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Books Title: “Venus in Furs” PDF Free Download

“Venus in Furs” is an interesting and catchy book and its story is revolved around a rich man named as Severian who wants to become controlled by a woman in his life. This book was originally published in 1870 by “Penguin Books Australia”. By genre it belongs to the category of “Romance and Fiction novel”. It has total “126” pages.

Books Author: “Leopold von Sacher-Masoch”

“Leopold von Sacher-Masoch” was an Australian nobleman, writer and Journalist. He was born in Jan, 27, 1836 in L’viv, Ukraine. He studied History, Mathematics and Law from Ghaza University.. His very first novel was “Eine Galizische Gesechichte” published in 1846 and his last novel was “Die Ideale Unsere Ziet” published in 1874. His most famous books are “Venus in Furs”, “Don Juan of Kolo Mea” and “The Legacy of Cain”. He was died on March, 09, 1885 in Germany.

Introduction to “Venus in Furs”

“Venus in Furs” is written by “Leopold von Sacher-Masoch”. Its story is moving around a rich man named as Severian who has an amazing desire in his life that he wants to become controlled by a woman in his life. The author describes all features of the story in a precise and professional manner which can attracts a lot of audiences towards this book.

“Leopold von Sacher-Masoch” introduce a rich characters and gives a right role for the right character. He conveys all his messages and ideas in an accurate and easy way that can help the readers to understand it immediately. This book offers various teachings that we can adopt them in our real lives for better future.

Summary of “Venus in Furs”

“Venus in Furs” is a famous book that is circle around a wealthy man named as “Severian”. He has a unique and amazing desire. He wants to control himself by a woman in his life despite of his wealth and richness. Suddenly he meets with a beautiful and attractive woman named as “Wanda”. Then they begins an amazing and unique sort of relationship. Where Wanda becomes his Boss and he act like a servant and obey all his orders.

At beginning, “Wanda” is hesitated and confused with the Severian ideas. But with the passage of time, she change his mind set and starts treating him very badly. She uses to force him to wear woman dress. Often time she hits on his body parts and give him a simple chores to do. On the other side “Severian” enjoys all these behaviours and he obey all her orders like a loyal servant.

One day Wanda meets another man named as Alexis Papadopolis. She shows her affection to him. This act of “Wanda” gives a pain and tension to “Severian” and he decided to leave Wanda forever. He then go back to his past life. and after all he refuses his to desire. He learned about the idea of power and experience of being controlled by any one in his life.

Writing Style

“Leopold von Sacher-Masoch” ways of writing in his book “Venus in Furs” is amazing and easy to understand. He explains various themes such as love, passion and blind trust, in an accurate and perfect manner which can inspire the readers throughout the entire world. He introduces such a well-developed and organized characters that are talking each other’s in a real way throughout the story.

He prefers to use simple and detailed world with to balance the pace and tone of plot. “Leopold von Sacher-Masoch” avoids to use extra jargons and complex vocabularies with the aim to convey his message in an easy way. Although, he includes many of funny examples and stories that can be entertaining for the audiences. He placed plot, storylines and opening and closing points in an accurate and professional manner that can inspire a huge numbers of readers.

Major Reception of “Venus in Furs”

The book “Venus in Furs” had received a positive comments and reviews from its readers since its publication. This book was praised for its well-educated characters that are looking real with the rest of the story. Its world is adopted by many of TV Shows and stage dramas.

While some readers argued that it is too much predictable, any of readers can easily guess it’s upcoming event. It has been translated in to various other languages worldwide and it also has been sold a millions of copies since its publication.


“Venus in Furs” is written by “Leopold von Sacher-Masoch” is an interesting and catchy fiction and romance novel that gives us a numerous lesions including love, desires and blind trust, and the author explains them in an accurate and detailed manner throughout the book.

“Leopold von Sacher-Masoch “placed plot, climax, Tone, pace, main ideas and opening and closing points in a professional and a approachable ways that can accelerate the interest and understanding level of all kinds of readers. This book is suitable for all ages and all generations. I highly recommend this book to all of them who loved to read romantic and fiction novels.


Q: What does Venus in Furs symbolize?

It symbolized the sadomasochism, bondage and submission.

Q: When was Venus in Fur written?

It was written in 1870.

Q: Who is the main character in Venus in Furs?

Wanda is the lead character in this novel.

Q: Is Venus in Fur a comedy?

This novel book is spooky sex comedy.

Q: What book is being adapted in Venus in Fur?

Venus in Fur is adopted in Venus in Fur.

Q: What is the iconic weapon in Venus in Furs?

Sir John Phallustiff is the iconic weapon in this story.

Q: How long is Venus in Furs?

Its running time is 96 minutes.

Q: What instrument is used in Venus in Furs?

Drone rocks are used in Venus in Furs.

Q:  Who is the playwright of Venus in Furs?

David Lves is the Playwright of Venus Furs.