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Books Title: “The Scarlet Letter” PDF Free Download

“The Scarlet Letter” is an outstanding novel and its story is about a married woman who has a secret romantic relations with a man. This book was originally published in 1850. By genera it belongs to the category of fiction novel. It is having total 133 pages. Its main characters are Hester, Arthur and Roger.

Books Author: “Nathaniel Hawthorne”

“Nathaniel Hawthorne” is an American novelist and short story writer. He was born in July 4, 1804, Salem, Massachusetts, United States. He studied various subjects, including classics, mathematics, philosophy, and science. His most popular books including, Twice-Told Tales, Mosses from an Old Manse and The Blithedale Romance. He was dead in May 19, 1864.

Introduction to “The Scarlet Letter”

“The Scarlet Letter” is written by “Nathaniel Hawthorne” and the story is revolved around a woman named as Hester Prynne who has a secret relations with a man named as Arthur Dimmesdale. This books main idea is that humen makes blunders and mistakes. When a second chance given to them, then they can move forward with a better hope.

This story gives us a numerous lessons such as we have to give respect our relationship because secrecies and lies can destroys it badly. The whole features of this story are defined in an accurate manner along with its messages are conveyed in a simple ways that can be fruitful for all audiences.

Summary of “The Scarlet Letter”

The story is circle around a woman named as “Hester Prynne” who did a blonder that other people did not like it. The people force her to wear a purple sign on her chest to show it. After some time her husband “Roger Chillingworth” come to Boston. Roger is a decent and kind man. He wants to know about Hester’s secret boyfriend.

 He believes that Arthur Dimmesdale and Hester have a secret romantic relationships. On the other hand Arthur is suffering from mental and physical illness. He is always worried about their secret relationship. After soon, Hester and Arthur meets and they decide to run away from Boston and desire to start a new life together because they both love each other.

There whole plan was floped, when Roger caught both of them. Roger meets to Hester and Arthur and states that he used his medical trick to make Arthur emotionally and physically distrub. Hester and Arthur are shocked after getting this news. They always use to think about their live and heath. The story of “The Scarlet Letter” is moved further and on the Election Day, Arthur comes to that place where people had humiliated Hester.

He tells every one that he did immorality and display the secret latter on his shirt. He then, passed away in Hester’s arms. After these tough events, Hester decide to go back to Europe with her daughter. They spend many time in Europe and one day they return to Boston. The people still gives respect her because she is very kind and she helps everyone.

Writing Style

“Nathaniel Hawthorne” is a skillful writer and his ways of writing in his book “The Scarlet Letter” is straightforward and easy to understand. He uses short and simple sentences and words to balance the tone and pace of this story. He explains complex but well-developed characters that looks like real and believed with the rest of the whole story. “Nathaniel Hawthorne” defines serious nature of themes that can be challenging for the modern readers.

The moral uncertainty animate the readers to engage in critical thinking and they can also draw their own conclusions about the features of this novel.He prefers to use simple language and avoid all sort of difficult vocabularies and extra jargons with the aims to convey his message concisely. The psychological depth including anxiety, deep emotions and motivation allows the readers to think about the characters struggle. He also placed the plot, climaxes and opening and closing points in a satisfactory manner which attract the readers from worldwide.

Major Receptions

The novel “The Scarlet Letter” had received mostly positive reviews from its readers. Many of readers states that it is a popular novel because of its universal themes and main ideas of love, evil, psychological factors and guilty. Some of the other readers says that its characters are seems more active and its writing style is creative and engaging.

Its work has been adopted by many films and dramas that are still popular among audiences. It has been sold millions of copies since its publication and it also has been translated into 30 different languages worldwide. Some of the readers argues that this novel is based on various immorality and unethical themes such as secret love and romance.

Conclusion of “The Scarlet Letter”

“The Scarlet Letter” is authored by “Nathaniel Hawthorne” is a catchy book that talks on love, crime and guilty. The main ideas of this story is explained in an accurate manner that all kind of readers can approach and understand them easly.

The whole features and aspects of this story is defined in an easy way and the author includes many of funny stories to make the story more interested for readers. If you are a fiction book seeker then dont kill your precious time, just grab it and read alot what you want. This book is suitable for all ages and generations and I highly recommended this book to all of them who loved to read fiction novels.  


Q: What is the main message of The Scarlet Letter?

Its core messages are guilty, sign and punishment.

Q: What is the point of The Scarlet Letter?

The main point of this story is that in a society all peoples are make mistakes and signs, no matter who they are or what status they have.

Q: What are the three meanings of The Scarlet Letter?

Adultery, Penance, and Penitence.

Q: Who is the narrator of The Scarlet Letter?

An unnamed man is the narrator of this story.

Q: Is The Scarlet Letter a feminist novel?

It features a various feminist themes.

Q: Why was scarlet letter banned?

Because they believe that it is a pornographic novel.

Q: Is The Scarlet Letter romantic or gothic?

It is a gothic romantic novel.

Q: Who is the main woman in The Scarlet Letter?

Hester is the lead character of this novel.