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Books Title: “Women Talking” PDF Free Download

“Women Talking” is a real and emotional novel that is circle around a group of sexually abused women from Mennonite Colony Bolivia. This book was originally published in 2018 by “‎Bloomsbury Publishing”. By the genre it belongs to the category of Novel book. It has total 17 pages.

Books Author: “Miriam Toews”

“Miriam Toews” is born in May, 21,1964 in Steinbach Canada. She did her graduation in “English” from the University of Manitoba and did Master degree in a “Creative Writing” from the University of British Colombia. Altogether she had published nine books. Her most popular books are as “Women Talking”, “Fight Night”, “A Boy of good Breading” and “Summer of mu Amazing Luck”.

Introduction to “Women Talking”

“Women Talking” is written by “Miriam Toews”. Its story is circle around a group of women. It is a real story about rape cases that were usually happened in Faraway Mennonite Colony in Bolivia between 2005 and 2009. The women are given drugs and raped by a group of men.

This book defines various essential ideas including male dominant society, impotance of critical thinking and several suffering of life in a wider mien. It teaches us many important things of life including how to relatiate against powers and how to make sure peace in society. The whole aspects of this book are discussed in an right mein that can stimulate a numbers of audiences.

Summary of “Women Talking”

The novel “Women Talking” is begin with a story of a group of women from Mennonite Community. They are given drugs and raped by the male residents from their own community. The whole women are shocked and feel panic after happening of this brutal event in their lives. They are hesitated to speak up. Because they know that they would not be believed by any one. Those womans are also afraid from again retaliation from males on them.

After this harsh events, the whole women gather in their cockloft. They begin to think about the various alternatives. After a long discussion they reached on three various opinions. These options are including keep silence and stay in Mennonite Colony as well as do nothing. The second opinion is, come forward and figth against the guilty males. And the last opinion is leave the colony forever. On this whole scenario they all have different point of views regarding retaliation.

Some of them are think that they have to live in the same colony and fight them. Other women wishes to leave the colony and move faraway with a fresh life in anywhere. The story of “Women Talking” moves forward and some of women states that they have to forgive all these events and submit the case to the male authorities of Colony. They often realized that the male authority are failed to protect them at any cost. These women are use to continuously share their stories and learnt from each other.

After many days of conversations, finally they realized that they are not alone. They have a many options along with they have a powers to make their own decisions. all women are understand the importance of speaking against injustice. Then climax of the story begin and whole group of women decide to leave Colony with their children’s. They whole are aware of this fact that this is a hard decision for them. But on the other side they believe and hope that it is the best option to protect themselves and their kids. They leave the colony at the middle of night.

Writing style

“Miriam Toews” ways of writing in her book “Women Talking” is uncomplicated to understand and approach. She explaines various complex but ful fledged characters that are looking real througout the story. She defines in-depth and life related themes in an extensive way that can captivate millons of readers.

“Miriam Toews” uses simple worls and language to stable the plot of this story. She avoids to use knotty vocabularies and unrelated idioms with the rest of whole story. “Miriam Toews” includes many of real stories and examples to entertain his audiences. She placed plot, storylines and opening and closing point in an accurate manner that can stimulate various resaders.

Positive Receptions

“Women Talking” had awarded generally positive feedbacks from its audiences since its publications. It was praised for its strong and mature female characters, in-depth life related themes and capability to rise a voice for silenced sect of society. Many of renowned publications including The New York Times and Washington Post had praised this novel for its narration and storylines. This book had nominated for many awards including the Governor General Literacy Award for Fiction. It has been sold million copies since its publication and it also has been translated in to multiple languages worldwide.

Negative Receptions

“Women talking” had recieved many of nagative comments from its readers since its publication. Many of the audiences found that the dialogue and actions of the characters are not seem to be real throughout the story. Some of the reders argued that the whole novel is moving around on sexual abusing and Toews did not discuss the main causes of sexual abusing. While some of critics shows their disagrements in the ways that the story is not fit into the modern era.

Conclusion of “Women Talking”

“Women talking” authored by “Miriam Toews” is an informative and emotional novel that can stimulate the readers through its comprehensive themes including flexibility, sexual abusing, struggle for rights and commitments. “Women talking” is about fight against the unethical and unpleasant events just like sexual abuse that happened in our surroundings usually.

In this story the group of women own their powers and make independent decision despite of all restrictions. Although the author fully narates the fundamental ideas and lessons in a wider manner. This story is acceptable for adults and mature readers. I recommend this book to all of them who love to read novels.


Q: What is the true story behind Women Talking?

Women and children’s were drugged and raped by males.

Q: What happened to the Manitoba Colony in Bolivia?

151 women and girls including children’s in Manitoba Colony were raped in their homes by a group of males.

Q: How disturbing is Women Talking?

It is both of horrifying and thrilling story.

Q: How many Muslims are in Bolivia?

Almost 1500 Muslims lives in Bolivia.

Q: What is the message of Women Talking?

Women Talking defines solidarity, survival and spirituality after sexual assault.