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Books Title: “Great Expectations” PDF Free Download

“Great Expectations” is a fiction novel and its story is revolved around a boy named as Pip who loves a girl named as Estella. But due to differences in socioeconomical status he can’t able to merry with her. This book was originally published in 1860. By genre it belongs to the category of fiction novel. it has a total 685 pages.

Books Author: “Charles Dickens”

“Charles Dickens” is an English novelist. He was born in Feb, 07, 1812 in Ladport, Portsmouth, Unite State. He begans his career as a journalist. His most popular novel are “Oliver Twist”, “Hard Times”, “Little Dorrit” and “Great Expectations”. He dead in 1872.

Introduction to “Great Expectations”

“Great Expectations” is written by “Charles Dickens”. Its story is circle around a boy named as Pip. This book defines an in-depth themes such as importance of love and friendship as well as socioeconomic difference. The core lesson of this book is that we have to realize and remember those individuals who helped us in our hard time. The plot, tone and pace of this book is placed in an accurate manner that can attract a huge numbers of readers worldwide.

Summary of “Great Expectations”

The story of “Great Expectations” revolved around a boy named as Pip. He use live with his sister and her husband named as Joe. One day suddenly, Pip meets a criminal named as Magwitch. He decided to help him. Latter on, they became a good friends. After few days Miss. Havisham invites Pip her home called “Satis House”.

She live here with her adopted daughter named as Estella. Estella is an intelligent and good looking girl. She is too much route. Immediately he got in love with Estella. He starts to meet with Estella in Satis House. Miss. Havisham support their love. But she tells to Pip that he can’t merry with Estella because he is not a wealthy man.

Pip desires for a huge money. One day, he suddenly got huge money from an unknown man. He then goes to London and live a comfortable life. He makes a friend named as Herbert. Herbert is a nice boy but he is not more much serious man. Pips try to inspire Estella but she states that he is not as good as she wants to be.

The story of the “Great Expectations” moved forward and Pips life is enter into a tough situation where he losses all his money. He decide to return back to his old home with Joe. After many days Pips discovers the person who secretly gave him money. He was basically Magwitch. Magwitch comes to London to meet Pip and unfortunately police was arrested him.

Now he is facing dead sentence. Pips one day goes to jail and meet him. He suggest to Magwitch that run away from the jail. But unfortunately he dead after few day. This situation makes Pip sad. But Pip realized the importance of love and friendship.

Writing Style

“Charles Dickens” ways of writing in his book “Great Expectations” is engaging and easy to understand. He defines all the features of this novel in an accurate manner with the aims to convey his core lessons in an appropriate manner. He elaborates various complex but well-developed characters that looks like real and believed throughout the book. “Charles Dickens” defines the life related and in-depth themes including love and friendship that can attract all kinds of readers around the word.

“Charles Dickens” explains the main ideas in a precise and simple but broad manner that boost up the interest and understanding level of his audiences. He prefers to use simple and concise words to balance the pace and tone of plot. He avoids to use complex vocabularies and irrelevant jargons with the rest of the story. Further more “Charles Dickens” includes many funny stories and examples that can give an entertainment to audiences.

Major Receptions of “Great Expectations”

“Great Expectations” had received mostly positive comments and reviews from its audiences since its publication. It was venerated for its well-informed characters and plots along with engaging and creative writing and storytelling style.

Many of educational institutions around the world persuade this novel and it has been alter for many films and television shows. It has been translated in to 100 different languages and sold almost 50 million copies worldwide. It is the words second bestselling novel.


“Great Expectations” is authored by “Charles Dickens” is an engaging novel book which gives many numerous lesson including the importance of love and friendship. The author of this book explained all the features in a simple and concise way just for the sake of convey his message in an easy manner to all kinds of readers. The main ideas of this novel book is that we should have to remember all of those individuals who helped us in our hard and harsh time.

We also give an importance to human beings rather than their economic status. The well-developed characters and engaging storylines of this book attracts the readers with the rest of the entire world. The young and teen ager along with mature individuals can enjoy this novel book. I highly recommended this book to those who love to read fiction novels.


Q: What is the Great Expectations all about?

This story is circle around the life of a boy named as Pip.

Q: What is the main message of Great Expectations?

The core message of this novel is ambitions and self-discovery.

Q: Why is Great Expectations so famous?

This book is still famous among its readers because of its life-related themes, engaging writing style and well-informed characters.

Q: Is Great Expectations a love story?

It is a romance story.

Q: What is the conclusion of Great Expectations?

Pip and Estella together at the end of this story.

Q: Who is the most important character in Great Expectations?

Pip is the lead character of this story.

Q: What literary period is the Great Expectations in?

It was written in 1860 during the Victoria period.

Q: Who married Estella Havisham?

bentley Drummle married Estella Havisham in this story.

Q: Did Pip marry Estella?

No they did not marry with Estella.

Q: Does Estella love Pip?

No Estella does not love with Pip.