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Books Title: “Anna Karenina” PDF Free Download

“Anna Karenina” is written by the author Leo Tolstoy is considered to be one of the most iconic novels to be ever written. It is considered to be a literary masterclass everywhere around the world. The novel is about a sad and tragic extramarital affair between Anna Karenina, who is a married mother, and Count Alexei Vronsky and it explores some of the most sensitive emotions in human relationships such as passion, desire, family, infidelity and the concept of social morality. The book was originally published in 1877 by “The Russian Messenger”. It consists of about 1473 pages. The genre it relates to is fiction novel.

Books Author: “Leo Tolstoy”

“Leo Tolstoy” was a great Russian novelist. He was born in the year 1828. He died in 1910. He is well known for his extraordinary literary work and challenging the societal moral norms through his novels and stories. He was born into a quite rich and elite class Russian family but as he grew up he started questioning the existence of social injustices and unfair distribution of wealth in the society. “Anna Karenina” and “War and Peace” are two of his most renowned work of literature and he got tremendous fame because of them.

Introduction to “Anna Karenina”

The novel “Anna Karenina” is written by “Leo Tolstoy”. It is revolves around an extramarital affair between Anna Karenina and Count Alexei Vronsky. The infidel love story is the main theme of the story and as the story goes on, it affects the lives of everyone involved in a tragic way. The author challenges social norms, morality and historical perspectives in this novel as he writes about some of very sensitive topics such as infidelity, extramarital affairs and the challenges faced by people trapped in an unhappy and unfulfilling marriage. The character development, challenging morality and captivating storyline of this novel keeps its readers excited throughout the book and it is the reason why it is considered a bombshell in literary world. The book also explores the inner realities of the Russian social and family structure in the 19th century.

Summary of “Anna Karenina”

The story starts with the family of Anna and Alexei, who are married to each other. Alexei is a government official and they live in a high status life but Anna feels there is no love in the marriage and she feels isolated and unfulfilled. Even though she is a mother of a child. She chooses the path of infidelity and forms an affair with another officer named Court, who is handsome and attractive in her eyes.

The affair becomes the starting point of drama, arguments and unrest in the lives of all the characters involved. There are some other characters in the story such as Levin, who is a gardener and his story somehow relates with that of Anna. He is also stuck in self-doubt and confused about spirituality as he is first rejected by the woman he loves but she comes back into his life later on.

The main difference is that the story of Levin takes place in a rural setting while the story of Anna is set in the glamour and glitz of the luxurious and elite class of Russia. Through this contrasting stories and the setup, the author Tolstoy compares the different aspects of both the social classes as he tries to explore the lives of both elites and the peasants.

He writes about the death of moral concise and he tries to inspire duty and moral obligation among his readers. As the time passes, Anna’s mental health starts to get worse as she experiences jealousy and pressure from the society for her inappropriate affair. Her mental condition goes down quickly as she experiences episodes of madness and trauma.

Anna becomes too paranoid and jealousy and it all ends up really tragically on a railway station where she takes her life with her own hands. On the other side of the story, Levine’s life takes a different route as compared to Anna as he finds peace and happiness in his life by getting more closer to his family. Even though his life was hard in a rural setup yet he realized in time that true happiness doesn’t need any glory or glamour but its all hidden in the little moments that we spend with our closest ones.

A simple and normal life is deemed to be boring by many to try to pursue for higher achievements and when they look back, it was never about the final destination but happiness was in the journey itself. Anna and Levin both went through a spiritual challenge as they tried to discover themselves but their paths were way different from each other and so were the consequences of their actions.

Writing style

Just like in his other novels, “Leo Tolstoy” writes about the social morality and its impact on some of the core human emotions such as love, desire, jealousy and the consequences of this mashup. He writes about deep psychological and moral issues with ease and makes them simpler for his audience to understand and relate to. It is for this reason that his lengthy novels of about 800 pages are still interesting and exciting for his readers.

His character development is also on another level as he develops them through moral judgements, conflict of human heart with his mind and the complex psychological factors such as love and resentment. “Leo Tolstoy” prefers to uses simple and concise language to balance the pace and tone of this story. She abstains all complex vocabularies and irrelevent idioms with the aim to convey his message in an easy manner.

Positive Receptions

“Anna Karenina” has given generally positive feedbacks from its readers. This book was venerated for its in-depth themes, engaging writing style and emotional climaxes. Many of other readers found that its character s are well-informed and well-organized throughout the story. It has been translated in to 100 multiple languages worldwide and it also has been sold over millions of copies since its publication.

Negative Receptions

Although “Anna Karenina” is one of the best novels in the literary history, it is still not free of criticism. People have shown dissatisfaction over the fact that the author was overly sympathetic about Anna even after her act of infidelity. Some of the readers were not too happy about the size of the book as it was over 800 pages with lots of characters and plot lines to follow and remember. In some parts of the book, certain philosophical aspects described by the writer were hard to comprehend by many readers and it takes away some of the flow and excitement at times.

Conclusion of “Anna Karenina”

To summarize it, Anna Karenina is certainly a good read for those who enjoy the genre of fiction novels and the complexities of human emotions. Although the book may seem overly lengthy for some audience, it still has the element of excitement and depth of knowledge which will be appreciated by readers of all age groups.

The novel takes place in the 19th century so it is also a great selection for readers of history who are interested in getting to know about the societal culture, values and morals at the time. The captivating writing of the author makes it interesting and worthwhile for the readers to stay in touch till the very end. This novel is approperiate for adult and mature audiences. I refer this book to all of them who love to read fiction novels.


Q: What is the story Anna Karenina about?

The novel is about a sad and tragic extramarital affair between Anna Karenina, who is a married mother.

Q: What is the main message of Anna Karenina?

This story is based on numerous messages including love and dead.

Q: Is Anna Karenina Based on a true story?

No, Anna Karenina is not a true story.

Q: Was Anna Karenina pregnant when she died?

No, Anna Karenina was not pregnant when she died.

Q: Why did Tolstoy reject Anna Karenina?

Because he was disgusted by Anna Karenina’s characters.

Q: Why did Anna Karenina refuse divorce?

She is afraid that she will lost his son.

Q: Did Levin fall in love with Anna?

Yes he fall her because of her beauty and attraction.

Q: Did Anna sleep with Vronsky?

Yes the both are sleep together.

Q: What religion was Tolstoy?

He belongs to Christianity religion.

Q: What caused Leo Tolstoy’s death?

Leo was died due to heart failure.  

Q: Why was Anna Karenina so jealous?

She was jealous because of isolation and guilty.

Q: Did Karenin forgive Anna?

Yes Karenin forgive Anna when she appears to be on her deathbed

Q: Is Anna Karenina a tragic love story?

Yes, it is a tragic love story allover.