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Books Title: “No Plan B” PDF Free Download

“No Plan B” is an interesting is an interesting novel and its story is circle around a man named as “Jack Reacher”. He is committed to capture a criminal gang who involved in a drug supply and sexual abduction related activities. This book was originally published in “2022” by “Delacorte Press”. By genre it belongs to the category of “Thriller” novel book. it is having total 371 pages.

Book Authors: “Lee Child” & “Andrew Grant”

“Lee Child” is a British writer and was born in Oct, 29, 1954 in Coventry United Kingdom. He studied Law at the University of Sheffield. His most popular books are “Killing Floor”, “Die Trying” and “Tripwire”.

“Andrew Grant” is a British writer and was born in May 08, 1968 in Birmingham United Kingdom. He completed his Graduation in Dramas and English Literature from the University of Sheffield. His most famous book are “Even”, “False Positive” and “invisible”.

Introduction to “No Plan B”

The book “No Plan B” authored by “Lee Child” & “Andrew Grant”. The story of this novel is centered on a young man named as “Jack Reacher” who see a woman murdered by a member of criminal gang. After this harsh event Jack Reacher decided to catch the criminal and his whole gang.

The authors explains all the features of this story in an accurate and precise manner to boost up the interest and understanding level of their readers. It provides us a lot of lessons and teachings that the audiences can adopt them in their daily lives.

Summary of “No Plan B”

One day in Gerrardsville, Colorado Jack Reacher suddenly saw a young man who push a woman under the bus and then takes her bag. Jack quickly runs toward the man and tries to catch him but unfortunately, he went away. Jack observes the woman that she is badly injured. and then she passes away. He then comes to the police station to report the murder but the police officers are not interested to helping him.

They argued that the woman was a prostitute and she dies due to heavy consumption of drugs. Thats they can not take the case seriously. Jack gets angry as he takes this matter very seriously. He knows that the snatcher is a very dangerous man. Jack is committed to properly investigate the case and he wants to get the proper biography of that snatcher.

After some time, he comes to know that the man is connected to a big group of criminals who are involved in selling drugs, smuggling people and force them into prostitution as well as hiding illegal money. He find out that police provides them a protection. This whole situation is unbearable for Jack but he doesn’t give up and continues on his mission to expose the gang and stop them from their illegal activities.

For sake of more effective investigation, Jack meets some of other friends and he then meets a crime reporter named as Michelle. He also meets the former police officer Harper who now a days provides his services as a private investigator. They begin their mission to reveal the criminals. They understand that it is too much dangerous and risky for them to cope with the gang.

But they stay loyal to their commitment. After some time, they successfully expose the whole gang and also catch the man who killed the lady. They also exposed many of the police officers who are involved in the crimes and assist the criminals.

Writing Style

“Lee Child” & “Andrew Grant” methods of writing in their book “No Plan B” is creative and easy to approach. They explains various complex but well-awared characters that are looking real throughout the story. “ They elaborate several in-depth themes such as love, passion, helping and commitments in an accurate manner that can uplift the interest and understanding of readers.

“Lee Child” & “Andrew Grant” avoids to use irrelevant idioms and difficult vocabularies throughout the story with the aim to convey their core messages in an easy way. They prefers to use concise and simple but detailed sentences to balance the pace and tone of plot. Although,They placed plot, climaxes along with the head and tail of this story in a concise and satisfactory manner.

Major Reception of “No Plan B”

The book “No Plan B” drawn by “Lee Child” & “Andrew Grant” received a mixed reviews since its publication. This book has been venerated for its engaging plot and comprehensive themes. Some of other readers argued that it is too much predictable thats why anyone can easily guess its next happening. It has been translated in to various languages worldwide and it also has been sold millions of copies since its publication. Many of worlds renowned publications showered their positive feedbacks for this book.


“No Plan B” is written by “Lee Child” & “Andrew Grant” is an interesting story which gives a lessons including helping others, how cope with the brutal behaviors of people, how to investigation and humanity in a broad and detailed way. The authors described the whole aspets of this book in a broad manner that can attract a huge number of readers worldwide.

If you are seeking a novel book like it then dont wast your time. just grape it and read what you want. This novel is suitable for adults and mature readers. I highly recommended this specific book to all the them who love to read thrilling novels.


Q: What is the novel No Plan B about?

“No Plan B” is an interesting is an interesting novel and its story is circle around a man named as “Jack Reacher”. He is committed to capture a criminal gang who involved in a drug supply and sexual abduction related activities.

Q: What number is the Jack Reacher book no Plan B?

The number of Jack Reacher Book no Plan B is 27.

Q: When did no Plan B release?

This book was released in Oct 25, 2022.

Q: Why is Plan B important in life?

This novel wants to give several of back up plans if things do not works according to your existing plan.

Q: Why is Plan B important?

It is important because any one can make various sharp plans and decisions through its broad ideas.

Q: Which Jack Reacher is better?

Rickson’s version is the better.

Q: Is Jack Reacher series better than the movie?

Yes it is much better than a movie.

Q: Can I read Jack Reacher books in any order?

Yes it can be read in any order.

Q: How many Jack Reacher books does Lee Child have?

There are 28 books Lee Child have.