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Books Title: “The Game” PDF Free Download

“The Game” is an heart touching book, the two of men named Joe and Manuel fight a battle of survive in the harsh weather of Alaskan. This book was originally published in 1905. It has total 311 pages. By genre it belongs to the category of Novel book.

Books Author: “Jack London”

“Jack London” was a writer, Journalist and Social Activist. He was born on Jan,12,1976 in San Francisco, California. He did graduation from high school San Francisco in 1895. His most popular books are “White Fang”, “The Sea-Wolf” and “Martin Eden”. He died in Nov 12, 1916.

Introduction to “The Game”

“The Game” is a famous book written by Jack London. Its story is circle around the two men, named as Joe and Manuel. There ski dogs are missing somewhere and they now they are facing a harsh, cool and tough atmosphere of the Alaskan.

This book talks about the human sprit, danger and beauty of nature and teamwork in a detailed manner. The whole features of this book is placed in an approperiate manner that attracts a huge numbers of readers towards this book.

Summary of “The Game”

The story is about two men named as Joe and Manuel. They use to fighting a battle of dead and survive in the heard weather of Alaskan environment. Basically their ski dogs team were missing somewhere and they both are locked in a cold and tough weather situation of Alaskan. One of the young man Joe, who recently moved toward Alaskan and he is overconfident and careless that’s why he always commited many of errors in his life.

On the other hand, Manuel is an intelligent, brave and social man. He always stop Joe from making stupid mistakes. Hunger, cold weather and danger of wild creatures are still test their mental and physical situation. Hunting animal and finding food in a snow is a challenging factor for both of them. Due to harshness of Alaskan, they often use to sit beneath the trees shelter. And at night they gether wood for fire purpose to keep warm.

At night they deal with a huge danger of wild animals, such as bears, wolves and deadly snakes along with other insects. They both are cut off from society. There is no way of communications and these difficult situations effect their mental and physical condition but they never give up. For survival, they both work together and they encourage each one with trust. One day they go outside, Joe find a moose and kill. He returns to the cave where they both are used to live.

Suddenly, Manuel is missing for a long time. After all, Joe worried about him and call Manuel’s name loudly. But he did not receive any sort of reply. Joe thinks that Manuel was killed by a wild animal. He fallows the footsteps of Manuel’s and finally he found injured Manuel laying down on the snow. Joes put him in to cave and give him first aid.

Manuel gradually grow up and they both are continuous their lives in a cave with the same hard situations. After many days Manuel feel better. Than they both are decide to leave the cave and try find the way to go back home. They walk for several days and finally they successfully reach their town.

Writing Style

“Jack London” ways of writing in the book “The Game” is straightforward and easy to understand. He defines a complex but well-developed characters that looks like real and believed with the rest of the book. They talk each other just like a normal human beings. He uses easy language and sentences to balance the pace and tone of the plot. He also avoids all complicated vocabularies and extra jargons with the aim to convey his core ideas in an easy way.

“Jack London” elaborates various in-depth themes like passion, team work and hardness of nature in a broad way that can attract a huge number of audiences worldwide. Although, he encourages the audiences to think critically and allow the to draw their own views about the future of this book. He placed plot, storylines and opening and closing points in an appropriate and satisfactory manner. Furthermore, “Jack London” includes life-related stories and examples that can entertain the audiences worldwide.

Major Receptions

The book “The Game” had received mostly positive reviews from its readers and critics since its publication. This book was praised for its writing style, complete picture of Alaskan wilderness and engaged plot.

This book was also venerated for its characters and emotional climaxes. It has been adopted by various films and television shows. It also has been sold millions of copies since its publication and it also has been translated into 20 various languages worldwide.

Conclusion to “The Game”

“The Game” written by Jack London is an interesting book. This book talks on hard nature of Alaskan wilderness, passion and team work in an interesting way that can persuade a huge number of audiences with the rest of the world. The whole aspects of this novel are placed in an accurate and precise manner that can inspire all kinds of readers.

The main ideas and core messages of this story are conveyed in a concise way that’s why the audiences can understand its background in an easy way. If you are seeking for a novel just like it, dont waste your precious time, grabe it and read what you need. This novel is suitable for all ages and generations. I highly recommended this book to all of them who wants to read novel books.