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Books Title:”Meet Me at the Lake” PDF-Free Download

“Meet Me at the Lake” is an interesting fiction and romantic novel that rely on a 32 years old woman named as Fern and her ex-boyfriend Will. This book was originally published in 2023 by Penguin Books. It has total 293 pages. By genre it belongs to the category of Fiction and Romentic novel book. The main characters of “Meet Me at the Lake ” are “Fern” and “Will”.

Books Author: “Carley Fortune”

“Carley Fortune” was born in Sydney Australia. She is an award winning journalist. She is considered as the #1 New York Times and global and Mail bestselling author. Her most popular book are “Every Summer After”, “Love and other Words”, “Words in Deep Blue” and “Meet Me at the Lake”.


“Meet Me at the Lake” is authored by “Carley Fortune” that is about a young woman named as “Fern”. After passed away of her mother she own their Lake Holiday House that she never go there before. One day her x-boyfriend named “Will” comes to meet her, and they both begins to work together and repair the resort again. Their resort becomes more popular among the peoples because the author had worked hard to making it unique. The plot, characters, themes, writing style, storytelling style along with the opening and closing points of the story is placed in an accurate and professional manners by the author “Carley Fortune”. The readers of all ages and generations are seems to be more inspire by this novel due to its uniqueness and interesting ideas and life related examples.


“Meet Me at the Lake” is circle around a 32 years old woman named as “Fern”. Her beloved mother was passed away suddenly that Fern has never think about this unpredictable event. She then takes ownership of her Lake side Holiday house. She never visit it before in her life but after the dead of her mother it’s obligatory for her to do so. Fern reaches at Lake Spot after a long period of time. And she observes that the condition of Resort is not good.

There are various things that are out of order and damage. There needs to be repair. She is unaware of this business because her mother used to manage all these things. The story is proceed and One day Ferns x-boyfriend Will comes to resort. Will is an artist by profession and they both had spent 10 years together in Toronto. He has promised with Fern to meet again after a year. But after then he never come back like he said, he would.

Initially Fern shows her eagerness because Will broken his promise. But after then she starts talking with him in a very normal way. She still love Will and very close to him. Although they starts to repair the spot together and also build their romantic feelings for each other. On the other side their dark relationship history and Ferns panic moments after passed away of her mother make their relationship more complex. The story is moved forward and will understand the panic situation of Fern and he try to deal her with love and passion.

He wish to see Fern that she should move forward in her life with a better hope and positive thoughts. During the summer Will and Fern do a lot to make the resort better. They made many cabins which are looking nice and comfortable. They made the resort friendly and more suitable place for all kinds of visitors. Along with they also arranged and organized many tasty foods, musical shows and other attractive events for the sake of providing entertainment for their respective customers.

As their resort becomes more popular among the people. And Will and Fern forget about their past, move forward with a new romantic life. One day Fern suddenly find a Journal in a room that belongs to her Grandmother. Her Grandmother stated in journal that she loved this resort to much. This piece of latter gives a boost to Fern and accelerate her interest. And she decides to devote her more time to the Lack resort. Will and Fern then decided to live together in Lack Resort and wish to restart their life with a new romantic chapter.

Writing Style

“Carley Fortune” in her book “Meet Me at the Lake” adopted an engaging and creative writing style. She introduces and elaborates the most prominent ideas and life-related themes including love, passion, struggle, relationship and commitment that can attract a huge numbers of audiences with the rest of entire world. She explains complex but well-developed and well-organized characters that are lookig real and trustful with the rest of whole story.“Carley Fortune” is very conscious about grammar and avoid to use difficult vocabularies along with extra and irrelevant jargons.

She explains complicated and complex methods, ideas and core themes in a simple and concise but detailed manner for the sake of boost up the understanding level of her readers. She prefers to use simple and eassy words with the aim to balance the pace and tone of this story. Overall creativity and conciseness is the beauty of “Carley Fortunes” writing style that can attract a sizeable readers towards this specific book.

Major Receptions

“Meet Me at the Lake” had received mostly positive reviews form its audiences since its publication. This book was praised for its in-depth and interesting story of love, loss, role of woman in society and second chance. Many of the readers are seems to appreciating its well-known characters, organized plot and engaging writing style. Many of world’s renowned organizations including BookBub, Goodread and Publisher Weakly considered it as a bestselling book. it has been sold over 3k copies worldwide since its publication and it also has been translated in to 15 different languages.


The novel “Meet Me at the Lake” is not free from criticisms by readers. Some of the reader’s states that the novel is moving forward much slow especially its first half takes more time. Many of the readers accuse that it is too much predictable, any of the readers can easily guess its next scene and happening. Some of the audiences argues that “Carley Fortune” does not introduced a well-developed characters that’s why the characters are seems less believable and real. While many of readers states that the ending point of this story is not much more satisfactory, they find the ending point without emotions.


“Meet Me at the Lake” is written by “Carley Fortune” is a very interesting and catchy fiction and Romantic novel. The author introduced in-depth themes of love, passion, commitment and better hope that inspire the readers from all generations and ages. As Fern and Will works together with a strong commitment and positive thoughts and finally they achieved their targeted goals. The fundamental message of this novel is “move forward in life with better hope and positive thoughts and never surrender as well as give up in life despite of various hurdles and troubles”.

In this novel, plot and characters are complicated but well-developed along with the writing and storytelling style is engaging and creative. The author used simple but detailed sentences and explain every aspect of this novel in an ambiguous manner that up held the level of interest of all readers. Finally I recommend this novel to all of them who loved to read fiction and romance novel books.


Q: Is Meet Me at the Lake spicy chapters?

Yes, is Meet Me at the Lake is a spicy chapters along with sexual tension.

Q: Is Meet Me at the Lake related to Every Summer After?

No, Meet Me at the Lake features a brand new world and cast of characters.

Q: Does Meet Me at the Lake have a happy ending?

Yes, Meet Me at the Lake has a happy ending.

Q: Will meet me at the lake be a movie?

Yes, Meet Me at the Lake be a movie.

Q: What is the age rating for the upside of falling?

It is suitable for 8 to 12 years audiences.

Q: Is fall OK for kids?

No, due to many reasons it is not suitable for kids.