Mutual Friend” is an approachable and easy to understand. He uses short and simple sentences to balance the pace and tone of this story. He defines complex but well-awared characters that seems to much real and trustful with the rest of the story. “Charles Dicken” explains the in-depth themes of love, social class, corruption practices and mutual understandings in an appropriate and accurate manner.

He prefer to use simple and concise language along with he avoids all difficult vocabularies and irrelevant jargons with the aim to convey his message in an easy way. He placed and defines plot, climaxes and opening and closing points of this story in a satisfactory manner that can attract a huge numbers of readers worldwide. Although, “Charles Dicken” includes many of real examples and stories that we can adopt in our real lives.

Major Receptions

“Our Mutual Friend” received mix reviews from its audiences and critics alike. One of the most common review is that its characters and writing and storytelling style stimulate all kinds of readers. Some of the critics accused that its plot and ending point is not placed in a satisfactory manner.

This novel has been adopted by many films and dramas along with radio programs. It has been translated in to many different languages worldwide and it also has been sold millions of copies worldwide since its publication.

Conclusion of “Our Mutual Friend”

“Our Mutual Friend” is drawn by “Charles Dicken” is a heart touching novel that gives and defines various in-depth lessons including love, corruption, self-respect and family bounding’s in a simple but detailed manner. The main ideas of this novel includes, social status, mutual understanding and peaceful life, that can persuade all kinds of readers.

“Charles Dicken” elaborates all features of this story in an accurate manner. If yor are looking for a fiction novel , then grab it and learn alot what you need. It is suitable for young adults and mature audiences. I recommended this book to all of them who love to read fiction novels.


Q: Is Our Mutual Friend difficult to read?

This book is too much easy to read and understand.

Q: Does Our Mutual Friend have a happy ending?

Because of innate integrity its ending is happy.

Q: What is the theme of the book Our Mutual Friend?

Its themes includes representative government, dust, inheritance laws and education.

Q: How many books are in Our Mutual Friend?

There are 20 monthly volumes between May 1864 and Nov 1865.

Q: Why is it called Our Mutual Friend?

It’s called Our Mutual Friend because of to think about how we are socially closed each other’s.

Q: Where did Dickens write Our Mutual Friend?

He wrote this novel in London.

Q: How long does it take to read Our Mutual Friend?

The readers can spend average time of 15 hours and 26 seconds.