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Books Title: “A Little Princess” PDF Free Download

The book “A Little Princess” is a catchy novel that revolve around a young girl named Sarah. She loves her father who is a successful businessman. This book has total of 192 pages. It was originally published in 1905 by “Charles Scribners Sons”. By genre it belongs to the category Novel book.

Books Author: “Frances Hodgson Burnett”

Frances Hodgson Burnett was born in Nov, 24, 1849 in Cheetham, Hill, United Kingdom. Her most popular books are “The Secret Garden”, “A Little Princess”, and “Little Lord Fauntleroy”. She died on Oct, 29, 1924.

Introduction of “A Little Princess”

“A Little Princess” written by “Frances Hodgson Burnett” is an interesting book, moving around the story of a young girl named Sara, she is an intelligent and positive girl. She loves her father too much, who is a successful businessman, from India. one day her father decide to send him London for higher studies.

She take admission in one of a prominent school and quickly become popular with her creativity and positive thoughts. Suddenly her fathers business is fall down that shocked Sara. She use to live without money bur Mr. Carrisford helps her secretly. Despite of all harsh and unpleasant situations she alway remains positive.

Summary of “A Little Princess”

The interesting novel book named as “A Little Princess” is circle around the life of a small girl named as Sara. Sara has an innocent and unique personality having a creative and engaging mindset. She loves to studding and telling stories along with making new friends. Captain Crew, sera’s father, is a bold and wealthy man from India.

They both are much closed to each other. His father uses to fulfil all his basic needs and desires. One day his father decided to send Sara to London for the sake of further study. She took admission in a special boarding school, despite of strict rules and regulations she shows her willingness. Because she loved to studding and making new friends.

Due to her creative and positive mindset, she immediately becomes more popular among the whole school. She also became a friend of one of poor girl named as Becky. Sara is very much caring and kind to her. Although Sara spend her life in a comfortable manner in London but one day she heard about her father’s financial condition.

His whole business of her father fall down and he loss everything. After then Sara is shocked and feel too much panic. She left alone without having money. Suddenly she used to live the basement area of school. Sara, like Becky, is force to work as a servant in the school. After many days, her school headmistress catch him and treated badly.

She does not surrender herself despite of these all hard and dark situations. She continue her study along with sustain her position in the school. On the other side Mr. Carrisford help her all time secretly. The story is proceed and everyone around Sara are inspired by her talent and positive thoughts as far as he help all his needy colleagues.

One day Mr. Carrisford disclosed that Sara is from a wealthy and sound family background. He states that her father is a wealthy man and he fulfill all the basic needs of Sara than she is no longer need to live in the basement dirty area of school. After restoration of wealth, she still helping people. She argues that money is not everything while a decent heart and behavior will remembered by peoples for decades.

Writing style

“Frances Hodgson Burnett” in her book “A Little Princess” adopted a catchy and engaging writing style. She uses simple and concise language along with short but detailed sentence to balance the pace and tone of this story. She introduces complex but well developed, real and believable characters with the rest of the story. She avoids to use extra jargons and complicated vocabularies with the purpose of convey her message in a precise way.

The plot, themes, background and opening and closing points are well placed by “Frances Hodgson Burnett”. She elaborates all technical and analytical methods in an approachable manner that can inspire readers of all ages and generations. She also includes many of life related stories and examples just to provide entertainment to her audiences.

Positive Recognitions

The book “A Little Princess” had obtained generally positive feedbacks from its audiences since its publication. This book was venerated for its in-depth themes, well-informed characters and engaging narrating style. Its works was adopted by many of educational intuitions, films and TV Shows for several times. It has been translated in to 50 different languages and it also has been sold 50 million copies since its publication.

Negative Recognitions

The book “A Little Princess” recieved many of nagative comments and reviews from its audiences. Some of the readers shows their disagrements on the statement of the India, as it is a place that is not as fit for growing children with a quality lifestyle. The tone of the book is judged by some as being a bit racist towards the Indian nation and the quality of life there.

The book is also criticized for its traditional views on the concepts of wealth. The author has tried to explain ancient views that are of believe that respect is linked with wealth only while it is not the case in present times. The book mostly rely only women main characters and it shows a lack of diversity in the character development by the author.

Conclusion of “A Little Princess”

To summarize, the book “A Little Princess” is an interesting and a catchy novel with complex themes such as love, kindness, morality and positivity which inspires its readers in more than one ways. In this novel, the character Sarah helps those around her even in times where she herself faces severe financial hardships. From scenes like these in the book, we can learn that not only wealth and fortune but a basic human decency and kind heartedness is as important.

Finally, the plots, character development, themes, writing and story-telling style along with opening and closing points are placed in a professional and approachable way by the author and that’s why the readers of all ages and generations can enjoy the work of author. This book is highly recommended for readers who enjoy a good read with strong characters and a good storyline.


Q: What is A Little Princess book about?

The story of “A Little Princess” is revolved around a young girl named as Sarah. She is an intelligent and positive mindset girl who loves his father too much.

Q: What is A Little Princess book about?

The main characters of this story are Sarah Crewe, Miss Minchin, Ermengarde St. John, Capt. Crewe and Jane.

Q: Is A Little Princess hard to read?

Yes, this is a quite hard book to read.

Q: What is the theme of the Little Princess?

Its themes including the power of kindness and imagination.

Q: What is Sara Crewe’s personality?

Sara is an intelligent and kind girl in this story.

Q: Is a little princess for kids?

Yes, by genre it belongs to a children novel.

Q: What level is a little princess?

Grade 07

Q: Who is the villain in my little princess?

Miss Minchin is the villain in this story.