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Book: “The War of the Worlds” PDF Free Download

“The War of the Worlds” is an interesting story that circle around the attacks of Aliens on Earth. This story is about early nineteen where a brutal violence happened among the humans and Aliens. This book has total 293 pages. By genera it belongs to the category of Novel book. It was originally published in 1898 by “William Heinemann (UK) Harper & Bros (US)”.

Books Author: “H G Wells”

“H G Wells” was an English writer and born in Sep 21, 1866 in Brommley, High Street, London, United State. He did graduation in Biological Science from Normal School of Science London. He was the author of more than 50 Novels and hundreds of short stories. His famous book was “The Times Machine”. He published book was“The Times Machine” and his last published book was “Mind at the end of its Tether”. He dead in August 13, 1946.

Introduction to “The War of the Worlds”

“The War of the Worlds” is driven by “H G Wells” is about the story of Aliens that begins to strike on earth in early nineteen century. This book teaches us a lessons including the danger of technology and impotance of unity.

The aims of “H G Wells” in this story is to provide an entertainment and aware the readers regarding to the advance technology. The whole aspects including plot, themes and opening and closing points of this is placed in an accurate manner.

Summary of “The War of the Worlds”

The story is circle around an unknown Englishman narrator. He tells that at the early of nineteen century the resource’s of Mars has become short. Aliens are having a better technology and they wants to attacks on the Earth.

On the other side some of the scientists has witness a Gases releases on Mars. They predict that Alien are aims to strike on the earth. One day a star lands near the narrator house. He and other people are shocked and they find a long metal tube. They discover a heat rays are burn from a legged robot.

The scientist begins to observe the robot and suddenly a huge fire is burst and all people are dead. The narrator quickly come to his house and tell all the story to his wife. latter on, the army come there and they start the investigation process.

Immediately other rays begins to come from the sky. Then a huge violence starts between aliens and army. The narrator decides to leave the battle area along with his family. He goes away from that area. Next day he arrives there and he experiences the brutal damages and bodies of people.

He stop an army man and ask him about the ongoing battle. He tells that the alien had destroyed everything’s. Due to the continuous attacks of aliens, the wife of narrators have been dead and his brother was missing fir many days. He observe the brutal attacks and strikes many days and one day suddenly he meets his brother.

Then they both try to spend their crucial days together in a battle situation. After many days of science when aliens go back to Mars. The people are reunited again and try to move forward with new desires and better hope.

Writing style

“H G Wells” ways of writing in the book “The War of the Worlds” is very easy to understand. He explains all themes in an accurate manner that gives a meaningful lessons. He elaborate the complex but well-developed characters that looks real and believed with the rest of the story.

“H G Wells” prefers to use simple vocabularies and he avoids to use extra idioms and complex language with the aims to convey his message in an easy way. He uses simple and precise sentences and words for the sake of balance the pace of this story.

Although he includes many of funny stories and events to accelerate the interest level of his readers. He put all features including plot, storylines and opening and closing points in an appropriate and satisfactory way.

Major Receptions

““The War of the Worlds”” had received a huge numbers of positive reviews from its audiences. The critics are preside its engaging characters, precise themes and well-developed plot. Most of the readers states that the author draws a complete and precise picture of the alien invasion on earth.

It has been sold 100 millions of copies since its publication and translated into 30 different languages. This novel has been adopted by many films and TV Shows since its publication. It won many awards including Oscar for Best Sound Mixing and Hugo Award for Best Novel.

Conclusion of “The War of the Worlds”

“The War of the Worlds” is written by “H G Wells” is an engaging and interesting book. The author has explained each and every aspects in detailed manner.

This book gives us a huge number of meaningful lessons including the danger of technology, challenges for the people due to advancement in latest innovations and the importance of unity.

The whole aspects of this book are putted in an accurate and satisfactory manner including plot, characters and themes. This novel is suitable for young adults and mature individuals. I highly recommended this book to all of them who love to read seience fiction novels.