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Books Title: “White Fang” PDF Free Download

“White Fang” is an interesting book and its story is about a unique dog named as “White Fang”. This novel is authored by a renewed author “Jack London”. It was originally published in 1906 by Macmillan. It consists total 354 pages. By genre it belongs to the category of Fiction Novel book.

Books Author: “Jack London”

Jack London’s full name is John Griffith Chaney. He was an American Journalist, Novelist and Activist. He was born in Jan, 12, 1876 in San Francisco, California and died in Nov, 22, 1916. His most famous books are “The Call of Wild”, “White Fang”, and “The Sea of Wolf” and “Martin Eden”.

Introduction to “White Fang”

“White Fang” is written by “Jack London”. Its story is circle around a brave dog named as “White Fang”. He was born in a wild but after sometimes a loving family took him. Basically this book is divided into two parts, the first part is about Whites life in Wind and the second part is about Whites domestic life.

The author “Jack London” elaborates all aspects of this story in a broad manner through his engaging writing style. This book explains numerous ideas and core lesions about culture, human nature and animals in a detailed way that can attract all kinds of readers towards this particular book.

Summary of “White Fang”

“White Fang” is circle around a unique dog named as “White Fang”. The story of this book is starts with its first part, as White was born in between the mob of Wolves during the era of poverty in the Yukon Territory. He is a single survivor in his life. But her mother always teach him about various techniques such as how to hunting, how to monitor opponents and self-defense.

Unfortunately, one day his mother is kidnapped by an Indian, named as Gray Beaver. White also use to start follow his mother. Suddenly he also captured by Gray. They reached his home and they meet with various other dogs in his home. Where the other dogs always tease White and he is aware of how to fight and how to turn back in life again.

One day Gray takes him for sale. They meet a man named Beauty Smit. He is known for his dogfighting. He quickly examine White thoroughly and impressed by his qualities. Then he buy White and White starts his fighting trading. He fights with dogs until they passed away. White becomes more popular among other dogs but he is also suffering from many injuries and route behavior of humans.

One day there is a match between White and a Bulldog. The Bulldog is very healthy and trained. White almost loses the fight but there is a man named Weedon Scott who saves him on a very last minute. He is very impressed by Whites braveness and skills. He talks to smit and buy him. The story is proceed and the second part of “White Fang” begins with the new domestic journey of White with Scott.

Then Scott takes White back to California where he use to lives in his house. Initially White resist Scotts kindness and love but with the passage of time he starts to own his advices. He learns to obey his orders and try to live peacefully with other dogs. One day some criminals attacked on Scott’s father. White saved him despite of many hits on his body by criminals. After then the whole family starts to give more love and kindness to White. So White Fang marries with Scotts Pet dog. They both love each one and they have many kids. So, after all, he peacefuly live with his whole family members.

Writing Style

“Jack London” way of writing in the book “White Fang” is engaging and easy to understand. He explains all aspectsin a simple and concise way to balance the pace and tone of plot. His characters are seems real and believed and they talk each other in a real ways throughout the story. “Jack London” elaborates many of in-depth themes that can persuade a huge numbers of readers worldwide.

He includes many of funny stories and examples that can entertain his respective audiences. He avoids to include difficult language and extra jargons for the sake of convey his ideas and messages in an easy way. “Jack London” placed plot, climaxes and opening and closing points in a incidentally that can stimulate a numbers of readers.

Positive Receptions

The book “White Fang” had awarded numerous positive comments and reviews from its audiences. This book was venerated for its in-depth plot, real and life related themes and engaging narrating style. Its work has been adopted by many films, stage dramas and TV Shows. The New York Times called is as powerful story. It has been translated into 70 different languages worldwide. It also has been sold mostly 40k copies since its publication.

Negative Receptions

“White Fang” is not without its critisism from its audiences since its publication. One of the common criticism on this book is that the author only rely on violence throughout the story and we know about this fact that violence is not acceptable in our society. Some of the readers found that its characters are not interact with each other concisely. While some of the critics states that the ending point of this story is not placed in a satisfactory way.

Conclusion of “White Fang”

“White Fang” is authored by “Jack London” is a fantastic fiction novel and circle around the story of a dog. This book gives various lessons such as love, struggle and commitment. It teaches us that never give up despite of tough events and happenings. His writing style is amazing throughout the story and he captures a complete picture of historical events.

The whole features of this book are defined by the author in an accurate manner that the audiences can understan and read them easly, This book would acceptable for adult and mature readers, I recommended this unique book to all of them who loved to read fiction novel books.


Q: What is the story White Fang about?

The story of White Fang is revolved around a unique dog.

Q: Does White Fang have a sad ending?

No, this story have a happy ending.

Q: What age can read White Fang?

This story is acceptable for mature and adult readers.

Q: Why is White Fang banned?

It was banned because of its ideas contained in the story.

Q: What are 3 themes in White Fang?

There are various themes of this story but the 3 core themes are love, struggle and innocence.

Q: Is White Fang a good story?

Yes, it a good story to read especially for those who are animal’s lover.

Q: Is White Fang Based on a true story?

No, this story is not based on true story, it is a fiction story.

Q: Is White Fang a girl?

No, White Fang is a male character.

Q: How many pages is White Fang?

This book contains total 354 pages.

Q: Who abused White Fang?

The character Beauty Smit uses to abuse White Fang.

Q: Who is White Fang’s dad?

One Eye is the father of White Fand.