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Books Title: “Yellowface” PDF Free Download

“Yellowface” is an interesting and heart touching novel book that is revolved around the life story of a girl named June who desires to become a writer. The book has total 236 pages. It was originally published in 2023 in by “Simon & Schuster”. By genre it belongs to the category of contemporary Novel book.

Books Author: “R F Kuang”

“R F Kuang” was born in May, 29, 1996 in George Zhou, China. She completed her graduation from University of Georgetown in History. After then she took admission in Cambridge University and complete her master degree in Chines Studies. Her most popular books are “The Poppy War”, “The Dragon Republic” and “Yellowface”.

Introduction to “Yellowface”

“Yellowface” is written by “R F Kuang”. Its story is moving around the life of a young girl who wants to become a writer but her mother does not appreciate her. Despite of all these unpleasant situations she complete her graduation. One day in a party she is raped, that hurt her a lot.

It talks on a various broad lessons including the importance art in society, the ethical values of culture and ways to understand the culture. The features of this book are elaborated by the author in an accurate manner that can persuade multitude readers throughout the entire world.

Summary of “Yellowface”

The story of “Yellowface” is circle around a young girl named June Hayward. Jane is an intelligent girl who desires to become a writer. But her mother does not believes on him. On this way her sister motivate her to continue her study from Yale University in New Haven. Then she complete her graduation.

One day during in a party, she is raped by someone. This unpleasant event upset and hurt her life. She meets a young girl named as Athena one day. Immediately, they became a friends and Athena shows her care and love to June. Because she realizes that June is suffering from the rape incident. Sometimes latter, June shocked and feel anger that Athena utilized her sexual assault in her short story.

The story of “Yellowface” proceed and Jane and Athena are now living together in Washington. June decides to publish her first novel. After publication, her book is not appreciated by audiences. But she is much and more jealous of Athena because she proves herself as a successful writer. Furthermore they spend their most of time togather in a comfortable manner.

One day in a somewhere, Athena is chocking food, all friends are busy to help Athena. But June secrecly collect all written materials of Athena and go away. She publishes a story that was written by Athena. But the peoples did not appreciate her work. Amd they found that June copied Athena’s work. Than June decide to publish her own book about her self and Antennas life.

But after these troubled events it’s not impossible. The story of “Yellowface” is further proceed and Jane confront Athena that she had used her material without a permission. On the other hand Athena did apologize to Jane because she reveals her privacy. Now June begins to work on her own book and the story is circle around on her rape.

Writing Style

“R F Kuang” in her book “Yellowface” uses an engaging and creative writing style. She avoids to use extra jargons and complicated vocabularies in order to impart her messages and core ideas in a precise manner. She uses simple and concise but detailed sentences with the acount to balance the pace and tone of plot .

The author explains every complicated and complex methods, reasons and analysis in a simple and approachable manner that can persuade a multitude audiences worlwide. “R F Kuang” elaborates complex but well-informed characters that are looking like real throughout the story. Although, she also includes many of real stories and examples to provide an entertainment to all readers.

Positive Receptions

“Yellowface” had received generally positive feedbacks from its readers. This book was venerated for its engaging plots, narrative style and in-depth study of culture. While many of publications praised its in-depth themes, engaging writing style and its concise writing style. It is one of the New York Times bestselling novel. This novel also won the Good Read Choise Award. It has been translated in to different languages worldwide and it also has been sold 350,000 copies since its publication.

Nagative Receptions

The book “Yellowface” meet with several nagative comments since its publication. Some of the readers argued that the whole story is revolved around on survivors of rape, that can puch the mind towards nagative things. Few of audiences found that the author did not show deepness and strong conncctions among Jane and Athena. While many of critics were no agree with its ending point.

Conclusion of “Yellowface”

“Yellowface” is written by “R F Kuang” is an interesting and catchy novel book that can inspire all readers from the entire world. In this book despites of all disputes and conflicts between the main characters, Jane and Athena finally forgive each one. The methods, analysis and storylines are well explained by the author that can attract millions of readers.

There are numerous lessons including love, loss, self-discovery, hnesty and forgiveness that the readers can adopt them in to their lives. So, the whole related aspects of this book are elaborated in a presice manner and readers can easly understand and read this book. This book is suitable for adults and mature readers. I prefer this story to all of them who love to read contemporary novels.


Q: Is Yellowface a crime novel?

Because its humorous literary thriller.

Q: Should I read Yellowface?

Yes, anyone can read this novel because it is suitable for all ages and generations.

Q: What happens at the end of Yellowface?

She ends up making a ton of money off of royalties.

Q: Is Yellowface Based on a true story?

No, it is a fiction story.

Q: How long will it take to read Yellowface?

It’s up to the reader’s choice but normally it takes 1 hours and 26 seconds.

Q: Does June get caught in Yellowface?

Yes, June is got in a good manner.

Q: Is Yellowface an unreliable narrator?

The most notable aspect of her role is unreliable.

Q: Who was Candace in Yellowface?

Candace is a Corian American editor.

Q: Who is Athena in Yellowface?

Athena in this story is Athena Lui.

Q: How many copies did Yellowface sell?

It sold 350,000 copies since its publication.

Q: What is the meaning of the title Yellowface?

Yellowface is used to be a norm in Hollywood, when East Asian characters played by with white actors.