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“Final Offer” is a romantic novel book and the story is about a young boy and his girlfriend, whom he left six years ago. They meet again and reunite in a Hose named Lake Wisteria. The boy wants to sell the house but his girlfriend resist him not to sell the house. This book was originally published in 2023 by “Little Brown Book Group”, it has total 456 pages to its credit. By genre it belongs to the category of “Romance novel” book.

Books Author: “Lauren Asher”

“Lauren Asher” is an American writer. She was born in Oct, 09, 1996 in Denver, Colorado, United States. She did her MPA from Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government and she did her BA from Broun University. Her most famous book are “Collided”, “The fine Print” , “Terms and Conditions” and “Final Offer”.

Introduction to “Final Offer”

“Final Offer” is written by “Lauren Asher” is fantastic romantic novel, moving around the wealthy boy named as Callahan Kane and his old girlfriend Lana. Basically Kane left Lana for six years ago and they meet again when Kane comes to his grandfather’s property Lake Wisteria House. The author explains the whole story in a simple and concise manner for the sake of up held the interest and understanding level of all kinds of readers. Lauren Asher placed plot, characters, themes, storylines and core ideas of this novel in a professional manner that attracts a lot of reders towards this book. The writing and storytelling style of “Lauren Asher” is engaging and creative throughout the story.

Summary of “Final Offer”

The Book “Final Offer” is circle around a wealthy boy named as “Callahan Kane” and her childhood friend named “Lana”. The story of this book is began with Kane, after almost six years, he comes to Lake Wisteria, his grandfathers house, with an aim to sell it out. He reached here at late night and he shocked to meet his one of the old friend Lana inside the house.

Actually they both are good friends since their childhood. They had a good mutual understanding. On the other side Lana does not feel comfortable with Kane in house and suddenly she states that she own this house and she does not wants to sell it. Kane is shocked and argues that it is his grandfather’s house and he left it in his own will but Lana continuously disagree with Kane.

Kane get anger and too much panic. He says to Lana that stay here until they find a proper solution. The story is moved forward and they both are spending a good time in the house. They both are successfully reunite their friendship. Kane says sorry to Lana and she forgives him because he left her for six years ago. They fall in love again but they both are hesitating to start their relationship once again.

One day Kane’s brothers Declan and Knox came to the house to meet Kane. They found Kane and Luna together. They are happy for them and they help to investigate the house. Finally the found that Lana is telling a lie and she does not own this house. Kane tells Lana about the fake deed. She got emotional and hurt. She states that his best friend tells a lie and does not trust on her statement.

Kane tries to convince her and says that he is here for her. The story is further proceed then Kane and Lana lives in the house together in a peacefull manner. Kane desires to sell out the house but Lana in any way does not agree to leave the house. One day Kane’s father Richard comes to visit house. He observes that Lana and Kane once again united together. Then he warns him to leave Lana but he refuse to leave her at any cost.

After few days Maria, Lana’s best friend came to visit her. And she found Kane and Lana togather. Then she gives advice to her that Kane is a play boy and you have to be careful about him. She states that Kane is her first and foremost love. She can’t think to live in her life without him. Kane and Lana go for dates and they spend a good romantic life together. The story of “Final Offer” moves forward and Richard once again come to house. He force Kane to sell the house as soon as possible. On the other side Kane is confused between his love and the house.

One day, Lana’s father Carlos comes to visit her and he see Kana with her. He is shocked and says to Lana that Kane is a wealthy boy, he does not accept you at any cost. But Lana refuse his words. Finally Kane and Lana decided to sell out the house together. They also decide to continue their romantic relation forever. They quickly sell the house and got married. They have two kids and they spend their lives in a peaceful manner.

Writing Style

“Lauren Asher” ways of writing style in her book “Final Offer” is very easy to understand. She uses simple and concise sentences and words to balance the pace and tone of story. Lauren Asher explains every aspects of whole novel in an accurate and approachable manner for the sake of boost up the interest and understanding level of her readers. She elaborate complicated but well-developed and well-organized characters that are looking like real and trustful with the rest of whole story.

She defines themes concisely and place the opening and closing points in a satisfactory manner that can attract a huge numbers of readers worldwide. “Lauren Asher” avoids extra jargons along with difficult vocabularies and technical analysis throughout her story with the aim to forward her core message and ideas in an easy way. She placed plot, climax, storylines and opening and closing points in a precise way.

Major Recognitions

“Final Offer” had received generally positive comments from its readers since its publication. It has been praised for its in-depth themes, well-developed plots, engaging writing and storytelling style.  While most of the readers are seems to like its romantic narrative and conflict resolution style. It has been translated in to various different languages worldwide and it has been sold almost 25,000 copies since its publication.


The book “Final Offer” is not free from its criticism. It had recieved various nagative reviews from its readers since its publication. One of the most common and potential criticism that the its story is too much predictable thats why any one of reader can easily guess its upcoming events. Some of the readers are states that the author does not include more surprises in her story because throughout the book there is lack of emotional scenes. While its another potential criticism is that the characters are not seems too much trustful and real throughout the story.

Conclusion to “Final Offer”

“Final Offer” is written by “Lauren Asher” is a romance book that gives several lessons including love, passion, mutual understanding and decision making power. In “Final Offer” we observed that Kane and Lana finally sort out all their mutual disputes in a peaceful manner. So we as a humans must tackle all disputes and troubles in a peaceful and comfortable manner.

The author “Lauren Asher” defines all the themes, characters, and storylines as well as core ideas in an approachable manner that can build the interest and understanding level of readers. It is suitable for adult and mature readers. I highly recommend this novel to all of those who love to read Romance books.


Q: Is Final Offer a happy ending?

Yes, Final Offer has a very happy ending.

Q: Is the Final Offer part of a series?

The Final Offer is the third and final series of interconnected standalones.

Q: Whose daughter is Cami in Final Offer?

Cami is Lana’s daughter in Final Offer.

Q: Why does Cal need to sell the house in Final Offer?

Cal wants to sell out his house because he wants to get his inheritance and also wants to help his brother.

Q: How long does best and final offer take?

It takes approximately one and half days but it’s up to your choice.