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Books Title: “The Alchemist” PDF Free Download

The Alchemist is one arguably one of the most read novels of all times with over 150 million copies sold worldwide, making it one of the only 9 books ever to cross 100 million mark. It also features in NYT best-selling books. Though it was originally written in Portuguese language by its author Paulo Coelho but till now it has been translated in more than 56 languages, which makes it a global hit. It is widely popular among the novel readers, especially the younger generation because of its message to encourage people to chase their dreams and passions and seek to live a life full of adventure instead of being stuck in doing things that they do not desire themselves.

Books Author: “Paulo Coelho”

Paulo Coelho is a Brazilian writer and ranks among the most read and influential authors of his generation and beyond because of his uniqueness in expressing basic and deep human emotions and desires that influence their thoughts and actions. He is more popular among the younger readers but he also has significant craze in any age segment. The Alchemist is his best-selling book by far and he has become a worldwide star because of it. His other books such as Eleven minutes, The Pilgrimage, Adultery and others also received recognition and fame, adding to his ever-growing legacy.

Introduction to “The Alchemist”

The Alchemist is actually about pursuit of a man for his dreams, destiny and finding his own personal legend. The main character of the book Santiago, a shepherd, embarks on a journey through various terrains and places in search of a treasure. On this journey, he experiences thrilling and exciting adventures which drastically change his perspectives towards life and how it should be lived to the fullest. This critically acclaimed book captivates its readers in a dreamy world with full of adventures and life 163 pages in its English version. It is translated from Portuguese to English by ALAN R. CLARKE and it was originally published by “HarperCollins Publishers” in “1988”.

Summary of “The Alchemist”

The Alchemist features a young shepherd named Santiago and his adventurous journey to find a treasure which takes him through beautiful but at times dangerous places. He starts the journey as a naïve young boy but with his determination to find his destiny and his inner legend changes him completely. The lessons he learnt and the hardships he faced shapes his character and thinking as he finds the truths about his own self which he was unaware of all his life.


Santiago is a shepherd living in Spain and he has a recurring dream of a treasure which he sees is buried in a far place. He thinks a lot about the dream and become obsessed with it till to the point that he decides to pursue it and start the journey to find the treasure. lessons. Alchemist has He believes that the dream he was having was actually showing him his true destiny and he has to follow it. His journey is full of trials and tabulations but he keeps moving on despite of everything. He realizes that to find your own inner legend and being true and honest to yourself is the crucial step that will lead you to your treasures in life.

Writing Style

Paulo Coelho’s writing is captivating as well as thrilling and exciting. The readers will always have a moment where they will find themselves blown away by the beauty of his imagination and beauty of his writing. You can’t easily guess his plots and that makes the readers hook to his novels until the very end. The journey of his novels is so enthralling that readers would hardly find a section where it gets boring. The character development and their arcs of Paulo Coelho’s novels is unlike any other and that’s one of the key reasons why his work is so successful even after all these years.

Themes of “The Alchemist”


The Alchemist revolves around the pursuit of human beings for their destiny. It is one of the most sought-after things for a young mind and the writer has captured it beautifully.


Alchemist starts with a dream and the willingness of a young shepherd to leave everything he has even known behind in pursuit of it. Dreams are the start of every great accomplishment and realizing it is not only important but also a duty to find your destiny.

Personal Legend:

Paulo Coelho repeatedly refers to the personal legend in his book Alchemist which represents the true self of a human beings. He reiterates that the only way to achieve your destiny is by following the guidance of your true self and being honest to it.



The Alchemist keeps its audience on toes throughout the journey of Santiago and it gets better and better as the story progresses.


The readers always find a new storyline to get hooked to and the eagerness to know what happens next grows as the character goes through the journey.

Life Lessons:

The Alchemist is full of precious life lessons that open the perspective of its readers to new possibilities and a world of imagination where nothing is impossible if you stay true to your personal legend in the pursuit of your dreams.

Conclusion of “The Alchemist”

To sum it up, The Alchemist is a must-read novel for anyone who is interested in self-discovery and awakening to a higher self in order to find the true meaning of self. With over 150 million copies sold, the book’s influence seems to only grow with time as new audience keep on getting hooked to this all-time classic. From teenagers to those facing mid-life crisis, The Alchemist is like a fresh air on your face on a hot, steamy day. Dreams, Destiny and Personal Legend is what shapes one of the most sold books of all times from arguably the best novel writer of his generation, Paulo Coelho.