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Books Title: “The Midnight Library” PDF Free Download

“The Midnight Library” is an intresting novel that include the story of a girl named Nora who was going through a tough phase in her life. She goes to a magical library and after going through a series of events, she learns some important life lessons. The book was originally publishes by “Canogate Books” on August 13, 2020. By genre it belongs to the category of fiction novel. It has a total of 273 pages.

Books Author: “Matt Haig”

“Matt Haig” is a British writer and he was born in July 3, 1975 in Sheffield, England. He has studied English literature from the University of Leeds. His most famous novels are “The Humans”, “Reasons to Stay Alive” and “How to Stop Time”, which sold millions of copies worldwide.


“The Midnight Library”, written by “Matt Haig” is a classic novel about the story of Nora Saeed, an adult woman in her 30s. The story is about a magic library where Nora goes and spend a different life other than her own. The story has a thrilling plot with many characters within each different story.

The main theme of the book is about regret and the self-discovery of an individual and the paths they have to decide to reach their destiny. The book advocates the idea that human beings are often ungrateful about their own situations and they would prefer their own life story if they are allowed to choose between different circumstances.


“The Midnight Library” revolved around a young girl named as “Nora Saeed”. She is 36 years old. She works in an old music store. “Nora Saeed” feels shamed of her past. Now a days, she is in trouble because her both parents are passed away. Her brother “Joe” is avoiding her. Her close friend “Lzzy” is not answering her messages.

She broke up with her former love Dan, just two days before they were supposed to get married. One day she realizes that she does not have any reason to live. Then she mentioned on social media that she has hete herself. After some times, she goes to a strange building. And she finds a lot of books around her. She suddenly meets with her old school’s librarian “Mrs. Elm”. She tells that you are in a place between life and dead called “The Midnight Library”.

Here the time is not move forward. Nora’s watch is stuck at midnight. Nora feels uncomfortable in the library. And still she wants end her life. “Mrs. Elm” states to “Nora” that she must choose a book, then Nora do so. The first book shows that Nora married a man named as “Dan”. But after a very short time “Dan” did cheat and leaved her. She feels panics and comes back to the Midnight Library. “Mrs. Elm” suggest next book. That book shows her cat called “Volts” with her. But after a time, she found her cat dead under her bad.

She is panic about what Mrs. Elm has done to her. Nora then realizes that if she had gone to Australia with her best friend “Lzzy” but she had passed away in a car accident. If she has become an Olympic Swimmer as her dad wanted but her father has died. She feels lonely and unhappy in her life. He often meets a boy named “Hugo”. Who often tells her about the reality of nature. On the other hand, she always imagine that what happened when her music band becames a supper famous. What if she have a huge numbers of fans. But the good times does not last.

The story of “The Midnight Library” moves forward and she enter in a new life. Where she gets married with a decent man named as “Ash”. Now a days they have a daughter named “Molly”. Ash loves and care her and she enjoy her life along with her new job. Every things seems in a perfect way in her life. But when she meets “Mrs. Elm” in a panic condition then she asks her for return to her real life. Somethings went wrong in library, Nora’s watch suddenly starts to work again.

“Mrs. Elm” understand that she can die in original life. “Nora” really Wants to live. She starts writing few words as “I AM STILL ALIVE” on a page. Then the whole library is disappears. And she finds herself in her real life. She is very sick and go to the library for treatment. “Nora” meets her brother who asks her not to leave again. She meets her friend Lzzy and she feels thankful for her life. She also meets “Mrs. Elm” and they play chess.

Writing Style

The author “Matt Haig” writes about complex human emotions such as regret, happiness, self-acceptance and the meaning of life in a precise way. He develops the characters seamlessly and makes their stories seem more realistic with the real word. He explores the complicated nature of desire of human heart and how it influences their actions and the consequences they face.

His writing is simple yet influential and the audience stay excited throughout the book. The book is full of suspense, emotional drama and life lessons from the experiences of the characters of the novel. He uses simple sentences along with humor to keep the flow of the book easy for its readers which is one of the reasons this book is popular worldwide.

Major Receptions

“The Midnight Library” received mostly positive comments and reviews from its reader. This book was venerated for its engaging writing style, in-depth themes and well-awared caracters. Many well-known media outlets such as The New York Times, The Guardian and The Washington Post has reviewed the book and claimed it to be one of the best-sellers of the year. The novel has sold over 2 million copies since its publication and it has been translated in over 30 different language worldwide.


To conclude, the book “The Midnight Library” is one of the finest novels written by the author. The main lesson from the novel is that we should be grateful about the life and the resources that we have and stop fantasizing about what is unachievable. The character development, description of complex human emotions and the deep storytelling of the author attracts audience from around the world. Readers from any genre can understand and relate to the simple but influential writing style of the author. Specifically, young adults, teenagers and mature individuals can enjoy this novel and I recommend this novel to those who love to read fiction novels.


Q: Is there lgbtq in The Midnight Library?

There is a Gay supporting characters in this story.

Q: Will The Midnight Library make me cry?

It’s up to the feelings of audiences but I both laughed and cries with a feeling of hope.

Q: Is Midnight Library worth reading?

This is a novel that is fill with lots of hope and endless possibilities.

Q: Is The Midnight Library for adults?

This novel is suitable for young adults but especially for mature readers.

Q: Why is The Midnight Library so popular?

This novel is popular among its audiences because of its engaging plot and life-related lessons.

Q: What type of book is The Midnight Library?

It is a fantasy novel.

Q: Is The Midnight Library horror?

Yes it is a horror novel overall.

Q: What is the mood of The Midnight Library?

This novel has heart wrenching mood.

Q: What color are the books in The Midnight Library?

This book has green color.